Synergy Kettlebell Training presents Tammy Gerken

Tammy Gerken, who is a member of the Synergy Kettlebell competition team practicing Biathlon, began lifting Kettlebells a few months ago and took to it right away. As soon as she picked up her first Kettlebell and pressed it overhead, without much effort, I knew right away she's gonna be VERY good at this sport. So, unbeknown to Tammy, I pushed her to her potential. I love working people's potential. Sometimes they go along with it and work their hardest and other times they crumble. Tammy was the former. She rose to the challenge, accepted me as her teacher, and began practicing Kettlebell Sport. Tammy impressed me in several ways and it's truly been a sincere pleasure to begin this great journey alongside her. I could tell she was quite nervous in the beginning and rightly so... it was something new and she had this bald guy telling her to lift heavy weighted balls over her head. I'd be nervous too! LOL I'm glad Tammy has a GREAT sense of humor. :)

Most women begin with the 8kg(pink) Kettlebell, but I noticed Tammy's strength from the getgo so I encouraged her to work her potential for optimal results and reward by blasting right past the pink and goin for the the blue which was the next progression being 12kg. She didn't even hesitate or question my judgement. She trusted her coach and my programming. Shortly after her first month Tammy blasted past that blue Kettlebell and moved into the 16kg (yellow). Now unless someone has a long history of athletics and/or exercise this quick of progression is not very common. Back in high school sports Tammy played volleyball, basketball, track (shot-put, discus, and ran the 800m) so the base was there to build upon. When I made her transition to the 16kg she wasn't as receptive to choosing that Kettlebell as she was the blue one. I'd often see her sneak the blue 12kg back into the mix and have to both remind and encourage her to bring back the yellow. After a short time she said the blue Kettlebell was feeling too light and she was more comfortable with her yellow. So our plan was working. She was looking VERY solid in her technique and impressing me with her reps.

I think the biggest thing that has impressed me with Tammy is her passion and her drive. I posted something about the IKFF Nationals Kettlebell Competition to all my clients and later that day she told me she had registered for it and will be competing in Biathlon (Kettlebell Snatch & Jerk) on the 25th of September. She actually registered before I did. Wow! And then last month when I announced our very own hosted Synergy Kettlebell Turkeybell Invitational, this November on the 13th, she was the first to jump and register for that too. She has decided to put her whole self into what she is doing because this is for her. She is an inspiration to me. Tammy came to me simply looking to lose weight, get in shape, and get healthy, but how Tammy affected me was- in my opinion- probably much more than I could ever affect her. Thank you Tammy!!!

Pyramid Of Pain Kettlebell Workout: Steve Dawson

Last weekend I had the extreme pleasure of training one of the UK's finest certified kettlebell teachers when he was visiting the U.S. When I first spoke with Steve Dawson about what he was wanting to do when he was here he told me that he is a very well conditioned guy and that I could choose anything I wanted. I smiled and told him that we'd be putting his conditioning to a test.... and we definitely did. Check out the original "Pyramid Of Pain" kettlebell workout and give it a shot yourself.

Here's the workout...

Warmup: 2 Min. 2 Hand Swings 1 Min. Pushups 2 Min. Lunges- (forward 1 min. and reverse 1 min.)

Workout: (AS FAST AS POSSIBLE) 20<>30<>40<>30<>20

(Advanced Level: Add 5 for each and x 10 additional for Step Touches)

Overhead Lunges Mountain Climbers Capoiera Lunges Kettlebell Swings (Go Heavy) Step Touches