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Beast Tamer Challenge: Lorne & Courtney Szorc Are Machines

After their Skinny Strong Fat Blasting Kettlebell workout today both Lorne and Courtney wanted to show their family pride and raise the bar in our Beast Tamer Challenge.

The challenge basically is during the month of January. Men qualify at 100 and Women at 50. Whoever (women's category & men's category) has the most at the end of the month wins a prize. Check out these 2 strong Gireviks in action taming the Beast.

Beast Tamer Challenge: Katie Femiano Swings 20 Reps

Katie soooooo impressed me with her desire to tame the Beast (106lb kettlebell). She definitely is getting Skinny Stronger literally EVERY day. A week ago she could barely budge this, but her commitment is flawless... and today it was at the tail end of her kettlebell workout too! Niiiiiiice!