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In this video I say A LOT, but when it comes to our self-image it is very important to keep perspective for our goals to match our habits. Do yours? IF your fitness, nutrition, and self-image goals matter to you, watch my video.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cry When You Weigh Yourself

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cry When You Weigh Yourself

Keep this in mind: Scales Suck! They really do. What do they actually tell you, but how much gravity is pulling on you at that given moment. It does not tell you how much muscle you have, water weight you're carrying, fat you have, bone density, etc.

Consider this:
The average woman’s weight can fluctuate 6-8 pounds
The average guys weight can fluctuate 6-12 pounds
The factors that affect your current weight are:

1. The Amount Of Sodium You’ve Recently Consumed: (more salt= more stored water= more weight, check your labels and only consume max 2400mg a day). This can be hard if you eat processed foods. 97% of processed foods contain higher than excess sodium that cause this bloating.

2. Time Of The Month: This of course, is for women can cause bloating and extra weight). This is natural, but you CAN control this with your eating habits. Symptoms of both PMS and Menopause need not be or need not be as great if your eating habits reflect a more anti-estrogenic approach.

3. Time Of The Day: When you wake up with an empty stomach, you weigh less than in the evening, much less, you must be consistent if you are going to focus on what the scale says.

4. Your Stomach & Digestive Tract Content: What you’ve eaten so far today, whether there is indigestion in there and/or food intolerances that can cause bloating alongside excess fecal matter due to irregularity or constipation. Most adults have 5-15lbs. of excess fecal matter stuck within their intestinal tract. Only way to get that out is a really good colonic or dietary cleanse that specializes in this. My Synergy Natural Cleanse (entirely food based) targets just this topic. If you don't get this gunk out you will have all sorts of health adversities and often times not even know it because over time our bodies adapt to small changes and we don't always know what the signs are when it tells us something may be wrong so we just keep on going.

5. Number Two Time (aka "Potty or Bathroom time"): Whether you’ve used the bathroom that day or not, for both purposes, your body will be holding onto undigested food, fecal matter, and waste toxins. See our previous number 4 for further mentioning of this number 2 problem.

6. The Amount Of Carbohydrates You Recently Consumed: Every 1 gram of carbohydrate attracts approximately 2.8 grams of water so the pasta you just ate the night before could be making you hold an additional 2-3 pounds. This is why people believe low carb diets work, when they drop the carbs they drop radical weight. It can almost be a false security because of this very reason. Low carb diets definitely have a way of working, but are not for a lifestyle. A managed carbs diet is what I recommend. Keep out the unhealthy grains, keep your healthy fats high, and eat a lot of color(fruits & veggies) as your main source of carbohydrates.

7. Amount Of Muscle Glycogen In Your Body:  Are your muscles full and fresh or depleted? Depending upon how much “energy” your muscles have indicates how much your muscles presently weigh. If you exercise often on a regular basis where the muscles get stimulated for denser growth and strength (cardio does not count) then as long as you eat naturally, balanced, and for your ongoing post workout recovery then your muscles will be full and fresh. In this case you will always carry just a few extra pounds, BUT keep in mind that this is very good weight. The more lean tissue(muscle, bone density, organs, and anything that is not fat) you have the higher your metabolism is and thus the more calories you burn on a regular basis during the day. More muscle (doesn't have to be bulky at all) due to being active and eating healthy equals less fat.

8. Daily Water Consumption:  How much you drank prior to when you weigh-in and whether it is in your body or not is also a factor.

9. Stress Levels:  The more stressed out you are, the more likely you are to retain your fat and water due to the elevated cortisol and estrogen which leads to fat deposits, water retention and a whole mess of other health and physical adversities.

10. Scale Calibration: Is the darn thing EVEN WORKING? Most scales differ by at least a small difference and when you weigh week to week, or even for the insanely addicted crazy's day to day weigh ins, this could prove fatal in both true weight and psychological ramifications to your self esteem.

In conclusion, don’t stress out about one bad weigh-in, but instead have focus and faith! Focus on your overall inches lost and gained, body fat percentage(have your fitness coach assess that for you), alongside how you feel. Do what you know to be ongoing healthy changes that are ingrained as a lifestyle rather than simply a "diet". Diets have quick endings, but lifestyles last much longer.

Here's some food for thought that one of my Facebook Friends recently said that I liked and want to pass on to you.  Think of what you put inside your mouth and body: Some things give us energy and strength, and our bodies say thank you for those things. some things taste good to our mouths, but take our energy and strength away, and our bodies say: 'Yuck why'd you do that to me?

Article collaborated by Bob Garon & Omar Isuf.

Is Exercise REALLY Worth It?

  This is right from the "Your Excuse Is Invalid" rule book. Print it out and post it somewhere to remind you that it should never be applicable to you. If you are offended by this, please stop reading it wherever you feel offended, BECAUSE I AM EXTREMELY FORTHCOMING IN MY WORDS, and understand that my intentions behind me posting this are of no pedestal, arrogance, pride, or exemption to the meaning of the concept conveyed within the words presented. Everything I say also applies to me.

If you do get offended, remember that I did alert you to the fact of possibility of this occurring and please do not hold me in contempt.  Ok so with all disclaimers aside, LOL, now it's time to get to the good stuff! Read on...

Someone told me recently that she spends close to 2 hours in the gym when she goes. Now that's just crazy! If you are spending 2 hours in the gym then you are clearly not going to see great results and if you are not seeing great results then why are you going in the first place?  2 hours in the gym means that your intensity is low and that is precisely why your results will not be great. I recommend 30-45 minutes of intense exercise 4 times a week, 2 days on/1 day off with not more than 2 days off in a row, and your results will be great as long as during those 4 workouts you hit all the big joint movements.

I am a Super Spartan and a Tough Mudder!

Well glad that's over! This weekend I finished the Super Spartan race still standing, but a bit more wet, muddy, and soooooooo cold. LOL! Wet I can handle. Muddy okay... but add cold on top of that and we've got a whole new level of discomfort! This was twice as hard as the Tough Mudder that I completed 6 weeks prior, but I did it and will forever enjoy the experience. This is me BEFORE getting all wet, muddy, and freezing cold!

CONTRASTING SUPER SPARTAN AND TOUGH MUDDER EVENTS The obstacles at the Super Spartan were so much more challenging, but at Tough Mudder it was the length of the run that was the more challenging part. At the Super Spartan they tried to psych you out like a drill sargent and people helped each other; however it felt more like every man for themselves moreover.

At Tough Mudder it was more about psyching you up and about the camaraderie feature above all else. Super Spartan times the race, but Tough Mudder does not and tells all participants that it is a challenge moreover a competition. They want you to finish irregardless of your time. Personally I like being timed and knowing where I stand among my peers as well as have a goal to beat for the next time I run the event.

To show you just how challenging the Super Spartan was over the Tough Mudder, I finished the Spartan in 1 hour and 55 minutes. It was an 8 mile race with 25+ obstacles. When I performed the Tough Mudder I finished in 1 hour 44 minutes and it was a 12 mile course with 21+ obstacles. So with 4 miles less, but 4 more obstacles I finished 11 minutes after my Tough Mudder time. I am overall happy with my times and it was such a great experience participating in both events. I'm going to do them again and am already registered to do so.

WHAT I HAD TO DO AT THE SUPER SPARTAN I had to drag around a 60 or 70lb. concrete block attached to a chain for about a quarter-mile, then ran for about a quarter mile to the next station where I then had to toss a 40 or 50lb. sandbag over my shoulder for another quarter-mile. We had to do a lot of climbing up and over things and we also had to flip tires to which was cool because I love doing that type of training. We had to Army crawl on our bellies through tunnels, down hill in tunnels, and under barbed wire through the slippery, cold mud. What a blast!! I tell ya!!

This is me AFTER getting all wet, muddy, and freezing cold!! LOL!

TRAINING FOR EVENTS LIKE THIS Definitely train a lot of hill runs because I tell you this whole course felt like it was uphill the entire time. LOL! I also recommend cross training with Kettlebells, tires, ropes, sandbags, and lots and lots of pulling movements such as with pullups, Jungle Gym XTs or the TRX.

When I perform my weight resistance workouts I do not run on those days so I can give my workouts 100% and keep my intensity as high as possible. I train weight resistance, as mentioned above with mainly Kettlebells & odd objects, 3 times a week and I run only twice a week. I have a long run and then on my second running day it is typically a shorter run with a much faster pace to push both my cardio and my body to increase my overall speed over the long distance runs.

Many people run too much or workout too frequently for their bodies to recover well and give them a higher level of fitness. Proper intensity and recovery are vital for fitness success. I want my body to recover the best it can and so far, have not had any injuries training like this.

