Does How Hard You Workout REALLY Matter?

No matter what your background or how in shape or out of shape you are, regular exercise is for you too! Coming from a Fitness Coaching perspective no matter if you've exercised yesterday or 10 years ago, all workouts are scalable to your individual fitness level and abilities. Even if you have an injury or particular limitation all exercises/movements can be modified so that you CAN benefit from any program.

Getting Exercise Results Are All About Intensity

What if I can't do that many? Honestly, it doesn't matter how much weight you use, how many reps you perfrom, or how fast you go compared to the 20-something across from you. All you need to keep in mind is your own personal intensity. You'll improve with every workout as long as you make sure to keep yourself challenged.

What if I'm not very physically fit? That's okay! That exactly what our program is for. Our group has all ages and conditioning levels and we focus on everything according to our own fitness abilities. Everything we do is scalable for all fitness levels and I instruct everyone to go at their own pace, but believe me I will definitely push that pace.

From a workout perspective... The reason people lose so much fat with kettlebells & high intensity bodyweight movements, and lean up so quick, is because you get more work done in a shorter amount of time with INTENSITY.

Remember it's all about scaling your intensity to YOU. Do that every time you exercise and you'll be fine in all your progressions.

Kettlebell Sport Practice 101: The Money $$$et

Kettlebell Sport Practice 101: Practice in thy movement improves thy movement. Forget the misc crap that wastes ur time. I used to be a HUGE believer in keeping things as simple as simple may be. In fact Lisa and I just minimized a bit of our lives by going through all our clothes, kitchenware, office stuff, electronics, etc and got rid of everything we either did not use or didn't need. It has actually been a super empowering and liberating experience.

In my 4 years of Kettlebell fitness training and short couple years experience in Kettlebell Sport specific training I'm finding that the protocols in the exact methodology of training is and should be quite simple. Often times people get in the mindset that they need to change things up so often so that their body stays "confused". There seems to be this bandwagon of fitness professionals who believe by varying day to day workouts on the extreme side is beneficial to the body in that it won't be able to adapt and be forced to change. In reality, the only thing that's doing is confusing the body from adapting to the stress load placed upon it in the practiced movements and prohibiting it from growing through progressions of any specific skill practice.

Look at any group of elite athletes and the one thing that is consistent between all of them is the simplicity of their training. In fact many of them have a similar training regimen for years and years. Their goal is to get better at one or two particular main skills.

If Michael Jordan didn't go out and shoot hoops every day and instead decided to ride a bike or play some lacrosse(nothing wrong with either) then he would never have been the amazing athlete that he became. If Michael Phelps didn't jump in the pool every day shave every hair from his body (optional thought here) to make him the best swimmer in the world by swimming lap after lap after lap after lap then he wouldn't be as good as he is. You can only switch up swimming laps in so many ways. The focus here is their consistent practice of the relevant basics of their desired skill in order to become better.

Kettlebell Sport is the same way. Our goal, first and foremost, is to train for and last 10 minutes on the competition platform. Along the wayside people, I was one of them, got sidetracked with training for reps before they can last the time. First is the time and then fill in the gaps with reps long before jumping up in Kettlebell weight.

When you can perform the reps, with the appropriate weight, in a comfortable range to survive 10 minutes then increase your pace. When your pace gets to such that you are performing high level reps for 10 minutes then you can progress to the next size bells. If you prematurely jump bells you will suffer not only physically, but also the timing and possibly technique.

Trying to force your body to give you more reps when all you can do is 3 or 4 minutes is not a good game plan. 3-4 minutes sets with the heavier bells can be tossed in here and there as assistance sets after your main practice, but first master the bells you can go 10 minutes with before jumping up. Always remember that 10 minutes is our goal. No one cares if we can do 3, 4, 5, or even 8 minutes. 10 minutes is what everyone wants to see and see us survive. That is a sign of a well trained and conditioned girevik. Once you get to 10 minutes fill in the reps from there.

As Gordon Gecko, in the movie Wall Street, would say: "Greed Is Good", but this is certainly not the case in Kettlebell Sport training. Personally, I had to eat some humble pie myself for a while and drop bell weight so I can get my pace and conditioning up. Once I did I am now more solid in what I'm currently doing. What I'm currently doing is 1 main Money Set every day for 5 days and never shorter than 6 minutes unless I feel lousy one day then I'll toss around for 5 min, but that's not gonna be too often. Focus on the main set as your bread and butter, work your butt off to give everything you've got left when that one main set isover, and after you're done with that set all you have is only bounced checks to write cause you have nothing left to give. That's the Money Set Training and it just works. When it's all said and done your specific Kettlebell Sport work should only take you 20 min or less, and the money set is only 10 minutes or less, with most days being 5-7 min. Beyond that assistance work and your cooldown. In my cooldown I literally spend 2-3 times the time stretching, yoga postures, etc than I did with my Kettlebell work. That is it. There are no secrets... just attention to simplicity and hard work. Do that and your results will come. Stop over-thinking it.

Anti-Inflammatory Pyramid

This was sent to me by a client and I really like it. It's demonstrates what the progressions of foods to eat in order to both increase and decrease inflammation in your body. When you eat foods near the top your body becomes acidic and inflammation increases. Regular consumption of foods near the base keep your body alkaline and healthy. Anti-inflammatory foods are very important for overall recovery, well-being, and longevity.

Download a copy for yourself here: anti inflam pyramid