Synergy Kettlebell Training "No Weak Sauce" Challenge Rewards

Achieve Kettlebell Sport rankings in either IKFF or AKC and we’ll celebrate together with some awesome rewards recognizing your dedication and achievement.

2011 is the Year of Yes! Do NOT say "Maybe"!!! Do or do not. -Master Yoda

YES I Can! YES You Can! YES We Can!

With that mindset let's make some new goals happen and step off this year stronger than ever before in your entire life. This is YOUR year! This is YOUR 2011! Let's make it so!!

New for 2011, as a Synergy Kettlebell Training member, when you achieve Kettlebell Sport ranks in either the IKFF or AKC we'll support you with really cool recognition rewards.

Ranks for each organization:

International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation Kettlebell Sport Ranks

American Kettlebell Club Ranks

According to the AKC here are the Top 10 Benefits of the Kettlebell Sport Ranking System

Promotes the use of lighter weight and greater technique Reduces chance of injury as lifter can progress gradually Opens the sport to many more lifters Encourages a balanced, healthy approach Allows coaches to bring in more clients / students Specifically creates a better lockout and rack position Promotes adherence to the sport Creates competition at lower levels Increases potential size of teams Opens up the kettlebell community to more age groups


I love having ranks like this cause it benefits us with a solid goal and once we reach that goal we know exactly where to go beyond that. So as we improve in the ranks we know that our body is improving in every aspect as well to become more and more Skinny Stronger every day. I must tell you that achieving rank just doesn't happen. It's not something we just stumble upon and do one day. It's something we must work toward with everything we've got. Only that way will we truly enjoy the sweet rewards of everything Kettlebell Training results have to offer.

I wanna see some newbies get rank here real soon. Age or experience doesn't matter as much as getting out there and doing it. You never know what you're capable of until you put yourself to the test. By achieving each rank we find out more and more about how we can improve ourselves to get better. That's the great thing about Kettlebell Sport ranks. We're already doing this stuff and now we can apply it right to a perfect set of goals in front of us to motivate and encourage us to be the best we can.

No Perfect People, Personal Trainer, OR Fitness Coach

I had a conversation with a client today who was just a bit burnt out on life- mainly all things health related. Workouts, and of course the healthy eating habits portions, usually seem to be the first things to go once stress comes into the picture. I understand exactly what my client was saying because the same thought process and feelings are something that I personally struggle with every few months. This happens to everyone. I see it all the time and have for the past 13 years while professional training. This is a main reason so many people hire trainers & coaches. And to all my clients: I VERY much appreciate you letting me coach you. :) As my conversation with my client continued I realized a couple things that I do that helps me manage times in my own life where I get stressed, distracted, burnt out, tired, bored, feeling like what I'm doing isn't working or that maybe something else will be the answer, holiday time, and the list goes on. Every few months I seem to feel EXACTLY like that and just want to lay around and watch John Cusack movies. That might just be a case of some A.D.D. or maybe I'd been eating too much dark chocolate... probably the first one cause eating too much chocolate is not a crime, but in my opinion it's a darn good privilege. Okaaaaay not sure why we ended up on chocolate (lovely thought isn't it) but back on track now... IF it wasn't for my HABITUAL routine I would fall off during those stressful times.

In fact I spoke with a fitness trainer friend of mine today who hasn't worked out in a while. But it's not "cool" to show that side of us as coaches and motivators to our clients. We sometimes are given the illusion of fitness perfection, BUT that's definitely NOT the case. Well my biceps are pretty cool though, but that's a whole nother conversation. Us Fitness Coaches are real people too with the same struggles as everyone else. I ate 3 pumpkin pie slices(made grain-free with a super yummy pecan crust) this weekend when I probably shouldn't. I know that life will go on... as long as I keep going on. The easiest thing to do is nothing. It takes effort to actually do something. ANYTHING you do beyond nothing is definitely better than the alternative.

To all my clients, I care about YOU. You might think why... Bob's just a trainer... when we leave he doesn't think about me anymore... nope- emotionally I get TOO connected to my clients. I literally think about everyone all the time because I want to do everything I can to give you opportunity to be successful beyond your expectations. It makes me happy when I see you there cause I KNOW you'll see results. It saddens me when towels get tossed in when I KNOW potential is there. Everything, and I mean everything, will fall better into place when you are regulating your hormones and getting stronger with your regular fitness practice. Together WE are stronger.

The final encouragement I'll give anyone who feels the strong hand of a rut in the works is that if you do little you will still see results, but if you do nothing you know what will happen. No matter who you are you WILL get through this period in your life.

We stand together in this. Remember what Master Yoda (from Star Wars) said: "try and fail... do or do not". You know what needs to be done. Keep your habits.

TODAY is the BEST day to DECIDE to get your rear in gear. Set your schedule and be there for YOU. It's you time!