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Green Smoothie Revolution

Here's a smoothie recipe that's packed with flavor! I picked up from my friend Tera and it's a really tasty & healthy holiday smoothie that everyone in your family will love.

Holiday Zing!

Ingredients 1 red apple, peeled 1/2 granny apple, peeled 1/4 lime squeezed 1 small piece of fresh ginger 1 big handful of parsley Juice of 2 fresh squeezed oranges

Directions Blend and take yourself on an instant green tropical vacation!






If you're getting tired of salads then change up the salads. I go through this phase too from time to time. I actually never ate a salad for 5 months! What I did was drank them. I ate all my veggies and some fruits in a super tall and awesome smoothie. I can give you recipes- I have lots.

I still eat veggies primarily for the bulk of my meal, but I always have a green smoothie before. I make my smoothie in the evening as the very first thing I eat/drink. Then I have whatever else about 40 minutes after that. It is important to wait like that to allow the enzymes to begin working their digestive magic.

Now my smoothie is a BIG smoothie- keep in mind- because it's the bulk of what I eat, err, consume. If you are also into juicing give this great combo a try: Lemon, Celery, Beet, and Cucumber juice a day is very good for driving out elevated estrogen and clearing out the liver.

I also create other things out of salads, like fresh homemade "Earth Burgers" (all veggie and nut raw version, and a slightly dehydrated to crissin up the edges version). I also rarely, if ever, eat lettuce. THIS IS KEY... BECAUSE LETTUCE IS BORRRRRRINNNNGGG!!! I eat kale, spinach, chard, arugala, and collards. Those are my greens and they have deeper flavors. I usually rotate in spinach, kale, chard, and collards more than anything so that my body does not build up the alkaloids from having one type of dark green which can hinder digestion.

Here's another green smoothie that I love. It makes a lot, and I personally drink the whole thing, but you can cut the ingredient amounts exactly in half first to see how that does for you.

Green Smoothie For Athletes

Ingredients 1 cup spinach 1 cup swiss chard 1 cup collards 1 celery stalk with leaves 1 banana 1 avocado 1 pear 1 peach 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries 4 mejol dates

OPTIONAL: 2 tblspns of bee pollen for increased b-vitamins & protein

I hope you enjoy these recipes with your family and definitely leave me a comment here with what you thought!

If you want some more really yummy and super duper healthy smoothie recipes go to the blog post I just put up over here: