March Pullup Challenge

This month we’re challenging ourselves to try harder, work harder, and do things we never thought we could do. "I can't do a pullup." We believe YES YOU CAN!!! Let's do it together and we'll show you how!!

  1. Can't do a pullup YET... Modify by using stretch bands, TRX Row, chinups, etc.

  2. Can do them in your sleep... Ok challenge yourself to close grip chinups, commando pullups, one arm, muscle ups, etc.

Pullups are known as the "squats of the upper body" because of all the muscles they work at the same time. Have fun with our Pullup Challenge this month and stay committed to the end so you can see how your body transforms through the end.

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synergy pullup challenge wk2.png
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synergy pullup challenge wk4.png

Deuces Wild & Summer Lent

"Deuces Wild" is standing for each Kettlebell Fat Blaster during the month of June we'll be having 2's or pairs of something in some way or another. I love training in a simplistic manner and this is going to be an awesome month leading into summer!

Here's our new 30 Day Challenge called "Summer Lent". Essentially, just like Lent, they will be challenged to give up one thing- be it a sweet, a salty food, meat, dairy, all grains, etc- for the entire month of June Lent is a great, great concept and I've always liked it. Give up something that's holding you back during our 30 Day Challenge.

REMEMBER: Whatever you give up, it's gotta sting!! That's a challenge and it's in that hurt that you'll find your results!!

30 Day Challenge: "ONE: 1"

Here's our brand new Synergy 30 Day Challenge: "ONE: 1".

One serving is about 3-6 ounces (3 for women / 6 for men) and would be roughly the size of your palm or the size of a deck of cards.

Always keep in mind if this challenge takes you out of your comfort zone then it is definitely for you. Complacency is the worst disease so step out to a newer and better you. I guarantee just 3 days of practicing ONE: 1 will drive up your energy and decrease your waist line. Test is out and let me know how you do.

30 Day Challenge: Don't Do My 30 Day Challenges!!

That might sound foolish coming from me, but my video tells you why... and I'm totally for real and true about it too. Anyway, watch and I'll tell you exactly why I don't want you doing my 30 Day Challenges that accompany our Synergy Kettlebell Training workouts. Oh and please excuse my little bit of choppy filming here. LOL  Brayden and I were at the Fox River hanging out and all I had was my phone to capture my video when the thoughts popped into my head and I got inspired. Not too bad for a phone huh?

30 Day iWater Challenge


Our bodies are made up of over 65% water as adults and upward of 80% water as children. Our next installment of a 30 Day Challenge come as a 30 Day iWater Challenge which gives us a great challenge cause it will not only challenges us to drink the actual water our body needs, but also keeps us focused on how vital H2O really is in our energy production.

Bodyweight To Drinking Chart:
Less than 140lbs you iWater 3 Liters (twelve 8 ounce glasses per day- 96oz)
141lbs- 180lbs you iWater 4 Liters (a full gallon of water per day- 128oz)
180lbs and up you iWater 5 Liters (a touch over a full gallon of water per day- 168oz)

During your workouts the water you drink is above and beyond the iWater Challenge amount. So look at it like this: you must drink your iWater outside of your workout time.

NOTE: Some reactions to drinking more water are spending more time in the bathroom until your body adapt(3-4 days is all it takes), if you get tickled you might wet your pants, greatly increased energy, detoxing, fat loss, fewer headaches, mental clarity, hormonal balancing, less to no mood swings, decreased hunger cravings, overall satisfied feeling of well-being.

Lastly, keep this in mind: It is ideal to drink fresh filtered water that is cold, but doesn't have to necessarily be iced unless you like it that way. Too cold of water is more difficult to drink. Hot water goes through the body too fast. In fact if the water is cold it will actually cause your body to burn a few calories during the time it takes to bring it to your body's temperature.

On Facebook I created a special event for the 30 Day iWater Challenge so that you can see everyone else who's participating as well as comment on the wall for encouraging support and funny comments alongside your experience.  Here's the direct link: Enjoy your iWater 30 Days. :)

SUCCESS TOOL: Here's a special Calendar for the 30 Day iWater Challenge so you can mark off each day of completion. Download here:

Video by Sirena Bernal. Sirena blogs at The Naked Dish where she has great information on healthy eating and living.

Keep Right, & Whatever You Do, Keep Moving Forward

"You can't fail. The further you fall, the greater the opportunity for growth and change." -Julie Newmar

I really enjoy reading some of Gordon Byrn's blog posts. Although I have never met the man personally--we do share mutual friends--he seems like a pretty enlightened, and highly achieved human being. Based on what I know of the man, he is the type of person that I strive to be.

Some of his thoughts can be quite difficult for me as his material is basically about looking at our bad habits, the things that we don't do well, and working towards eliminating these things. I like to think of it as trimming the fat. Some times my strategy for dealing with my "challenges" is to work harder. This makes things better about half the time. Sometimes more work is necessary to get things done better and more efficiently; however there are other times that I need to re-evaluate so that I can to see what isn't working and then strategize how to best deal with the issues at hand. Irregardless, it can be pretty hard to look right at yourself, and say, "There are things that I am not good at." As much as it pains me to admit this, awareness of these things is the only way to make changes for the better. Denial is simply us being weak enough to not fully grasp what it takes to become stronger or knowing good and well what we need to do in order to change; however not taking action to do so.

One of the things that I have noticed with most people who want to improve their fitness efficiency and effectiveness is that they take lessons. Then they go back to their workouts and continue to practice their old habits. I find this rather odd, but it does make sense. What we perceive as us doing something right isn't really right at all.  I see it in myself, which is probably why I can see it in others. With this new found awareness, my plan right now is to only practice what I know and have confidence I can practice "correctly."  In short, I'm not going to go back to old habits just to make simply get through the day, my workout, or any activity whatsoever.  I'm going to focus first on the right way of the technique; for right now, time is a secondary concern.



Anyway, as I make these changes, it's going to hurt. I understand that in order for me to grow in my physical performance I must grow in my mental performance.  I'm going to be frustrated, I'm going to want to go back to my old style and habits, and I'm going to be upset that I'm not getting better fast enough. Too bad! I must keep on focusing on the small changes and take each day at a time. But the good news is that if I am willing to negotiate with my resistance to change, I will improve, and things will get better. I simply need to persevere through consistent practice no matter what my schedule throws at me, what happens at work, at home, or what arises in my day. Today I will focus on changing myself.