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Mental Wellness

Our day might suck, our kids driving us nuts, our job not so fun, we might feel completely deflated and lacking energy, but just show up and that all changes. 

Showing up sometimes is the hardest part, but this makes us turn instantly positive and become mentally stronger much more than even the physical. 

The biggest contributor to that is our Synergy Community. That's what makes that happen and that's what it means to be #SynergyStrong!! #StrongerTogether

The Un-Testimony of Anne Barton

Anyone can get results at any gym. Every workout program can deliver changes in our body. What happens when we don't see any? Let's not talk about results, how great our program is, or show a before and after testimonial. You've seen enough of that. Why does the slump occur, what keeps us from getting results, and what triggers us to finally take action is what we're exploring. 

This is the Un-testimony of Anne Barton.

Synergy Burpee Challenge

burpees We begin a new month and it's so important to step back and look at everything you have accomplished so far this year. Be proud of it!! It's also important to evaluate what you still want to achieve. This helps us create new challenges for ourselves moving forward.

We're going to challenge ourselves this month with everyone's favorite... Burpees!! OK... OK... don't cringe... KEEP READING...


The burpee was created in the 1930s by Royal Burpee. He developed the burpee test and it was used to test the fitness level of recruits entering the military during WWII. It's improves and tests strength, agility and coordination.

Burpees are challenging, and of course can be tiring, but there's no question they are effective!

Let's take it to the next level this month, surprise yourself, grab a partner, and together kick it up a notch!




Choose With or Without A Partner



A classic Burpee is a squat, jump out to plank, push-up, jump back to squat position, jump at the top (no jumping jack at top!)

During this challenge you can do any type of Burpee you'd like! Make it challenging especially during the first week when the rep numbers of LOW.


During workouts, incorporate Burpees, include them in your warm-ups, and definitely don't let a day go by over the next 30 days without doing Burpees!!

The goal is to do the number of Burpees corresponding with the date. So Day 1 do 1 Burpee, Day 2, do 2 Burpees... Day 3 - 3 Burpees, etc. If you complete this challenge you will be doing 496 Burpees!

**STEP IT UP: If you're "ADVANCED", do double the count on each day.

Take it to the EXTREME by doing Man-Makers for the first half of the month!!



burpees nowFor these you start by facing your partner. You both come down to floor and jump your feet out to plank position. Instead of push-up, clap your partner’s opposite hands (R/L). Jump feet in, clap hands at the top (double high five). For even more of a challenge throw a pushup in the mix between hand claps!! 

The goal is highest total number of Burpees and highest number of consecutive Burpees at one time.



Weekend Warrior Workout

Try this one at home.    

Warm up first for about 5 minutes and after cool down for at least 5 minutes. 

Do as many rounds as you possibly can in 20 minutes of the following:   8x Pushups 12x Shin Grab Crunches 12x Reverse Lunges- R/L 24x Jumping Jacks 48x Flutter Kicks   Then afterwords run, jump rope, or do any type of cardio machine for 12 minutes.  

Exercise Better at Synergy Kettlebell. 

Begin with our 15 Day Jump Start. 

1 TIP To Make Your Kettlebell Swing and Snatch Easier

One of the foundational Kettlebell movements is the Swing. The King of Kettlebell movements is called the Snatch. Both of these movements are linked to one another and when performed properly they each definitely give you pretty amazing results. I've seen people, even trainers, butcher exercising with Kettlebells with horrific form and this leads unsuspecting public to follow suit. The Kettlebell is an amazing fitness tool that delivers some pretty impressive results, but when used incorrectly it could harm you with injuries.

In this video I teach you an important efficiency tip to make it easier for you so you can quickly reap all the Kettlebell rewards.

Try a Kettlebell class:

Conquering the Meal Plan

Woman-pulling-hair-out-620x426 This is me... Ok... It's not really me.  But it used to be me (sort of) every day when I would think about what's for dinner.  To try to come up with something different or new... So exhausting and so frustrating.  Well, I am conquering a self-discipline mountain right now in my world... MEAL PLANNING.  Oh, I've read countless supermoms' various touts about meal planning, budgeting to the penny, and their freezer cooking, but the idea simply seemed tedious and restrictive to me.  Do you feel that way?  Really... who has time to find new recipes that fit into our fitness goals?

Well, what I have discovered over the last 2 weeks (yes I'm still a baby at this) is the freedom of flavors that is suddenly opened up.  I go into the store with my list, and while I stray a little, I am no longer standing in the aisles at my local supermarket, frantically searching on my phone for a recipe for the night, only to end up with "healthy" processed foods, or the same boring salads... "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail..." Plan and simple.

So, I thought I would share with you our meal plan for this week!  I would also like to note that we start off each meal with either a Green Smoothie or a salad.  This is very important for your digestive system to have all the right enzymes to properly digest your foods!

Today we enjoyed a delicious Mushroom and Bean Soup.  I added some spinach with this, and we served it with our leftover Bean Burgers from last night.

Tuesday: Salads with Chebe biscuits (we don't use the cheese)

Wednesday: We are going out because of a concert we are going to... (did someone say Journey???)  Even though we are going out, we do not take this as a license to go crazy.  We stay within our guidelines, because of the fitness goals we are going after.

Thursday: I will be trying a new recipe, a vegan "Meat"loaf... I'm pretty excited to try it!

Friday: Taco salad night.  I cook up some onions, mushrooms, and peppers with taco seasoning, then serve with a salad, salsa, beans, and black olives.Apple Cinnamon Grain-Free Muffins

Saturday: I found a Quinoa/Amaranth pasta at Costco, we we will be giving that a try with a large serving of collard greens.  Even though this is a better version, we still reserve this for a "cheat" day.

Sunday:  I like to reserve a day as a "fridge" clean out kind of day.  I'll be pulling from whatever I have in there to make dinner.

For "dessert", I found this great Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin recipe.  Everyone in our place loves them!



Synergy Kettlebell Success Story: Jenni Schrader

Watch and listen to Jenni Schrader's story in our latest Synergy Success Story interview video with her. She is down 81lbs down shares with us exactly how and why she did it.Jenni Schrader Before & After

Some Take-Away Thoughts From Jenni

If there's something I've learned on my journey so far it's to always have a positive mental attitude. I've learned this from my volleyball coach in high school. She always spoke highly of a positive mental attitude and she was a strong influence in my younger years. I often think of her words today. If you have a positive mind your body tends to follow.member-spotlight

Taking the first step may be the hardest step you will ever take. Give it time and you'll never regret that first step or the second. Don't give into defeat, this may be the hardest journey you've taken and results will show off your hard work and dedication. They say slow progress is better than no progress and I'll take that any day.

Making good choices may always be a struggle in your life so choose goals that are attainable. Make short term goals and work toward them until they have been achieved. We tend to often look so far into the future that we lose sight of what we are ultimately trying to accomplish.