If you would like a custom program written for you, to train for an event such as these, contact me and I will design one for you. I have prepared others, as well as myself, very successfully and it's a lot of fun! Contact me here:


More pictures here: Bob Garon Super Spartan 2012

Never Be Tired During The Day Again

Since I began Intermediate Fasting, I eat very little to nothing during the day, almost 4 years ago I sometimes get asked a lot of questions regarding how I can do this, how it makes me feel, is it actually healthy, do I really never get tired during the day, and how to begin something like this to reap the benefits. First of all I'd like to mention that if you are used to eating during the day and spiking your blood glucose levels then I highly recommend not jumping right into a fasting protocol. Your body would not be able to handle it. This needs to be gradual and you should listen to your body's needs in a mature healthy manner.

As long as you are well hydrated you can go many hours without eating and that is quite healthy for you as well as will facilitate fat loss. Most people are actually thirsty every before being hungry. The signals the brain sends for hunger and thirst are quite difficult to distinguish so people usually just eat. This leads to overheading and ongoing insulin spiking which directly stores fat depending on what one consumes.

If you constantly eat, your body is changing its acid/alkaline balance constantly, and isn't allowed to return to its natural pH.  A proper pH balance everywhere from saliva, to the stomach, to the blood is needed for a strong immune system. For example, if you are too acidic, your body leeches calcium from your bones to bring pH up. Conversely, if blood is too alkaline, calcium deposits may form. A good hi-fat diet, which will produce ketones (acidic), is easily compensated for by increased oxygen levels in the blood unless one is in a state of diabetic keto-acidosis which is an entirely different condition altogether and produces much higher levels of ketones.

The more you eat, and the more often you eat, the more you gain fat. Insulin spikes for about 3 hours post eating. Insulin is the hormone our pancreas produces and releases when we consume food. It shuttles nutrients (glucose) into cells. When there is excess in the blood, such as in eating every couple hours, glucose is then stored as fat on our bodies. Any carbohydrate, simple or complex, we eat is broken down into glucose and yes even protein can be stored as fat.

When you eat every couple hours during the day- depending on what you eat- your blood sugar will go up really high and then drop really low which makes you even more hungry and is very hazardous to the body when this cycle is done day in, day out for years on end.


Additionally a normal insulin spike stays up for about 3 hours post meal. So your body will be storing fat during that time.Going 6-8+ hours between meals is the best you can do to drop fat, maintain leanness, have increased energy as well as tremendously better concentration. Remember though you NEED to be well hydrated ongoing. Drink at least 10-12oz of water every couple hours. If you don't then your energy may suffer and you will feel weaker as well as have hunger.

It is much better to have about 6-8+ hours between meals so your body has time to use glucagon (fat burning or consuming) hormone when insulin is not spiked. This happens during a fasted (when we are not eating) state. As long as you drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, you will not get too hungry, light headed, dizzy, and whatnot. Most of the time people are really thirsty when they think they are hungry.

My recommendation to you, to anyone, is to learn to eat and enjoy clean natural organic foods such as dark greens such as kale, chard, arugula, collards, & spinach, healthy fats in nuts, seeds, coconut oil, avocados, and if you do eat meat only consume pasture raised, wild caught, organic meats. This makes a HUGE difference.

Yes, you may spend more money on organic food today, but your payoff of good health should more than make up for it –and reduce your health care costs in the future. -Dr. Mercola

Studies show that in a fasted, but well hydrated state, one has much better cognitive function, more nuerotransmitters fire, energy levels are higher, concentration more focused and clear, and hormones are both regulated and balanced. It is VERY important to follow the trail to whom is funding, researching, and claiming certain studies in order to know the overall agenda. The best studies are usually those conducted by independent third parties rather than the same organization that has to gain by skewing the results. Most of the time it is not with the public's best interest in mind, but rather the bottom line of certain lobbying food industry corporations. Lastly the worst thing you can do for your body, besides pumping it full of drugs, is feed it grains and dairy.


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Getting Coached By The Best of The Best (IKSFA)

IKSFA Kettlebell certification courseI was given the opportunity to participate at the International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy certification course recently in Frisco, TX held at BJ & Kori Bliffert's Full Throttle Athletics gym. BJ and his wife Kori were such great hosts and overall the weekend was one of the most amazing times of my life. Here's the tale of my IKSFA experience.

