From Yesterday Kettlebell Workouts 2 & 3

Today I'm gonna give you a double double feature. Here's not 1, but TWO totally awesome Kettlebell workouts for you to give a go and let me know how you fair. Leave me a comment letting me know what you thought and if you have any questions. Oh and isn't the below picture just AWESOME?!!!


From Yesterday Kettlebell Workout 2


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Warmup: Synergy Dynamics

Technique Practice: Windmills 3 x 8

Your Fat Blaster: R5, M1, M1 rest btwn rds See-Saw Lying Press (2 bell hell) Long Cycle- R/L Sumo Deadlift Highpull (go med- heavy)

Finisher: 130 Russian Twists

From Yesterday Kettlebell Workout 3

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Warmup: Synergy Dynamics

Technique Practice: Overhead Lunge- R/L 4 x 10

Workout Breakdown: To help remove some confusion allow me to simplify this workout. You will see 2 main intervals and 2 movements per round.

First was 2 total minutes of Jerks (men= 2 Bell Hell & women= M1 right/M1 left) with the timer beeping every 5 seconds to Jerk either every 5 sec or with 5 sec lockout or 5 sec racked- depending on the round. Then rest 15 seconds (don't count that in the interval timing). Second is the 30 seconds of the Interim Movement and its 30 second rest directly after and prior to beginning the very next round. That is it.

Your Fat Blaster: R1) M2 Jerks or Push Press (men = 2 Bell Hell & women perform M1 right/M1 left, Set the timer to beep every 5 seconds and when it beeps perform your rep.) S15 Rest

Interim Round Movements: S30 Jump Squat after R1, Double Jerk Squats (fast) after R2, Overhead Squats- R/L after R3, VERY Heavy 2 Hand Swings after R4 S30 rest before next round.

R2) M2 Jerks or Push Press (men = 2 Bell Hell & women perform M1 right/M1 left, Set the timer to beep every 5 seconds and when it beeps lift and overhead lockout hold for 5 seconds and then when it beeps again rack for 5 seconds. Repeat like that for M2.

S15 rest Then perform the relative "Interim Round Movement".

R3) Same M2 set as R1 S15 rest Then perform the relative"Interim Round Movement".

R4) Same M2 set as R2 S15 rest Then perform the relative"Interim Round Movement".

Finisher: 300 Jumping Jax OR Mountain Climbers OR 150 of both

Postcard Kettlebell Workout 3.0

Today for my Synergy Kettlebell Kamp I put together really cool workout that I wanna pass along to you. We've had 2 like this come before and this 1 is even better.

I present to you Postcard Workout 3.0... ENJOY!

Warmup: This is VERY important

Synergy Dynamics (10 min. of mobility drills that take you from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes and prepares your body for the workout to come)

Your Fat Blaster: (3x5) 5 Rounds, 1 minute each, 1 minute break between rounds 1. Pushups (Focus on your butt/hip position so that your back is flat and go down as low to the ground as you can by bending only your arms and NOT your knees. If you have a weak upper body simply lock your knees, spread your feet out wider than shoulder width, press your heels toward the floor, tighten your abs, and then perform the pushup as low as you can.)

2. One Arm Long Cycle (1 min per arm. Clean & Push Press or Jerk if you know it... all with the kettlebell)

3. Double Rack Lunges (Clean your kettlebells to the rack position and hold them either in the rack or on your shoulders as you perform in place alternating lunges. Keep very good upper body posture, step your front leg out as far as you can and ensure that knee stays at a 90 degree angle before dropping your back knee. When performing a proper lunge most of your bodyweight should be postured into your rear leg.)

*BONUS* Core Dominator: 3 Rounds, 22 seconds each, no break between rounds 1. Flutter Kicks (Lie on your back, place your hands in the small of your back, and kick your legs from the hips while keeping your knees locked. Be sure to NOT allow your feet to raise higher than 6inches from the floor when kicking.)

2. Sideline V-Situps (Lie on your side with your legs on top of each other. Place your top hand behind your head. Place your bottom arm and hand angled toward your feet. At the same time raise yourself so that your legs ajoined staying as one unit raise up and your bottom shoulder raises as well so that you move up to the bottom elbow. When properly raised you will be up on your bottom elbow with that same relative shoulder off the floor and both legs, staying connected, will also be raised. You will feel this in your top oblique[love handle]. Repeat the up and down movement of this over and over during the set.)

3. Russian Twists (Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Slightly lean back to place tension on your abs. Hold your kettlebell by the horns and move it from one side of you to the other while lightly touching the kettlebell to the floor on either side of your hip before rotating to the other side. This movement is intended to be fast so do not use a heavy weight. Pay attention to how far you are leaning back so that you have good abdominal tension at all times. *For a touch more challenge lift both of your legs and keep them elevated during the set.)


Light jog or walk if you can for about 20 min. and/or then some leg & hip mobility stretches and postures.

Be safe and have an awesome workout!