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Super Special Secret Inside Peek At What We Do At Kettlebell Kamp

Synergy Kettlebell Boot Camp is a super fun and results guaranteed fitness boot camp using kettlebells and training in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona and now also in Aurora, Illinois.

I get so excited and pumped by what we do that when I tell people who have never heard what a kettlebell is they definitely want to come try it out so they can have an amazing fitness experience, but before they come they are still are unsure of what actually takes place. Describing a kettlebell is easy... it's kinda like a cannonball with a handle, but how they are gonna use it to experience the absolutely greatest fitness experience ever is totally another story. So I put something together that's gonna help.

Here's a brand spankin new video that lets YOU get a super special secret inside peek into what we do during our totally awesome Fat Blaster workouts.

Here's YOUR preview...

The Full Experience Is Here:

Synergy Kettlebell Kamp

I am working on a project right now that will hopefully bring a huge kettlebell awareness to the state of Arizona.  This may take some time, but when I fully launch I am very confident it will be exactly what this great state needs.  I will reveal more about this as I go along, but for now here's the shell website:

As for my workouts I have been truckin' along.  My knee joint muscles have been a bit inflammed lately so I laid off the running just a little bit and have been foam roling them to expedite recovery.  I believe the root of the problem is my calves.  They seem to be tight and have a bunch of trigger points needing to be ironed out.  That's about as fun as taking a Polar Bear Swim in Antartica in February.  But hey nothin's as bad as a 10 Minute Long Cycle set. 

When I was at the AKC cert that's what they used to say about everything.  You gotta go jogging for 30 minutes- well it's not as bad as a 10 Min. Long Cycle set.  You're doing lots and lots of lunges and pullups- well you could be doing a 10 Min. Long Cycle set.  You got a big ugly accounting class that you have to take because for some reason that's part of the master cirriculum and you absolutely despise the vial stink of anything math- BUT HEY you could be doing a 10 Min. Long Cycle set!!! 
Ok, ok here's one:  You gotta call Dish Network's outsourced customer care line to talk about your bill--- ***head bow and shake***--- yeah well...... you probably would LOVE to be doing a 10 Min. set of Long Cycle because anything has gotta better than having to call them!

Alrighty then with that said here's what I have been doing:

Practice 011909:
10 Min. Long Cycle Set @ 20kg and 5rpm
This is an improvement from the past couple week's stead 4 reps per minute.  I pushed it a bit for my prior 10 Min. set so I knew I could this.  It won't be long before I'm at 6rpm strong on my 10 min. sets.  I'm thinking no more than 2 weeks from now.

4 Min. Double Cleans @ 24kg and 6rpm

20 Min. Run
Synergy Stretch

Practice 012009:
6 Min. Long Cycle @ 20kg and 6rpm
This is getting easier for me to do and I'm feeling really strong so I think I will be increasing the time, but keeping the reps per minute at 6 for now.

4 Min. Double Cleans @ 24kg and 8rpm

Synergy Stretch

Dat Tis It!  Stay tuned for more on the Arizona Kettlebell Club and details how to join.