Kettlebell Workouts

Fuel The Fire kettlebell workout theme

Fuel The Fire "Fuel The Fire" NEW Synergy Kettlebell workout theme launches March 1st-15th!!

"Fuel The Fire" is going to structure our mindset. Our daily workouts are going to fuel not only our bodies but our minds. Our minds are what needs to be the strongest even beyond our physical body.

Our goals and ambitions should never fade. Our fitness goals are not temporary plans, but a life long journey.

It’s time to recognize our personal goals, that which is why we are here, and find that fire deep down that keeps us going.

Let’s Refuel it again so we can Stay on track with our fitness journey and keep a strong mindset going! When we do that we can mentally and physically see progress and reach our goals one day at a time.

WE're REALLY looking forward to leading you through "Fuel The Fire" and look forward to seeing you come into Synergy!!

Train Like An Olympian kettlebell workout theme

Train Like An Olympian 2014Happy February my Synergy Kettlebell family!!! 2014 is well underway and we're going strong... strong... stronger still into the 2nd month of the year!!

Here's a brand new theme to celebrate the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. Join us as we celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The XXII Olympic Winter Games (in Sochi) 2014 begin on Friday, February 7 and ends on Sunday, February 23.  


Here are the thoughts and motivation we want to remember every day during our theme...

An Olympian is someone who goes far beyond what is usual in magnitude and degree. they defy limitations because they believe their goals far surpass any challenge or obstacle.

These daily workouts will help bring you closer to your goals and achieve what is further beyond what you currently believe your limits to be. We will emulate what it truly means to Be and Train Like An Olympian!!

Your Synergy Kettlebell coaches are going to challenge you and hold you accountable to the same high standard to what we hold ourselves. We're going to be working out alongside our members every day. That shows that we are willing to push ourselves to become greater and lead our members to greatness as an example right next to them... travelling on the same road. We're all part of this journey together and it prides me to think of our Synergy team of coaches leading by real life examples of inner-courage and excellence beyond all limitations that get in the way of our daily lives... cause there are so many, but we are more than overcomers!!

Thank you for being a part of my journey too! -Bob

This Might Sting A Little workout theme

 This Might Sting A Little

Join us for our brand new Synergy Kettlebell workout theme, starting this week, we're calling: "This Might Sting A Little"!!

Quite simply these workouts are meant to feel the good kind of pain that produces results and if you are mentally strong, give your absolute BEST EFFORT, you will succeed at experiencing Synergy Kettlebell Results!!

Join us, start something new!

Here's our first workout in the series:

Technique Practice: 2 Rounds

20x Kneeling Press- R/L (using a medium bell, kneel on both knees with upright torso posture, hips completely forward, begin with bell in the rack position with elbow on the torso and press the bell upward into full elbow lockout, fixate overhead and then return to proper rack position each rep)


Your Fat Blaster: 4 Rounds, 36 seconds work/14 seconds active rest

Lunging Figure 8's NO HOLD (med- heavy bell)

Lunge & Clean- R/L (stagger feet out into a lunge position, lunge legs down, DO NOT BEND FORWARD, and then AS YOU RISE BACK UP FROM THE LUNGE Clean the Kettlebell to the rack position, as you move back down into the lunge again the bell also does, keep bell on outside of the body)

Hindu Pushups (mod to knees if needed)

HEAVY Two Arm Side Step Swings (swing the bell up and very quickly side step right, as it swings back down stand as you normally would during a two arm swing, then as it goes up again side step to the left back to your original starting place. Repeat... VERY IMPORTANT: Only perform the side steps on the up swing.)


200x Mountain Climbers (honestly this sounds like A LOT more than it really is because they go by fast.... TRUST ME! Scale the reps as needed!)