DAY 1 Part 1: JERKS

All morning on the first day we studied the Kettlebell Jerk and broke the movement down to the tiniest detail.

Both Sergey Rudnev and Sergey Rachinskiy, top Russian Kettlebell Sport coaches, told me I have perfect Jerk technique and that I'm a rising star. They said that they don't say that compliment very often. :)  I told them that it was from watching hours and hours of their own videos so the compliment is back to them.

They said with the right program I could be Master of Sport (high rank in Kettlebell Sport & one very few Americans hold) in about 6 months.  I very humbly replied with a big gulp, a thank you very much, it's an honor to hear them say that, and I will do my best.

We finished the Jerk Module with a Team Jerk Relay where we had 7 team mates going for 2 minutes each against another team of 7. We lost by 265 (them) to 246 (us) reps, but our team worked VERY hard and never slowed one bit! We were all heart! :)

The rest of the day we focused on breaking down the Kettlebell Snatch. I was definitely saying my prayers because the Snatch and I haven't really got along too well!  Ha ha :)


DAY 1 Part 2: SNATCH

The second half of the day I heard A LOT of "No Bob", "Put bell down Bob" coming from the mouth of Sergey Rudnev. LOL Kettlebell Snatch has never been something that I've done very well so I was ready to be ripped to shreds... and I welcomed it. By critique is the only way to learn that we're doing the right things. So bring on my nemesis!

Backing up here for a moment, and to my credit, other than some brief demos here and there in some of my Synergy Kettlebell Training classes, I haven't ever devoted my time to practice Snatch. For the last couple years it's solely been Long Cycle- which created, from what I found out today, some bad habits when transitioning into Snatching. Coach Rudnev & Rachinskiy told me I've got to break them. The habits I have did me decently well with the Cleans and Jerks, but definitely not Snatch mechanics. I had to break down and rebuild. In the process of them correcting me I even became more economical in my Clean and Jerk technique.  Remember I said we REALLY analyzed these movements with the finest tooth comb.

I only started practicing the Snatch about 2 weeks ago, with before-mentioned bad habits, just so I didn't look like a total slouch at this course in front of the best and most decorated Russian Kettlebell Sport coaches/ athletes in the world.

Kettlebell jerk techniqueI think I didn't do all that bad overall AND I even practiced all day today without wristbands, and with their technique tweaks, it didn't bother me one bit where before, due to inefficient technique, my forearms would be on fire if not for the wristguards. Doing it that way actually made things easier for me during our 10 minute Snatch set WITH MASON (kinda like gardening gloves) GLOVES on. It makes the bell you're using feel like one step heavier. The purpose is to train grip since that's usually the first thing to go when Snatching. I've used the gloves before, but just not for 10 minutes. It really wasn't too bad as long as you stayed on pace.

So the Snatch module took me from a grim look on the coaches' faces to smiles when we were all done. Of course an afternoon is not nearly enough time to master anything- ESPECIALLY FOR THE SNATCH AND I TO MAKE NICE (if that's even possible LOL)- but I am well on my way. Ultimately I think Long Cycle is still the event for me and where I will stay until I reach my personal goals.


Day 2: Long Cycle & GPP

The second day was right up my alley. I've been practicing Long Cycle, around injuries that were not brought about bykettlebell coach aurora & st. charles, IL Kettlebell Sport, pretty much exclusively for the past year and a half. So I was quite confident this day would go much more smoothly then did the latter half of day 1 with my enjoyable nemesis the Snatch.

Since we analyzed the Jerk on day 1 we spent the entire morning breaking down the Clean into the smallest grain of sand details.

Going into this I knew that all aspects of my Cycle felt good, but there were just a few small details that held me back from making my technique more refined. Since my last competition I've dropped about 15lbs and these bells have seemed to just be feeling heavier and heavier. I absolutely knew that if anyone could help me make them lighter it would be Sergey Rudnev and Sergey Rachinskiy. They are the Masters and I am their grasshopper.

To give you some perspective of who these two men are, in the case that you do not know, the following are there personal credentials.

Sergey Rachinskiy, IKSFA president Honored Master of Sport Master of Sport World Class Honored Coach of Russia 9-Time World Champion 12-Time Champion of Russia

Sergey Rachinskiy is the author of RELAY Discipline In Kettlebell Sport and this is has been used since 1999 in all competition programming. This discipline is approved by the All-Russian Federation of Kettlebell Sports.

