Sugary Foods

30 Day Challenge: Sweet & Salty

We just wrapped up a really good month of our "No B & P" 30 Day Challenge.  We had the very best commitment yet for the challenge and had more No B & Pers than ever. Let's keep our momentum and results going cause next up is our brand new 30 Day Challenge appropriately titled: Sweet & Salty.

I decided our slogan should be something easy to remember so I came up with this: "Whatever Your Vice or Crutch, Give It Up For One Month." Basically what this calls for is giving up any and all junk food for 30 days. Sounds pretty tough huh? I thought so!  That's why it's a challenge and when you challenge yourself you become better. Becoming better versions of ourselves means we're experiencing results. EXCELLENT!!!

Now let's put this into practice for the next 30 days and set ourselves free of what's holding us back from experiencing great benefit from not over-spiking our insulin with sugars.

Ok here's how it works:

1) No sugars for 30 days.

2) No salty food snacks for 30 days.

3) 1 serving of fruit allowed per day


 Cut the salty foods and sweets that you know are holding you back. Yup!  Those are the ones that when you first saw what this 30 Day Challenge was about and the voices in your head starting telling you that you can't do this. You might have already started thinking about how this really "isn't for you".  Not for you eh?  Hmmm... I will have to say that just BECAUSE you said or thought that, that you are perfect to take on this 30 Day Challenge.

Remember it's ONLY 30 days. You CAN do anything for 30 days. If you don't think so then after you finish reading this blog post read THIS ONE HERE.

For the first 6 days you might experience headaches from sugar withdraws, but drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily, above and beyond your workout hydration, and I promise you that you're going to get through it.

So keep this in mind all month long:

Whatever Your Vice or Crutch, Give It Up For One Month.

Here's a special calendar that I made just for this challenge to help you check off the days. Download it here:  30 Day Sweet & Salty Calendar

Beyond Nutrition Green Smoothie

This holiday season was A LOT of fun and A LOT of eating. In fact when you take away allllllllllllll the sugary foods I've eaten my meals aren't really that bad at all. Plug back in the goodies and "Whoops there goes another rubber tree"! My belly was literally bursting at the seams, but it felt great... I actually need to put a little more meat on my bones. Well after the dust is settled it's definitely time to get back in gear and flush out everything that tasted so good goin in. I know that if I'm in that boat I'm sure you are too so please allow me to help you a bit with what really works for me. Here's the green smoothie that I'm currently making...

Beyond Nutrition Green Smoothie = water base + fruit + leafy greens + veggies + special ingredients

Water Base 1-1/2 cups of filtered Water

Fruit To Take Over The Flavor 1 whole Apple; OR 3/4 cup of Blueberries; OR 1 cup of Fresh Pineapple

Leafy Greens 2-3 Kale stalks 1 Radish with stalk and leaves

Veggies 1-2 full Carrots (I like the rainbow carrots- red, purple, white, yellow, orange) 5-6 Half Asparagus stalks

Special Ingredients 1 teaspoon of Fresh Organic Ground Cinnamon

Seriously this is beyond nutrition right here! Here's my exact method to purge everything ungodly and naughty right out of your body so that the bad stuff doesn't stand a chance...

Beyond Nutrition Green Smoothie Method I start EVERY evening meal with this little green blend, fill it up to about 10oz, and make sure I never go a day without it. By doing that you shuttle in the nutrients and since it goes before all meals you engage your body's enzymes to better digest all other more aggressive foods such as meats, fats, etc. Often times I drink this smoothie first and then wait about 30 minutes to allow it to work its magic before continuing on to the next course. Most of my days I practice Intermediate Fasting and don't eat any food(water & tea of course during the day) until the evening, but if you're not into that this Green Machine will still do the trick for you too.