Tire Kickers

What Does That Cost?

I run across individuals every day who are not serious about their health and their bodies becoming more fit even thoughthey profess that this is what they really want, but are just not interested in doing whatever it takes to bring their dream into reality. A dream is only going to come true when it is put into action and the best way of doing that is to have a plan.

BE LIKE NIKE: JUST SHOW UP! ...OR IS IT JUST DO IT? Every day in my Synergy Kettlebell Training gyms we focus on just that- delivering a plan that is proven to succeed if practiced by our members. We have a motto in our gyms that says: JUST SHOW UP! I will add to that a little bit by saying: Just show up and we'll take care of the rest. Essentially why we say that is because if one simply shows up that means the battle is already won.

NO TIRE-KICKERS ALLOWED! People who allow their fears to win victory over them enough to stay home and eat comfort food while watching "Dancing With The Stars" on the couch are not the ones we call: "tire-kickers". A Tire-Kicker is someone who has a dream, but won't do what it takes to put forth the effort to live that dream out. They are also usually the ones who are unwilling to financially invest into their bodies a nominal group training gym membership to give them that plan so they don't need to go about it alone without any charted direction.

My opinion is that they just don't see the value in it or they would make the investment into themselves. Most good personal coaching these days is actually pretty reasonable. I know our Synergy membership rates are as nominal as they come. I do that so we can help more people without making them give us their right arm and first born just to step foot in the door. In fact, I even barter with people who truly have hardship so they can be a part of our Synergy Kettlebell experience and change their life without money standing in the way.

MONEY IS STUPID! I personally feel that money is a stupid reason to not get in shape. So that's why I have several people in my group who pay a reduced rate, and as mentioned, several who don't pay anything at all, but provide service trades (such as cleaning the gym a day or two) for their memberships. My mission is to help people get fit, stay fit, and live healthier, longer lives. That is my first and foremost goal for my business, but of course I am running a business (that is growing literally every day) so I have to pay overhead and thus need revenue to do that. If I didn't have overhead I would do this all for free because how much I love helping people achieve their goals! Smiles are an amazing thing to see on faces. :)

GO SHOPPING AROUND TOWN! I encourage people to shop around to my competitors and see they are at least double my prices. Similar personal coaching studios in my area are around double our most popular Synergy Kettlebell membership at the minimum per month for their basic level membership.

And ok sign up for those $10 per month gyms and what do they get you... people who can care less whether you're there or not, no personal coaching, no structured done-for-you themed workouts that are different every day, no fun daily trivia, no motivation, no accountability, no proven nutritional information for fat loss and a healthy body with longevity, no one who knows your name when you come in the door, who says hi when you arrive and bye when you leave with sincere passion for helping you succeed.

HIGH FIVE! That's why we give all our members high fives... because we truly, truly care about them and want the best program they can ever get anywhere. We want them to have the most amazing fitness experience that they ever had in their life. We want what we do to be magic! And it is because we are a family who works hard together to achieve something great. We don't whine about what we have to do... we get in there and do it even if it hurts a bit.

SAY NO TO THE VOICES IN YOUR HEAD! We are the ones who don't listen to those voices in our heads telling us this is too hard, or takes too long, or it's too cold outside, or it's been a long work day, or the kids have been too crazy today, or it's raining, or it's a holiday, or it's my birthday, or it's Tuesday, or we have a busy school schedule, or it's too early in the morning, or it's too late in the evening, or I hurt my wrist, or I stubbed my toe, or it's too this or that or anything else that will pop up and be an excuse why we can't do something. Instead WE embrace all that, don't even think about it, and work through everything no matter what other distractions are going on around us... no matter what.

WHO WE ARE! WE are the ones who make the sacrifices to become who we want to be by choosing to take action. We are doers. We live it every day with a fear of failure, but know we will get right back up when we fall.

I can say more about who we are, but I think you can see that we will never give up under any circumstances because we are in this for the long haul. We are in this for life because we realize fitness and health is a lifelong journey. We enjoy the road together as one family of like-minded individuals banding together for one common purpose. Amongst all that you will find empowered, enthusiastic, and super-energized certified coaches who will continue reminding you of your purpose every day so you never ever forget. All you need to do is: JUST SHOW UP! We will take care of the rest!

How much does that cost?