Perspective of the Skinny Strong

A strong person must be someone who is coordinated, agile, accurate, and have good balance or else their strength cannot be maximized to accomplish a lift or even a simple everyday task. Many of workouts in which we train at Synergy Kettlebell Training are meant to be done as fast as possible. To do them in that fashion, you'd ideally take no breaks. But let's be serious; 90% of people need to take breaks in some shape or form.

That being said, take breaks if they're needed, but just keep in mind that you are striving to get the best time in completing the workout. Take your quick drink break to maintain hydration, but this is not to catch your breath or recover beyond 10-20 seconds. That's it and then seriously get back to it!

That's called a "Recovery Break". Training in this style is both very intense and highly metabolic. The body will respond in such a way that it will give you physical adaptations to continually improve with consistency. You will not die just because you are gasping for breath. If you can talk you are good to continue on.

Don't worry about lifting heavy weights. If you want to do that then come talk to me about learning and practicing Kettlebell Sport. Synergy Kettlebell Training fitness kettlebell classes are mostly about quick short bursts with lighter weights to get the job done quick. This is how we achieve such great results.

Anyone can use a machine and any trainer can simply pull the pin out and put it back in again for you. What is offered to you as Synergy Kettlebell Training members is functional training through higher intensity and greater work capacity. When you train functionally, with great intensity, you are in a training environment that not only brings you an overall well-being much quicker, but also prepares you for anything and everything that life may throw at you be it physically or mentally.

Keep This In Mind: Consistency is 100% key for you to see results.

Be consistent in your training- no more than 2 kettlebell days in a row and definitely no more than 2 off in a row for best results. I go 2 on and 1 off myself. This will keep your body progressing and recovering efficiently.

Consistency in your eating habits- always be working toward becoming cleaner, simpler, *healthier, more plant based, and eliminating processed foods every day.

Have an awesome day!

The Kettlebell Beast Challenge Continues...

The Kettlebell Beast weighs 48kg, that's a whoppin 106lbs, of pure steel compacted into a cannonball shapped weight with a handle on it and painted a beautiful gold. All gold things are beautiful aren't they? Ok well maybe not the pic below. LOL

ANYWAY... Kettlebell Swings tie in every muscle in the body to work together as one. When coming up we squeeze our glutes (butt muscles) so tight we can crack a walnut between our cheeks. True Story! :)

Check out a couple Kettlebell Training warriors who took on the Synergy Kettlebell Training Beast Challenge. The challenge is Women need 50 or more Two Arm Swings and Men need 100 or more to qualify. Below you will see one Beast Tamer get it and one come so close.

Jim gave it everything he could today to tame the Beast and when he was done said he had a few more in him. Soooo next time he WILL live up to his full potential for sure!! :) Awesome job Jim!

48kg (106lbs) Kettlebell Swings are noooooo joke! Damien is a war machine!!!

Nadia Hernandez Is A True Warrior-Goddess!!!

I just HAVE GOT to give props to Nadia "KJP" Hernandez for getting up on the platform WITH HER BUM CASTED KNEE and performing in Kettlebell Sport at this year's Turkeybell. She has been rigorously training Women's Long Cycle for the past few months with the 12kg (blue) Kettlebell, but with her (non-kettlebell related) injury a couple days ago she decided to warrior-goddess up and power through a set with the 8kg (pink). Pretty good set considering too! Great job Nadia!!! Team Synergy is proud of you. :)

Oh and the lovely pic below is of Nadia a couple days ago laid up in the hospital.

To All My Team Synergy Kettlebell Ladies

image Shaheen Mohammed posted this on her Facebook wall and I REALLY liked it:

"To all my beautiful Synergy women I just wanted to let you know how truly strong and amazing you are. I know that a lot of you don’t think that you would be able to compete in a Kettlebell Sport competition, but believe me when I say that Nadia and I were exactly where you are when we first started, but Bob believed in us and made us believe in ourselves. He wanted us to compete so we did, and it was the best thing ever.

Once we got to Traverse City for our first meet, and met all the awesome people in the big Kettlebell family from all over, we were hooked. I am here to say that all of you and I mean all of you have the potential to do it and you need to have as much belief in yourself as we all do in you.

To all those women that are competing you are awesome! We are going to rock and have a blast!! To all those that think they can't... know that you are all awesomly strong women and there is no doubt that you can all do a great job if you decide to be part of the Synergy competing Kettlebell Sport team. You just have to believe in yourself and know that you CAN it. Love you all ♥ ♥ ♥ whether you do or not... We know that you will be there supporting us. ;) "

Team Synergy Presents: Shaheen & Nadia Stronger Together

Shaheen and Nadia are a beautiful mother and daughter Team Synergy package deal that I personally love. They brighten my day every time I see them.

Shaheen's bling, bling extends her personality.

Shaheen earned her Kettlebell Sport medal! She gave her set everything she had to give and was writing bounced checks afterwards cause she didn't have anything else left. That's how it's supposed to be done. Amazing job Shaheen!!! Nadia earned her second medal by achieving 1st place in her Youth(15-17yr) division. KJP ("Kettlebell Jerk Prodigy"- she's called that cause she learned the jerk super fast and without formal instruction) all the way baby!!! :)

Darlene Davis 10 Min. 8kg One Arm Long Cycle

Team Synergy keeps growing and working very hard to improve ourselves at every kettlebell competition we can make. Darlene Davis, my sister-in-law, did a super great job at her first Kettlebell competition at the Mid Michigan Kettlebell Invitational in Livonia, MI. She performed 123 reps and achieved IKFF Rank IV at her debut event. On top of that we received some excellent feedback that's gonna help our team by me being a better coach and them better athletes.

Awesome job Darlene and CONGRATS! Stay focused and let's keep working hard. I can't wait to see what more you can do in the future.

And here's Darlene's quick 3 min. 12kg One Arm Long Cycle sprint set that was just for fun and also for charity to raise money for the Michigan Soldiers fund.

AGAIN - Awesome job Darlene!! :)

Teresa's Got Big Guns!

One of the extreme pleasures I have as a Fitness Coach is to see my clients experience results. When they do it just culminates everything together perfectly why they've worked so hard and why I love helping them along the way.  So when Teresa came to me the other day and told me about how someone she knows commented on how awesome her arms and love handles were compared to how she used to be such a short time ago I knew I HAD to capture her excitement on video.  Teresa is so pumped up!

Awesome Job Teresa!!!