New Goals

Synergy Kettlebell Training "No Weak Sauce" Challenge Rewards

Achieve Kettlebell Sport rankings in either IKFF or AKC and we’ll celebrate together with some awesome rewards recognizing your dedication and achievement.

2011 is the Year of Yes! Do NOT say "Maybe"!!! Do or do not. -Master Yoda

YES I Can! YES You Can! YES We Can!

With that mindset let's make some new goals happen and step off this year stronger than ever before in your entire life. This is YOUR year! This is YOUR 2011! Let's make it so!!

New for 2011, as a Synergy Kettlebell Training member, when you achieve Kettlebell Sport ranks in either the IKFF or AKC we'll support you with really cool recognition rewards.

Ranks for each organization:

International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation Kettlebell Sport Ranks

American Kettlebell Club Ranks

According to the AKC here are the Top 10 Benefits of the Kettlebell Sport Ranking System

Promotes the use of lighter weight and greater technique Reduces chance of injury as lifter can progress gradually Opens the sport to many more lifters Encourages a balanced, healthy approach Allows coaches to bring in more clients / students Specifically creates a better lockout and rack position Promotes adherence to the sport Creates competition at lower levels Increases potential size of teams Opens up the kettlebell community to more age groups


I love having ranks like this cause it benefits us with a solid goal and once we reach that goal we know exactly where to go beyond that. So as we improve in the ranks we know that our body is improving in every aspect as well to become more and more Skinny Stronger every day. I must tell you that achieving rank just doesn't happen. It's not something we just stumble upon and do one day. It's something we must work toward with everything we've got. Only that way will we truly enjoy the sweet rewards of everything Kettlebell Training results have to offer.

I wanna see some newbies get rank here real soon. Age or experience doesn't matter as much as getting out there and doing it. You never know what you're capable of until you put yourself to the test. By achieving each rank we find out more and more about how we can improve ourselves to get better. That's the great thing about Kettlebell Sport ranks. We're already doing this stuff and now we can apply it right to a perfect set of goals in front of us to motivate and encourage us to be the best we can.

Beyond Your New Year Resolutions

New Year means new goals and new rules for the way we live. One of the most common resolutions that people make is to get healthy. One way they fail is doing it alone or without a proven structured plan. Every year there's an influx of people trying to satisfy their new year’s resolutions. Unfortunately and literally, 90% of those don’t quite pan out, and I personally really don’t want that to happen.

On Perspective: "Each year, we think we are being given a chance to start fresh, a new beginning. Why does your new beginning have to star January 1st? It can start December 31st, April 19, August 4th, or anywhere in between. So, when you fall off your goals, don't be dejected... Remember you can start fresh any time!" -Lisa Garon

The best way to keep those resolutions, ok let's change that to goals (because if they're not reached the goal will still be there), seems to be to have a workout buddy who would motivate you when you are feeling down, hit a plateau, don't wanna leave the house in the cold to drive to the gym, and so on and vice versa. So grab your friend, neighbor, co-worker, or whoever and come getchu some at Synergy Kettlebell Training. Allow us to show you how simple, of course not to be mistaken with "easy", it will be to stay motivated and achieve all your health goals AS LONG AS you stay consistent. There will ALWAYS be obstacles, mental disagreements with yourself, motivational barriers, family & work affairs, excuses galor that we can give ourselves- AND YES ALL OF THE ABOVE HAPPENS TO ME TOOOOOO- so understand this about yourself and KNOW that together, together we are stronger. It's not just Bob and all his clients. (ummm yes I did just write in third person LOL) It's everyone together as a team, as a Kettlebell family. That's why what we do is magic! Yes!