Navitas Naturals

What Really Is Fresh?

The term "fresh" has been linked to higher quality in the minds of many consumers and therefore the restaurants use this as a selling point even though the product may have been previously frozen and serving certain species with proper freezing is against their "regulations".

When I consider what I'm going to eat, and serve to my family, I think about where my food came from, who handles my food along the way of getting it to me, and lastly how many steps away from nature my food is when I consume it. If it is more than 3 steps I stay away from it. I prefer 1 step if I can get it. An example of one step is purchasing my food directly from the farm itself.  2 steps is the farm to the store and then to me.  3 steps is farm, to quick processing plant, to the store and then to me.

When I say 'quick processing' I'm meaning something like the Edens Organics canned beans, raw nuts being sorted for quality and then bagged for sale, almond butter processed into the state it gets jarred and sold, Kombucha tea, grassfed meats (but I hope to be hunting my own in the very near future), and my maca root & cacao powder by Navitas Naturals. These are but a few exceptions that I make when purchasing my foods. They are still organic and as close to nature as they can be without jeopardizing both quality and integrity of natures gifts to us.

As for finding this info out... well that can be pretty easy. Just keep eating simple and follow the rules I've mentioned above. Beyond that feel free to delve deeper into where and who your food comes from. To help there are a couple movies that do this. The first is pretty popular and has been recently featured on Oprah. She had Michael Pollan on and talked all about him, Food Inc., and his newest book: Food Rules.


The next video you'll see is about the follow up video to Food Inc. It's called "Fresh the Movie" and is a big eye-opener as well. It's coming out soon and is only available in select theaters and viewing places. Synergy Kettlebell Training is working on acquiring a viewing license so that we can have special showing in the Chicagoland area. Check out how cool the movie "Fresh" is gonna be and it definitely gives you something to take home.


Another great movie, that you can rent at Blockbuster, is King Corn.