Sergey Rudnev, IKSFA Master Coach Honored Master of Sport Master of Sport World Class Honored Coach of Russia 9-Time World Champion

Sergey Rudnev is a professor of Department of Physical Education and Sport, Girevoy Sport Specialization, at the Far East Military Academy. He is also the trainer for the Far East High Military Command School Team, of the Amur Region Team, and of the Russian National Team.

So these very brief achievement resumes should give you the impression that they, of anyone, know what they're talking about when it comes to Kettlebell Sport and exactly the reason why I leaped at the enormous opportunity and honor to learn from the best of the best.

After putting everything they taught us over the weekend, when it was my time to be tested, they told me that watching me perform was like watching a professional... it was perfection. Although I feel I have much work to do, and thousands of reps of practicing before I'll actually and truly believe those words, it was sure very nice to hear them say that. A couple of the other students even went as far as to nickname me "Baby Rudnev" because of my technique being similar to his and he and I being in the same weight class. I'll humbly take that as the highest compliment. I've got a ways to go before I can ever even attempt to fill his shoes, but I will keep doing my absolute best to keep progressing and never stop until victory is achieved.

This weekend was so amazingly awesome and honestly one of the best weekends in my entire life. That's not simply because of what I learned during its 2 days, but because of the people with whom I spent it. We all endured the super humid and hot days in BJ's Full Throttle Athletics gym WITHOUT ANY air conditioning and survived. The pic to the left is both Sergeys taking their after lunch food coma  nap brought on by both the wonderful heat and tasty treats.

If you ever get the opportunity to learn these skills, hone your existing, and network among the great people making up the essence of Kettlebell Sport, I highly, highly recommend it. Your experience will absolutely change your life. It has mine.

Thank you Aleksander Khasin, Sergey Rachinskiy, Sergey Rudnev, BJ & Kori Bliffert, Jason Dolby, and John Buckley for everything!

Kettlebell certification

The weekend culminated making  it official!!

I passed and this is a VERY proud day! :)

Good Kettlebell friends from TexasGood Kettlebell friends from California

Good friends and fellow Kettlebell Sport coaches from both Texas and California, Sincere Hogan, BJ Bliffert, Mike House, Jason Dolby, & John Buckley.

There IS a Difference In Kettlebell Training

Last night I was chatting with one of my Kettlebell Kamp clients, Alma Pilz. She has been coming for almost a year and has progressed from participating in our normal Kettlebell Kamp classes where we practice workouts for all around fitness. Over the past few months she decided to migrate over to training specifically Kettlebell Sport. She was saying how she really enjoys training like that and loves how there's a very specific goal for her rather than just going as hard as you can during a fitness style workout. In those workouts it's just about how intense you make that particular workout so that your body and mind gets pushed- thus you improve your fitness.

Something Alma said, in regards to her training, stuck with me. She said, "I like the "getting stronger" aspect. With fitness it's fun but I've sorta plateaued on my weight loss so I like gauging my strength now."

Brief Overview Of My Kettlebell Fitness Program

Synergy Kettlebell Training is known for our Kamp classes being the ultimate fat loss and Skinny Strong fitness boot camp in Aurora, Illinois that melts fat by using kettlebell training and bodyweight training. All Synergy Kettlebell Kamp workouts are a fast-paced adventure into mixed fitness focusing on a large variety of Kettlebell movements alongside performing such exercises as a very long list of bodyweight movements as well as ones with big tractor tires for flipping, jumping, sledgehammer slamming, and various others fitness tools for an awesome aerobic and strength fat blasting experience. Every day is a different and new workout. They vary so much so that each day the body of the trainee is pushed to his/her limits much like a sprinter going all out in his run. This is the meat and potatoes of what Synergy Kettlebell Training is about and what most of our members practice, but we definitely don't stop there.

