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My Kettlebell Sport Training Is...

Kettlebell Sport training to me is not merely about lifting kettlebells... naaa it's actually more about practicing the same movements in such a raw basic manner so much so that your body simply improves as a reaction to your consistentcy. Getting on the platform then is the test whether or not your training has been successful. Too many people don't realize how powerful Kettlebell Sport training is for strength and conditioning. I personally don't do anything else besides some regular GPP(general physical preparedness) that keeps me a fitness jack of all trades, so to speak, while I'm working on becoming a master at the specific movements in my big picture goal. I alsoregularly go on bike rides or sprint interval training on the treadmill here and there. I think too many people have attention issues and can't maintain what they need to in order to do basic things day in and day out. But if you are consistent in it you can clearly see how it just works. PERIOD.

Don't buy into the malarky that you need to change up your workout routines frequently so your body doesn't have time to adapt and you're "tricking" it to continue to change. Really that's a bit of bologna. If you want to get good at something you have to practice whatever that "something" is.

1. If you want to get better at skiing you've gotta hit the slopes day after day.

2. If you want to get better at bowling you've gotta toss that ball down the lanes as often as you can.

3. If you want to get good at writing you've gotta write.

4. If you wanna get good at biking get out there and peddle.

5. If you wanna get good at running you've gotta hit the pavement.

6. If you wanna get good at swimming you've gotta get wet and swim some laps.

7. If you wanna get good at cooking you've gotta get rid of your microwave and learn to make real food.

8. If you wanna get good at fitness you've gotta practice your weaknesses and whatever you need to do in order to condition your body.

In all those instances mentioned above you need to practice the goal event over and over and over until your body recognizes that it needs to adapt to the protocol of practice. Once it adapts, which is VERY good, you simply increase the challenge so it continues to adapt.

That being said, if you wanna get good at Kettlebell lifting you've gotta lift Kettlebells. It will not get easier, but in fact only more difficult as you climb through the ranks, but when you look back from where you came you clearly see a path of progress every step of the way. Don't allow yourself to get bored. Most of the time when people are getting bored their right on the verge of something great- a breakthrough of strength if they just keep pushing through. The key to getting the Skinny Strong body that is efficiently conditioned is consistency and if you have that, you will be successful.

Be relentless!

Everyone is seeking and wants the answer to have a healthy body. The answer is disciplined hard work and consistency in that HABIT every day.

Applied Potential - Interference = Successful Performance

Synergy Dynamics Cool Down Sequence Overview

The worst thing you can do after a workout of any kind, but of course a good intense Kettlebell Training workout is go sit in a car and drive home without cooling down. What happens is your body begins to tighten up and pool your blood in your lower limbs rather than circulate it through to expedite recovery. When that happens flexibility diminishes and you will never get as strong as you can as when you are very flexible. Additionally injuries greatly decrease when you practice a regular cool down sequence.

This is our cooldown mobility sequence that we practice after every one of our Synergy Kettlebell group workouts and our Team Synergy Kettlebell Sport practices. This cooldown sequence is great for opening up the hips, legs, and increasing spine mobility after a good intense kettlebell workout.

As a Kettlebell Coach I highly recommend including a cool down as well as a warmup as part the entire big picture of your workout every day. You can even practice both the Synergy Dynamics warmup and cool down sequences on your "off" training days as a good mobility dynamic yoga workout all in itself.

Synergy Dynamics Warmup Sequence Overview

As the owner and head Kettlebell Coach of Synergy Kettlebell Training in St. Charles, Dixon, and Rochelle, IL it is VERY important for me to make sure my Synergy Kettlebell Training members and Kettlebell Sport clients remain injury free. So I specifically designed a warmup that is customized especially for Kettlebell Training that directly focuses on the main movements that we regularly practice be it the Kettlebell Snatch, Jerk, Clean, Press, Push Press, or whatever.

This is the warmup mobility sequence that we practice before every Synergy Kettlebell Training workout and Kettlebell Sport practice. By performing this sequence, or a variation of it every workout day, your body and mind will soon subconsciously recognize that you will be preparing to exercise. This exactly warmup sequence has been proven to compliment your overall effort that is going to bring you closer to your overall goals every time.

Here is the video of what we do for our Synergy Dynamics cooldown sequence. Our focus is to open up our hips and increase spine mobility here: