Grain Consumption

How To Combat Season Allergies By Eating Healthy

For years I've suffered so stinkin bad from allergies. I used to have to take 4 allergy meds just to live somewhat comfortably each day. I would take two oral pills and two different nasal sprays. I absolutely hate taking any meds because of the damage it does to the body. Meds are poison to our system.

Some illnesses can definitely be helped with meds so don't think I'm warding off all purposes and uses for them. In the case of allergies they are something that we can avoid having to take if we make the necessary dietary changes to promote healthy living. This trickles over from just trying to be healthy or having a healthy mindset to that of actually being healthy and living it every day.

There are a few things that I recommend for making our bodies balanced and combating allergies head on as well as achieving lasting health overall. First I recommend infrequent to zero grain consumption. They are not healthy whatsoever.

That's the bottom line and I encourage you to not buy into the food industry and government propaganda regarding eating your Wheaties and oatmeal for fiber and a healthy heart. That's rubbish! More on that here: Grains Are Unhealthy.

Once you've removed grains from your diet it'll take about 8 weeks to fully reap the rewards from this and any direct changes internally, but you'll notice the fat loss and energy effects almost overnight.

People also recommend taking bee pollen for season allergies as well. Bee pollen is something, if you use it, to definitely get locally or as local as you can. A lot of people like it, but many still have no changes. I am one of them. In fact it actually made me ill. You've gotta slowly work your way up, over the course of weeks, to more mega amounts- the amounts that actually make the difference IF and only IF you can internally handle it.

What I recommend is the Paleo style of eating and it is awesome not only to help your body be rid of allergic responses as much as naturally possible, but also this eating lifestyle will rebalance your body which in turn makes you lose fat fast. In the quick and short Paleo eating is eating foods that are pre-agriculture and more digestible/absorbable for human bodies.

If you desire to know more about that go here:  Mark Sisson's Primal BluePrint.  Personally I apply Paleo/Primal principles and Intermediate Fasting (food timing) for best results.

Another thing that's great for allergies is Quercetin which is a very good natural anti-histamine. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid from citris fruits, buckwheat, and onions. Those are the best sources, but it also comes in supplement form. When purchasing supplements pay VERY close attention and make sure no other fillers, binders, or crap is tossed in alongside it. Get quality cause you're worth it.

Alongside dietary changes just be sure to eat alkaline and anti-inflammatory. This means a lot of greens, cucumbers (are one of the most alkalizing foods), pineapple, ginger, and turmeric. Steer clear of nightshades: tomatoes, potatoes (yams and sweet are fine), all peppers, eggplant, and tobacco are the most popular.

These are pro-inflammatory foods. Yes, besides tobacco, they are health promoting; however when suffering inflammatory issues they are extremely counter-productive.

I hope that helps you overcome season allergies as well as lose weight, increase strength, and feel more energized every day of your life.