30 Day Challenge: iFast

September 1st means a brand new 30 Day Challenge. I gave you a break during August, but am ready to launch one that I've had close to my heart for a while and am super excited to share with you. I'm calling it the "iFast Challenge". This is a Step Outside Your Comfort Zone challenge so be ready for that and heck that's really what a challenge is all about. It's those who push all the way through till the end who experience the BEST benefits(see below). I tell my Kettlebell Kampers all the time: we're working for the entire minute not 56, 58, or 59 seconds, but the whole minute is what gives us the best results physically and mentally. The same is true for other things... apply that here. Welcome to iFast.

Benefits Of iFast

Increased energy Mental clarity Recovery Lower inflammation Better sleep Lower insulin response Higher growth hormone Lower cortisol & estrogen Balanced testosterone Radiant skin and the list goes on...

In the video (watch the part where I lift my shirt up LOL) I give you all the details so I won't go into them here, but what I will list are the requirement days for the month to successfully complete the challenge as well as each iFast Level. Ok and so before people actually think the above pic is real and that Jessica Simpson has gone all anorexic... do not fear. She's fine and the pic has been modified. Oh and fasting will NOT make you look even remotely like that as long as you follow a proper fast protocol.  Alright... now onto the good stuff...

Qualified Days To Be Successful For iFast

Week 1: 1 Day Week 2: 2 Days Week 3: 3 Days Week 4: 4 Days

iFast Levels

Level 1: Full iFast Day Level 2: Synergy Cleanse iFast Day Level 3: Smoothie iFast Day

Level 1: Full iFast Day

This one is the easiest to give details for and will produce the greatest benefits to you with results. From Sun Up to Sun Down you will not consume any food except water and/or tea. After about 6 or 7 eat a well balanced meal of good moderate portions of lean meats, lots of veggies, nuts & seeds, and fruits... optional legumesexcept soy. Notice I didn't mention dairy or grains. ‎4 Little White Devils: flour(aka grains), salt, sugar, dairy. Get them out of your diet and you will rarely if ever get sick, allergies will be gone, skin will be shining, energy will be SUPER high, and fat... well... you'll be saying "What Fat?!".

Level 2: Synergy Cleanse iFast Day

The goal here is to eat as little as possible to get us through the day. So a couple years ago I designed a Cleanse Protocol that accomplishes just that alongside guaranteeing you to lose 5-10lbs in the 3 days. I have never had anyone lose less than 5 and several experience more than 10. The greatest being 12.8lbs weight loss when she weighed in on the fourth day (day after her 3 day cleanse). For the best results follow the protocol exactly as directed. Download the Synergy Cleanse HERE and even though I talk about doing it for 3 days simply use the protocol for any individual day. Ex. Week 1 only requires 1 day of iFast so you only practice the Synergy Cleanse protocol for that one day. During week 3 it would be very easy to follow the Synergy Cleanse since that's the way it's designed, but you're flexible to choose how you want to run your iFast.

Level 3: Smoothie iFast Day

Level 3 is great for beginning iFasters or for those folks who have never iFasted before in any way, shape, or form. For level 3 of the iFast you will drink a max of 3 smoothies for the entire iFast Day. You certainly can, AND SHOULD, drink a lot of water and/or tea ongoing during a smoothie day, but other than that your smoothies no other food will be consumed. Again, you will drink a max of 3 smoothies. So that being said, you can drink 1 or 2, but definitely not more than 3. Keep them to 8 ounce size at the absolute most, but 6 ounces are better on Smoothie iFast Days. The smoothies will supply you with enough to get through the day while still iFasting and not draw a high insulin spike to completely break your iFast. For great smoothie recipes CLICK HERE.

One of my friends said this: If you get a mushy watermelon, you just blend it up in the blender, and you have a delicious cleansing and hydrating energy drink! Replace a meal with this and melt some pounds away! Different kinds of melons like cantaloupe make a lovely milky drink too. Blend in some ice for a really refreshing natural cocktail!

So choose your level and challenge yourself to a full iFast Day during the next 30 days. If you have any questions on any of the iFast levels or the 30 Day Challenge in general leave me a comment below this blog post and I will address them all there. Have an awesome month and an amazing experience iFasting as I have for the past 3 years.

No Fear Of Public Speaking And Compound Interest Success

"The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest." - Albert Einstein
"There is power in small and simple things." - Gordon Byrn

When I was in college, one of the general education requirements was public speaking-- I saved this class for the second semester of my senior year. Unlike most people, I have always loved public speaking. Most people hate the opportunity to be scrutinized and judged in front of a large group of people; I absolutely love having a group of people captive for any length of time. I guess I am just a whore for attention or maybe my Mom didn't give me enough kisses when I was a kid. Don't know, but I like being in front of people even if public speaking is the world's greatest fear. True Story!

The last speech of that class was on basic financial management. I started off the speech by saying that a reporter asked Einstein what is the most powerful force in the universe. The reporter thought Einstein would say something like, "Love is the most powerful force in the universe," or "God is the most powerful force." They were basically trying to back the guy into a corner, but were unsuccessful. POW! Compound interest! Who would have ever guessed Einstein would have busted out with that?

Compound interest is simply, "Interest which is calculated not only on the initial principal but also the accumulated interest of prior periods." Instead of getting a return on what was put down initially, the individual receives a return on the "return" from previous periods. I think this concept of compound interest applies very well to any sort of discipline or practice that someone goes about cultivating.

When I started swimming years ago, I couldn't make it across the pool swimming freestyle. Swimming 200 meters was an accomplishment. But I realized that if I just kept practicing that the practice would build upon itself, and I would develop "feel" or mastery for the craft. But the underpinning of this idea is something that most hard-ass drill instructors miss: enjoyment. I really enjoyed being in the water, and feeling of holding water. So, killing myself to knock out what most 8 year old swimmers did as a warm-up was worth it.

Lately, I have been looking at my life on a wholistic level, and trying not to be as granular as I usually am. Historically, I get really upset when small little things aren't right where they should be. I can get fixated on them very easily. I recognize that this habit of being fixated on small imperfections gets in the way of enjoying the big picture. Some call this OCD, but for me I have to set a long-term horizon in order to force change and become a reality. I keep coming back to Gordon Byrn's words that we can achieve much more than we think possible in the long-term.


My driving thought for this week is come up with a simple plan that I can achieve each day, and really enjoy. I've been bringing fruit and nuts to the office alongside drinking 8-10 ounces of water on the top of every hour, which have really helped to keep my energy level and focus going through the afternoon swoon rather than eat a grain-filled big lunch that will just dip me down and lead me into a nonproductive comatose state. Again, this just comes down to a little extra planning.

Author: Michael Munson lives in Phoenix, AZ and is one of my Girevoy Sport (G.S.) Kettlebell Students who regularly practices endurance swimming, running, and high intensity workouts. To read more of Michael's work follow him here: