Talk About Sex

Kettlebell Swingers & Sex

Yes there are many different ways to teach Kettlebell Swings, but we at Synergy Kettlebell Training strive to not be ordinary and old fashioned. At Synergy Kettlebell Training we like to spice things up and make them very interesting. Our methods work and our methods will definitely stick with you. They're the type of methods you can take home and practice every day.  True Story!   ...and now especially after you watch this video. Kettlebell Swings tie in every muscle in the body to work together as one and they deliver a great full body strength & cardio movement.

I must warn you, though, that if you are easily offended then DO NOT watch this video. I talk about sex and Kettlebells. Yes I talk about Kettlebell Swings and sex together in the same sentence. So again if you don't like talking about sexual things in nature, and/or are easily offended by sex talk, please don't watch this video. I aim to NOT OFFEND, but some people are more sensitive than others so I always want to be sympathetic to that and cover my butt with this disclaimer.