SYNERGY DAILY TRIVIA What is the most common runners injury?

a. shin splint b. runners knee c. achilles tendon d. plantar fascitis

Answer: B runners knee or irritated cartilage

Get Results and experience all of our themed Synergy Kettlebell workouts with our live coaching instruction at our (all-fitness-levels-welcome) group training classes at any of our Synergy Kettlebell Training locations.

If you are not in our area, experience all these same workouts right at home with our Online Training program.

Walk Like A Kettlebeller workout theme

 Walk Like A Kettlebeller

Join us for our brand NEW Synergy Kettlebell workout theme we're calling "Walk Like A Kettlebeller"!

During this theme we will learn & practice all the qualities it takes to be a Kettlebell lifter.

During each “Walk Like A Kettlebeller” themed Kettlebell workout we will have some sort of walking type movement carry such as farmers walk, rack walk, goblet hold walk, etc.

Here's our first workout in the series:

Your Fat Burning Hormones Igniter: 3 Rounds, rest as needed between sprint rounds 3 Level Shuttle Sprints

Your Fat Blaster: R2 (with a partner or rack hold for 30 seconds after completing your reps) Ladder up 1-5 with Double Bells Partner 1: Double Swing, Clean, Push Press or Jerk Partner 2: Rack Hold while other partner completes rep

EXPLANATION: 1) Partner 2 Cleans bells into the rack and holds there while partner 1 does their rep(s). 2) Partner 1 performs one rep. 1 Rep = Double Swing, Clean, Push Press or Jerk So Partner 1 will perform a Double KB Swing, then Clean the bells, then Jerk them into overhead lockout, fixate, bring them down to the Rack position & hold there. Immediately as Partner 1 gets their bells into the Rack, Partner 2 begins their rep sequence. 3) Then as soon as Partner 2 completes their rep, Partner 2 Rack Holds, and Partner 1 immediately begins the rep 2 of the ladder. They perform 1 double swing, 1 clean, 1 jerk, then 1 more double swing, 1 more clean, 1 more jerk. That will equal their 2 reps. 4) Both partners continue in this manner until each have completed all 5 rep rungs of the Ladder.

Then: Walking Lunges for distance 60-80 Steps of Goblet Hold Duck Walks

Finisher: Choose Your Own adventure

SYNERGY DAILY TRIVIA What does EFA stand for?

Answer: essential fatty acid, these are omega 3, 6, 9. We must eat these because our body does not produce them. That is why they are called "essential".

Get Results and experience all of our themed Synergy Kettlebell workouts with our live coaching instruction at our (all-fitness-levels-welcome) group training classes at any of our Synergy Kettlebell Training locations.

If you are not in our area, experience all these same workouts right at home with our Online Training program.

"KB-3D" Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

Our next Synergy Kettlebell workout theme launching February 1st!

Charlie Is My Hero!

BIG SHOUT OUT TO Charlie Pelletier!! He told me today that he has dropped 70lbs so far with us at Synergy Kettlebell Training. Charlie follows our Synergy Nutrition program and consistently attends classes 3-4 times a week.

When Charlie first walked through our doors I quietly had my doubts if he was going to stick with us. I thought we might be too intense for him, BUT he very loudly proved me dead wrong and in fact impresses me every time I see him.

CONGRATULATIONS Charlie and thank you sooooo much for being the inspiration that you are to your Synergy family and to everyone!! You are a hero in my book! :)


Deuces Wild & Summer Lent

"Deuces Wild" is standing for each Kettlebell Fat Blaster during the month of June we'll be having 2's or pairs of something in some way or another. I love training in a simplistic manner and this is going to be an awesome month leading into summer!

Here's our new 30 Day Challenge called "Summer Lent". Essentially, just like Lent, they will be challenged to give up one thing- be it a sweet, a salty food, meat, dairy, all grains, etc- for the entire month of June Lent is a great, great concept and I've always liked it. Give up something that's holding you back during our 30 Day Challenge.

REMEMBER: Whatever you give up, it's gotta sting!! That's a challenge and it's in that hurt that you'll find your results!!