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Brayden Garon Teaches Kids Kettlebell Kamp


I was finishing my workout while Brayden had a couple business neighbor friends over to play in our Synergy kids area. Suddenly I just turned around, they were on the mats, and he was teaching them the basics. LOL Isn't this just so precious?

The Turkeybell Brings Kettlebell Sport To Aurora, IL

Our Synergy Turkeybell Sport Invitational was so much fun to run. I now have a whole new respect for Ken Blackburn(IKFF), Ashleigh Shooshanian(IKFF), Rebecca L. Cate(IKFF), Eric Liford(AKC), Valery Fedorenko(AKC), and everyone else who puts on regular Kettlebell Sport competitions. Thank you & BRAVO to all the competitors who got up on the platform! And thank you everyone who helped me put on the show.

For those who don't know about Kettlebell Sport competitors get up on the platform and perform their sets with a 10 minute time limit. In Kettlebell Sport there are 2 traditional events: Biathlon (Jerk & Snatch) and Long Cycle (clean & jerk). For more info & if you're in the Aurora, IL area go here: Get Skinny Strong With Kettlebell Sport Training

Here's the stats for Team Synergy... videos are coming in future posts...

Susan Lausier competed in Women's 12kg Biathlon and performed: Jerk- 81R / 79L = 160 total Snatch- 81R / 77L = 158 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 29 reps _________________

Courtney Szorc competed in Women's 16kg Long Cycle and performed: 61R / 57L = 118 total _________________

Lisa Garon competed in Women's 20kg Long Cycle and performed: 33R / 28L _________________

Rocio Tena competed in Women's 12kg Long Cycle and performed: 48R / 49L = 97 total _________________

Nadia Hernandez... What a warrior-goddess she is!!! She competed with a cast on due to a busted knee cap that slid out of place just 2 days ago. Nadia competed in Women's Youth 8kg Long Cycle and performed: 63R / 53L = 116 total _________________

Alma Pilz competed in Women's 12kg Long Cycle and performed: 48R / 50L = 98 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 8kg bells: 37 reps _________________

Carol Larson competed in Women's 12kg Long Cycle and performed: 52R / 48L = 100 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 8kg bells: 32 reps _________________

Tammy Gerken competed in Women's 16kg Biathlon and performed: Jerk: 61R / 47L = 108 total Snatch: 36R / 30L = 66 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 35 reps _________________

Shaheen Mohammed competed in Women's 16kg Long Cycle and performed: 50R / 42L = 92 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 28 reps _________________

Darlene Davis competed in Women's 12kg Biathlon and performed: Jerk: 70R / 61L = 131 Snatch: 46R / 46L = 92 total Special 2 Arm Long Cycle Event with two 12kg bells: 20 reps _________________


Brayden Garon(age 6) competed in YOUNG GIREVIKS Boy's Long Cycle Clean & Jerk using two 4kg bells for 10 minutes and performed 74 reps total. This was a 20 rep increase from what he did 7 weeks ago at the IKFF Nationals.

Ava Larson(age 5) competed in YOUNG GIREVIKS Girl's Long Cycle Clean & Push Press using 5lb. bell for 10 minutes and performed 74 reps total.

Thanks again to everyone who competed, attended, and assisted me in running the Turkeybell. We're doing a very special event in January and all proceeds go to a charity. Then in June will be our Summerbell Sport Invitational and next November will be the 2nd annual Turkeybell Sport Invitational. Keep lifting your Kettlebells and I hope to see you on the platform soon. Wanna get started in Kettlebell Sport and be part of Team Synergy... let's make it happen. Call me: (630) 708-0055

Synergy Kettlebell Training presents Young Gireviks

This is Brayden's VERY first set of Kettlebell Jerks after I taught him today. He's 3 weeks out from his 6th birthday where he'll be performing at the IKFF Nationals Kettlebell Competition that weekend. I think he did awesome for his first time and way better than my own first time. LOL

Food Fight OR Chemical Warfare?

Originally this post started off on Facebook as a simply mention, then rant, then migrated over here to my blog because I felt more people should be reached and that I hope you will be so motivated for a diet cleaning.

This is VERY interesting. Here's our discussion:

Me: They gave out Jello Pudding Cups to all the kids at church today and Brayden didn't accept it. He went around telling all the kids it was sugars, chemicals, and that it would make them sick. I'm a proud Papa. :) _____________

Then a couple friends mentioned that he'll have some explaining to do when the other kids get served processed crap for lunch in school and he brings real food with him.

I said: Good! And I'm sure they'll want some of his when he's eating sushi, zucchini/ squash spaghetti and grass fed meat balls, grain-free pizza, vegetable casserole, and lots and lots more with so many colors a rainbow would be jealous. :) _____________

Then a Facebook Friend actually asked, probably joking of course due to the nature of our discussion, if he could have the pudding cup that was intended to go to Brayden.

I said: NO you can't have the one they were going to give him. I don't poison my friends. In fact my 5 year old niece was there and had one in her hand when she came out. I swiped it out of her hands, passed it off to Brayden and he went and tossed it in the trash. We then told her that we don't eat things like that unless you don't care about getting sick, gaining fat on our tummies, and dying sooner than we should.

She, like most everyone else who consumes such food-like substances, was so fixated on "but I like it and it's yummy" that she was upset. TOO BAD!!! I see myself as a hero for her today because that's one less bit of crap that will be going into her body.

Brooke YOU ARE WELCOME! _____________

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Michael Pollan

Some of my Facebook Friends then commented on how Brayden's lunch sounds soooo good and that they wish that more schools would serve healthier choices to the kids. Well here's the bottom line: Processed food-like substances is super cheap. Plain and simply why they do it... and frankly it's too bad that it has to be like that. Every day, every meal, every bit is poisoning whoever consumes it, but all they care about is filling bellies as inexpensively as they could. _____________

In case you are wondering just why I am so fanatical about what goes into my son's, my own, and my wife's body; here are the ingredients for that particular product:

Skim[pasteurized] Milk, Water, Sugar, Modified Food Starch, Cocoa Processed with Alkali, contains Less than 1% of Cornstarch, Salt, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (for Smooth Texture)Sodium Alginate, Calcium Phosphate, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D.

Let me as you, anything in there jump out at you and MAKE you want to eat that "yummy" LOOKING Jello pudding cup? Hmmm... really? ______________

Nothing will happen unless people become educated on exactly what we are putting in our bodies.

There's a quick and easy litmus test that I like to use: If you cannot go out and hunt it, gather it, pick it, and with minimal processing consume it then don't eat it.

The ONLY way this will work to tell them that we don't want this poison is that we must fight the corn and soy lobbyists in Washington. YES it does go that direction whether you want to believe it or not. Will it ever end?

Another one of my Facebook friends posted this the other day and it really is scary to see the direction big food industry is and is continuing to go.

If You’re ill- 3 Quick Fix Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

I hope your Christmas was awesome! We had some great times here too. It was soooo cool seeing Brayden open up all his super cool presents. Here's a pic of some of his new gifts:
Ok so now that you are all mesmerized by Brayden's totally sweet new Christmas bounty let's get back to YOU.
After eating certain things, holiday stresses, potential gift disappointments by getting too many socks and sweaters, alongside all the different traveling sometimes our bodies don't want to cooperate. I want to help you along through the process of getting better fast should you feel anything coming on or already manifesting itself. Here is the solution that I have found to always work to make people better inside of 48-72
hours. This is no joke and really works.
You can get all 3 products at Whole Foods, Fruitful Yield, Sprouts, and many other local health food stores for the best prices. Buy quality and don't just get the store brand or generic cause it's cheaper. Your body is yours and get the best by investing in yourself. Your family will thank you for your hard work and consistent efforts of setting the example of bettering yourself.
1. Oregano Oil: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-mold, and a host of other ugly things. Oregano Oil is more potent than bleach when it comes to remedying these things. I recommend the New Chapter, North American Herb Spice, or Nature's Way brand. Take one capsule every 2 hours.

2. Probiotics: these are the friendly bacteria to be put back in your body and instantly working to restore digestion and strong immunity. I recommend only the New Chapter All Flora capsules. Take one every hour on the hour for a couple days to restore all internal function & then take 2 per day as maintenance for the rest of your life and you will rarely get sick if ever. These are 100% kid friendly. I give Brayden one a day. He just breaks the capsule open while tipping his head back and away he goes.

3. Colloidal Silver: this is nature's natural anti-biotic. It is very gentle and very effective. Only take this while experiencing problems as it can overload the system if used ongoing. Take as directed. The Sovereign is, in my opinion, the best with this product.

If you use these products, and they're not that expensive, you will feel better and be better inside of 48-72 hours. Be sure to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day to make sure you are flushing it and hydrating it properly. A drop of even 15% water in your body will decrease overall energy levels by about half. Water is so vital and so good for us. Many people are bloated because of not having enough water. Pay very close attention to that so that you do not hold sodium on your body too much. Having too much water can also be an issue, but most people eat too much sodium to begin with so unless you suspect that you are drinking too much, probably a gallon and a half or more a day, then don't worry.

Fighting Childhood Obesity Starts With All Parents

While the adults have fun at Kettlebell Kamp Brayden sits or plays by the wayside peering in on the wonderful things we do to be active. Of course we couldn't just leave him without having some of the fun too.
Here is a collection of Brayden Garon highlights.


To go along with Brayden's cool demos here's a good one that I did recently and recommend you giving it a shot as well.
3 Min. Double 3lb. Sledgehammer Combos

Workout: 5-10 Rounds of the following:
5 Kettlebell Clean & Presses/Jerks with a heavy bell
30 Heavy Swings barely making 30.

Try to get this workout done inside of 20 minutes.

I always like to finish my workout with either a quick set of 4-5 short sprints and/or 20-30 min. of Synergy Flow which is my own specially designed yoga sequence that we do at Kettlebell Kamp. My personal version is a bit more ellaborate than our Kamp cooldown.

No matter what you do be sure to do something active every day. Bring your kids with you. Don't bother tossin them in the daycare. Workout with them. Teach them how to be active and how to have fun at the same time. Have a set time, at least 15-30 minutes every single day for this fun family exercising activity time. If you need tips and advice I would be honored to assist.

Remember the obesity stops with us. We control our children's future. We are their leaders. Lead them by leading yourself!

Age VS. Exercise and Brayden's Quick Bodyweight Combo Video

Many of you have commented across the internet about how you loved the video of my 4 year old son Brayden having fun with the 8kg Pro-Grade AKC Kettlebell. I try to have him have a good time when he's exercising so that he wants to continue to do it as he grows. He sees me teach KBs and fitness practice. He sees my wife and I exercise. He sees my Kettlebells lined up in my living room and we both have our own KB necklace. He is raised among it and is encouraged to play with them. I train him a bit too, but make sure he has a great time with them so good experiences are embedded in his mind. I want fitness to be all he knows so that when he is grown being inactive is abnormal to him. That is my goal at least for him. Our kids are growing up in a time where exercise is a exercise, which can be a chore, instead of for fun.

I don't believe age, place in life, school district, country in which one is living is determining factors of being fit and being healthy. Most of my clients are Baby Boomers(50-60yrs. old), who never had video games, and they all had gym class in school as well as were encouraged to be active. Of course the women were not as much, but many still did what they could. That generation is now some of the most obese and sedentary people on the planet. It is an absolute chore for them to exercise and adapt good eating habits.

I am 31 years old. My era of schooling allowed me to attend gym class all through high school as well as play sports all year long. Many of the folks I attended school with are now out of shape and either obese or at least unhealthy. In fact I stay in touch with many of them and often times get asked to provide them with advice. I love helping and that is exactly why I got into the health and fitness industry, but it is a shame that they allow themselves to become as they are. We all can get like that though in certain ways. I'm very glad that the ones who have taken the honorable step to remedy the problem are doing so. That is a huge motion.

Ultimately we all must decide every day that we will be active and do everything we can to be as healthy nutritionally as we can. As Ori Hofmekler, author of the Warrior Diet & Anti-Estrogenic Diet books, says: "If you are not actively living, you are passively dying."

Here's another video we took that night. Pay very close attention to his pushups cause he goes so fast you won't keep up with the counting. LOL!