Here's an example of one of our Kamp fitness workouts:

“Turn & Burn” workout 14

Warmup: Synergy Dynamics

Your Fat Blaster: R4, All out effort! Round 1: 30/25 Round 2: 30/20 Round 3: 25/15 Round 4: 20/10

Your Circuit: Single Floor Row- R&L Bodyweight Squat or Full Goblet Squats(for advanced) Mountain Climbers Step Touches Bottom Half Burpees or Knee Tucks(for advanced) Kettlebell High Pulls- R&L Jumping Jax

Brief Overview Of My Kettlebell Sport Program

I'm going to expound a bit more on this since not too many people are familiar with how Kettlebell Sport is designed. We also focus on a very different and very specific mode of strength and fitness in our Kettlebell Sport training. By different I'm only meaning that the goals and results of Kettlebell Sport are very different and very specific than that of our Kettlebell fitness classes. With our Kettlebell Kamp classes there are really no benchmarks or clear indication that you are improving except that the workouts get easier. Yes you will get stronger, that's a given, but no where near how strong with on a Kettlebell Sport program. You can increase in Kettlebell weight, get more flexible, improve Kettlebell technique skills, increase VO2 Max, etc, but to what measure... to what actually tells you clearly where you stand up from whence you came? Kettlebell Sport does.

Kettlebell Sport training has a clear goal of where you need to end up from the beginning of the training cycle to the end point. Training micro-cycles are usually 3-6 weeks. The goals are to get as strong as possible without adding any physical bulk and create strong muscular endurance. Programs take in account body weight class, Kettlebell weight, event, and work pace. Kettlebell Sport training is highly endurance based, much like long distance running, with weights so the body gets strong and pushes the cardiovascular thresholds as well.

That all being said, when one begins a new Kettlebell Sport protocol they are usually given a test in their chosen event, Biathlon (snatch & jerk) or Long Cycle (clean & jerk), which tells us exactly how many reps the individual is capable of within a 10 minute time limit. They get to switch their hands only once and the bell cannot be set down. Depending on how many minutes the person can last and/or how many reps they perform will be used in designing their personalized program.

Compounding Your Perspective

Each daily Kettlebell Sport practice builds upon the last and from week to week so that the protocol continues the progress of reaching that particular individual's very specific goals. The BIG PICTURE of the program, within each micro-cycle, is the perspective- rather than individual workouts as compared to Kettlebell Kamp style fitness. Most training weeks are 4-5 days. The intensity of the BIG PICTURE program is very high and produces also very high physical aesthetical changes in the practitioner as well.

With a program such as this a person is directly focused on getting very strong and very fit for not only Kettlebell Sport itself, but also in life. The movements of the Snatch, Jerk, and Long Cycle are all full-body compound movements that work literally every muscle and joint in the body so it is moved at one unit rather than isolating individual body parts. So their body will get stronger in each of those movements very quickly since they practice them repeatedly. We get good at what we practice. I've seen women progress from the pink 4kg (18lbs) professional grade Kettlebell to the yellow 16kg (35lbs) and purple 20kg (44lbs) in just a few weeks. Men respond justs as well. Strength endurance is the specific goal and when directly focused on these movements we improve and get better.

Here is an example of a week's (micro-cycle) Kettlebell Sport practice: KEY: M= minutes, OA= one arm, LC= long cycle, 25x= twenty five times, x2= 2 sets of whatever that associates

Microcycle Day 1. M3(M4 for women) Long Cycle x 2 @ rank pace, 50x Heavy Jerk Specific Squats, 20x TRX or Double KB Rows x 2, 50x Jumps or Stepups(25x each leg) on Big Tire (tip on side) x 2 Day 2. M6 LC, M4 Heavy OA Cleans, 25x KB Jump Squats x 3, M15 Interval Cardio or 200 Swings Day 3. Rest Day 4. M6 LC, 200 Heavy Swings (can set down if needed), M15 Interval Cardio Day 5. M8 LC, Heavy OAJ x 12

My Final Thoughts

Now with the overview and comparison of both Kettlebell Fitness and Kettlebell Sport you will be able to better understand which style you'd like to either begin or continue practicing. We call it "practice" solely because we know we will never ever actually arrive. We must practice every day to the best of our ability no matter our condition, age, history, experience, and so on. I encourage you to do the same. I also encourage you to work with an experienced and certified Kettlebell Coach so that you can become the best you that you can be. A coach will work with you to ensure your technique accuracy, safety, and programming. DVDs or books cannot provide the same kind of feedback a coach can so I highly advise to seek one out for you.

Come See Us

If you're in the Aurora, St. Charles, or Dixon, IL area we're very happy to get you started at Synergy Kettlebell Training. We are limited spaces, due to our constant growth, so if you are serious and would like to learn how you can change your body with Kettlebells email:  Call: (630) 708-0055 or Click: