Great Time

Are You A House On The Hill?

This past week was awesome and awesomely busy let me tell you. We went through some awesome workouts and had a great time getting stronger and blasting fat together. Let's recap what we did: Monday was "Spring Cleaning", Tuesday was "House On The Hill", Wednesday was "Sometimes It Just Hurts", Thursday was "You Will Rise Up!", and Friday was "Furnace Workout". Put em all together and you get an amazing fitness experience that is like no other you've ever had that directly plants you as someone worthy of getting recognized results. When we do experience great results people notice. That might not be your goal in life- to get noticed- but every one of us loves getting attention.

Said attention might be preferred in different manners, but overall when we get recognized for what we've done, or are in the process of doing, we get excited. It's does. I think everyone cracks even a little smile whensomeone gives us a compliment. Some of you might smile really big and express how appreciative you are while others might have a mental party inside your own little head. Either way is fine and so much fun.

That's human nature and getting recognized for our hard work is just awesome. Hard work produces results and results are a representation of our direct efforts. I'd say through all that we definitely deserve some good heart felt complimentary attention from others. Don't you? Yup!

There are times in our lives that we'll have people come up to us and just say: "Wow you look great! What are you doing?"

This happened to Jim Zinsser, one of our fellow Kettlebell Kampers, recently. He's been working very hard over the past few months and the other day someone at his work said that to him. His co-worker recognized his frame change was looking solid and lean. Well it should cause he's dropped from the 200's to 180lbs. And then of course he shared that he's been eating right and working with Kettlebells. In fact he also shared that he was a Veg Head too. LOL

It's always cool to be recognized for things like that and all this coincides with being your inner circle's "House On The Hill". Your results will make you stand out so that everyone notices, but so willyour passion for being as healthy as you can so you can live a long and happy life. Everyone wants that. I don't know anyone who doesn't. Some of you might put in A LOT of effort and results come a bit slower than others. That's okay.

I always say: Fitness Has Nothing To Do With Looking Good. Genetically some people just aren't supposed to be super thin as TV and the magazines gaudily display for us. Keep in mind that being healthy inside and feeling great is far more important than any outward aesthetics. As difficult as that might be to swallow because of what's programmed into our heads it's 100% real life fitness and health.

Be the best YOU that you can be and that's all you've got to work hard for in equally your daily fitness practice and your eating. Whatever happens from there is what happens from there. The key is your commitment to living a lifestyle ongoing like this every day. When we do that nothing stands in our way from anything we want to do. Now go out and be your best and have an awesomely amazing day!

The Pineapple Express Toward Your Diet Fast

A couple years ago I decided the diet I was on was just not working for me and my goals. You see that's exactly it. Our habits need to reflect our goals. When this happens everything falls into place and we reach our goals.  It's like having a road map... one that works. This past weekend I went with my Team Synergy Kettlebell competing team to the annual Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.  I'll be writing more on our Arnold & Kettlebell competing experiences there in a later blog post and I'll be posting pics and videos too. We had a great time.

On our trip from Chicago to Columbus we used a GPS... thank God!  Outside of me missing our first major highway junction, and having to make a detoured route, the GPS became an invaluable tool throughout the weekend. You see I'm not so good with finding my way around new town, let alone my own, and so I need very specific instructions.  When I have those then it becomes a no brainer and I simply follow as I'm told. So as my GPSscreamed at me to make a u-turn over and over and over as it was "re-routing" I eventually found my way and got back on track to thankfully reach my destination.

The same is true with our eating habits. We might have the directions right in front of us. We might have a nutritional coach or two that we follow or hire who, just like my GPS, "screams" at us to re-route and make a u-turn over and over and over. Until we do we will never get back on track. The directions are clear and the path simple to follow. What stops us from continuing on the right path is the action of which we must decide to make that u-turn and re-route. Once we do, our destination (our results) will be reached because the path will be right.

When I decided what path I wanted to take I thought of giving myself a day a week where I allow myself to fast or eat very little. Based upon a lot of research via both books and online I made my re-route to an Intermediate Fasting lifestyle.

It's strange that we feel we have to eat breakfast, have to eat lunch and have to eat dinner even though we might not be hungry. It took me over a year to prepare my mind for fasting and to believe that it is actually good for me... and it IS very good for me.  It's a proven fact that you will burn more fat, have more mental clarity, detox, have much more energy, not feel bloated, and the list goes on.

It's strange that in the beginning I thought that if I commit to fasting, I can get scared about it and resist it, but by creating a routine "Cleansing Fast Day or Period" I really look forward to it.  This gives me a designated day and/or time period each week when I don't have to think about eating food if I don't want to, and can just enjoy cleansing, detoxing, and re-hydrating by drinking water all day long.

For me I enjoy Intermediate Fasting and do it for the better part of the day. I don't eat anything, except maybe some berries, pineapple, and a small handful of almonds during the day. Then in the evening, always after 6pm (time can be adjusted to anyone's individual schedule), I begin my eating over the course of a 2-4 hour eating period. Some people just eat "normally" during each day and then take one or two, non-consecutive, Fast Days a week. That's perfectly fine too and still produces great health benefits and fat loss results.  Here's more of that story: America NEEDS An Awakening... Jared Lies!

Oh and by the way, those of you who are allergy and/or asthma suffers, the season is fast approaching where we'll be tested. I've got some great info that you can follow to help you with that.  Here's some natural remedies that just work. I use them ongoing- especially the bromelian by eating pineapple every day.

Quercetin: Quercetin’s effect on allergies is unmatched by other natural substances. Quercetin inhibits the release of histamine from mast cells, thereby preventing the allergic response and the secondary effects of congestion and asthmatic symptoms. Quercetin also inhibits leukotrienes which cause airway constriction. In addition, quercetin is a

powerful antioxidant that mops up free radicals generated by an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, the absorption of quercetin is poor. Luckily, this can be altered with the concomitant administration of bromelain.

Bromelain: Bromelain, derived from the stem of the pineapple plant, can enhance the absorption of quercetin. Anadded benefit included with bromelain is its ability to block inflammatory pathways fibrin and kinin. These compounds are responsible for tissue swelling, nasal congestion and sinus pain. Bromelain has also been shown to decrease the viscosity of mucus in the lungs. Pineapple is excellent to toss in a post workout smoothie to combat inflammation and aid in breaking down protein for absorption.

Have a great day and as always, I love hearing your feedback in the comment section.

The Steve Cotter Press

This past weekend I had the honor of assisting at the IKFF Kettlebell Teacher Certification in Dallas, TX. It was a great time in both instructing and being instructed. I always love attending these sorts of things because I am surrounded by the most talented and amazing people. A lot of the fellow Kettlebell Coaches and attendees I met were folks I have communicated with online via email as well as on such websites as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, blogs, etc. It is always really cool to meet them face to face and get to know them better in an element we all love.

Among the many people who I worked side by side with this weekend there was one person who performed some exceptional feats of strength and just plain old really cool stuff. He is none other than John Wild Buckley of the Orange Kettlebell Club or OKC. He's an enormous man, ok well it doesn't take much to be enormous compared to my size of only 5'6", but he is actually pretty big at 6'6" and over 300lbs. The man dwarf's Paul Bunyan by a heck of a lot! In case you don't know who Paul Bunyan is I have enclosed a video so you can know.

Ok so now that you are fully aware of who Paul Bunyan is allow me to finish telling my story about John Buckley. So he does these things called "Nazo Presses and Nazo Getups" where he performs a human press or turkish getup with his OKC partner Nazo. She's about 100lbs. so this is pretty cool to see. Take a look...

What is even cooler is what else he did at the Dallas cert. After performing one of his trademark Nazo Presses he decided to step it up to the 80kg "Cotter Press". This is the latest and greatest pressing endevors and methods in Girevoy Sport training. Anyone who's anyone is doing it and very cool if they can. And John is definitely the coolest of the cool for being the first to "Cotter Press" the one and only Steve Cotter. For a full walk-through tutorial on the ins and outs of the Cotter Press you gotta go to either the OKC and/or the IKFF for details. In the meantime take a peak at the first images ever shown in public known to man.

Now isn't that impressive or what???!!! John is truly a character, friend, great kettlebell coach, and amazing Cotter Presser. :)