Fitness Experience

Some Ladies of Synergy Kettlebell Training

Honestly I think women are the toughest of the sexes. Seriously and I'm NOT just saying this because my wife and mother read my blog.  I'm being real here.  This is something I've known for a very long time and love watching them train kettlebells cause they improve so fast. It's not like other workouts cause every day is a new day and new workout altogether. In fact at Synergy Kettlebell Training we don't even call them "workouts", but your fat blasters and get stronger blasters. That's how it should be done. Check out one that we did the other day.


Women really do work harder than men do when it comes to fitness training.  At Synergy Kettlebell Training we have an awesome time blasting fat and getting stronger every day. Our motto is: Fitness Has Nothing To Do With Looking Good AND Looking Good Is Just A Side Effect To Being Healthy.

I can tell you that we definitely all love those side effects and we get them as a direct result of dedicated hard work. I'm so excited and privileged to work every day with the most beautiful and hardest working ladies in the Fox Valley area. Together they work their butts off in an amazing kettlebell fitness experience like no other.  Fat doesn't stand a chance when you use the proven formula for results.