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Bob Garon's Confessions Of Blatant Heartfelt Honesty Inspired By Third Format

I'm taking a HUGE chance at expressing myself in this blog post to all of you. The chance I take is being misunderstood and/or misinterpreted. That happens quite a bit where reading is concerned if the author is not fully known to his or her audience. It is then up to the author to express themselves the best they can and know how. I did that here and hope I did it effectively, but as a human I don't do things perfectly and would like feedback. There is a comment section at the bottom of every post and if this post upsets you please write a comment because my intentions are definitely NOT that. If you are upset then that means you did not interpret me accurately. If you understand my words you will clearly see that I fully open my heart and mind to you for a brief moment becoming vulnerable. It is in that vulnerability that I truly express my thoughts.

The following was mentioned and asked of me by one of my pastors, Jeremy Jernigan, over on the Third Format Blog here:

"I love when people challenge indifference, especially in a spiritual context. So here's one to get us thinking.

'The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity.' George Bernard Shaw

Do you agree? Is indifference really worse than hate?"

I find that my struggle is the mental judgment of people. I have developed almost this sixth sense of how to read people and to do so very quickly after meeting them.

Based upon my initial feelings and ongoing continued perception of them based upon their own actions/inactions I derive a mental concept of who they are and then maintain that mental judgment. The longer I know them, they may do things that cause me to keep stacking judgments and then each time I think of them, interact with them, or simply observe them the judgments are there and so therefore my overall opinion of them may or may not be a positive one based solely on all of this- which was again their actions/inactions to begin with.

Ok so to answer the question I wanted to provide that background so you can have a bit of an insight into my people perception process. Ultimately I do not, and never will, hate anyone. What happens in my own heart is an extremely deep desire to help people become physically and mentally stronger in themselves than they already are. This causes me to have a mental attachment that, can at times be quite exhausting and which can or cannot, entirely depend on exactly who they are to me in my life, be a positive or negative experience.

Whether any of this makes sense to you I'm not sure so I will put it into more practical terms.

As most of you know, I am a fitness coach and run my own Kettlebell Boot Camp in the evenings in Gilbert, Arizona at Discovery Park. My goal is to help people get fit, stay fit and live longer, healthier lives. Well not everyone wants to do this. That is to be understood, BUT to me when I see that I think in my mind: "why not?". Why don't they want to take their health, which is sometimes the only thing they CAN control in their lives, and do whatever it takes to make it the absolute best that it can be. Now of course I understand that most folks aren't going to prioritize their bodies, health, and exercise as I would like. So grace is definitely in order. Even though I understand that it is a difficult challenge for me to see people try to get the quick fix and magic cure all to obesity, deconditioning, and any overall health conditions when in FACT these can most always be remedied by good nutrition and exercise.

Now this will not ever be accomplished by what the government wants and the content that's put into all these magazines weekly and monthly editions regarding nutrition as they see it. No, but it will definitely come through the hard work of everyone who actually WANTS to become mentally and physically stronger. It is not something that is easy to achieve for if it was more people would already be there. For me it's hard to sit back and watch people try to do EVERYTHING that is opposite of what they should be doing. They almost run from what it is that will truly give them what they both desire and need. The formula is simple and it's told to us our entire lives: proper diet that's a lifestyle and everyday activity and exercise. Of course that goes much, much deeper, but the essence is clear. The way it works is first wanting and then executing into actions.

My attachment comes when the 'want' begins and I then automatically do everything I know how to, throw my entire knowledge and self at the person, and they simply expect changes because of their want. Well it's a struggle for me to disengage myself from the emotional side of helping people connect to their dreams when the end result is within my power to partner with them to get there.

So to circle back to the qualm of being indifferent or hating as a disservice to humanity I would have to say that yes indifference is quite the quandary. When you hate at least you will know without a doubt whether you like or dislike that person. The only issue there is then why did the hate begin in the first place and can it be resolved and removed. Indifference, on the other hand, can be a much more sticky dilemma in that people will always fail themselves and fail us. We're human and if we allow those failures to affect us there lies the problem because we will then always have one. The problem lies within ourselves.

Inexpensively Make Your Own Fat Bat Indian Clubs and Train At Home

A few weeks ago I homemade my own Indian Clubs and over the past couple weeks have been testing them out in my workouts both at home and at Discovery Park where I hold my Synergy Kettlebell Boot Camp. Let me tell you that they definitely bring a different element to training, one that will never replace my kettlebells, but for a change up and some variety fun they are certainly good to have around. For an overall great conditioning and fitness experience you should always change up your program with new movements and progressions to those movements. Unless you are specifically training for an event or competition the varying workouts are what will keep your body challenged and changing. They'll also keep you from getting bored with what you're doing.

Ok so back on topic. The Indian Clubs are so easy to make and they're pretty inexpensive too. Commercial versions are probably easily 10-20 times the cost. I spent about $10 on each of the ones I made. Personally I don't need anything fancy or pretty when I workout. I just need it to work and function how I need it to. In comes my Fat Bat Indian Clubs (pictured below).

Finished Products

Ok so, how did I make my Fat Bats into really cool looking and workable Indian Clubs? Good question and I'm gonna tell you.

Step One

Yeah so you noticed that one bat is yellow and in the first finished Indian Club picture above there's a blue one. Why is that? Well I accidentally made both the yellow and black Fat Bat Indian Clubs a bit too heavy for me at this time. I then had to go back to Wal-Mart (yup that's my source... shhhh... don't tell anybody) and get the blue one to make it a bit more manageable so I can grow into the black and yellow ones.
Ok so the ingredients are as follows:
1. Fat Bats purchased from Wal-Mart for $4 each.
2. 1 can of Great Stuff from Wal-Mart for $3.
3. 1 bag of play sand from Home Depot for about $2.
4. 1 25lb. bag of shot purchased from Sportsman's Warehouse. I absolutely love this place.
5. 1 blue funnel, but I'm sure any color funnel will do.
6. 1 white sand scooper.
7. 1 hammer
8. 1 needle nose pliers
9. 1 screwdriver
10. 1 razor blade
11. 1 roll of duct tape
Note: I used the hammer, pliers, and screwdriver only because I don't own a drill and if you do I would recommend using it to bore the hole in the top of the bad instead of my method, but either way works.

Step Two

I grabbed the bats and burrowed a hole in the top so I can pour in the sand. Since I didn't have a drill to make things easier I got a little workout hammering and pinching the top open with the screwdriver and pliers. I used the screwdriver and hit it into the Fat Bat with the hammer. As soon as I had a few holes in the top I grabbed my pliers and peeled back the top so I had just enough room to fit the funnel spout into. Then I put a couple holes right next to the hole for air to escape when I poured in the sand and shot.

Step Three

Ok so now that you have the hole in the top here comes the easy part. Put the funnel in the top and use the white pour cup and put in the sand to a height of your choice. If you filled the entire Fat Bat with sand the weight would be approximately 20lbs. If you want a lighter bat don't fill so high and then stuff in some newspaper or old ratty shirt as filler so the sand doesn't move around too much. If you want a heavier bat you can pour in as much shot at you want. What I did with my first 2 bats was equally fill them both with sand and then equally used the bag of 25lb shot. This made them about 30lbs or so.

I didn't weigh it yet as I don't have a scale at home, but estimated by balancing the Fat Bat Indian Club with one of my closely weighing kettlebells. I didn't care about exactness in this batch, but was simply going for an equal amount of sand and shot to be tossed into each. My second version was more on manageable weight so I can successfully train with it as designed.

Step Four

Yup that's the stuff that makes it all happen. This is awesome stuff and just be careful cause it gets pretty messy. It's almost like a one time use can cause it just keeps on coming out and coming out. Don't get it on your hands because it almost instantly sticks and then clings to any and every particle of anything you touch. My hands looked like I hadn't washed them in 3 days after this project, but I swear I did. I'm kind of a germ-a-phobe so I wash them quite often.
When you're done with your Fat Bat filling leave about a 2 inch gap from the top of the hole. Spray the Great Stuff in the hole and fill any crack and crevice inside and then leave to sit for about 24 hours. They will look like the below picture when dried.

Pretty cool looking huh? Once it dries you aren't gonna be getting that out unless you drill it again. It seals so well. I wish I can put this stuff in my wife's mouth sometimes. Ha! Just kidding Lisa!! :) SERIOUSLY!!! I'm kidding!

Okaaaaaaay... SO once you've allowed it to dry overnight and have it look like this simply take a razor blade and trim off the excess so that it's flush with the top of the bat. Then clean up the top so that all Great Stuff is wiped off from the plastic. Now it's duct tape time!

Step Five

Wrap the top of the bat so that there's absolutely no way anything will pressure itself to leak out. Then wrap the handle so it's of the thickness that you like. I made mine just a little thicker than a Pro-Grade Kettlebell handle which is 32-33mm. This seems to work very well and makes the Fat Bat Indian Clubs look really cool too.

Step Six

These are the finished products and now my new toys. If you make some let me know if you have any questions and what cool workouts you come up with. I've been practicing my Fat Bat Indian Club swings, swipes, mill presses, and some other fun right alongside my Kettlebell and GPP work. The Indian Clubs are great supportive movements for pretty much any program.

And they also work great if your kid smarts off- as seen below.

When Gym Walls Crash Down- Go Freestyle

Isn't that a cool title for a blog post? Well I think so anyway. Essentially it means to get away from the conventional gym style training and workouts. Explore outdoors. Find how fun and superior it is to overall fitness training. No one, but the gym owners will care that you've gone. You don't need gym machines to get in great shape. That's all a myth and marketing propaganda to get you inside their facility. Anything and everything you need to get in amazing shape is outside and waiting for you to get creative and have at it.

The past couple workouts have been pretty cool and a lot of fun. I had one in particular where I just went freestyle.

I call this workout: "Free Form Style Moving".

I went to 2 local Gilbert, Arizona parks. The first was Discovery Park and just began running. Whenever I felt like it I took a tuck and roll and then kept on moving whether it be back to running, bear crawling, sabertooth crawling, skipping, hopping, side shuffling, stair jumps, bench jumps, hand stand pushups, bench rows, rock hops, bench dips, and more.
It was all free and all fun. I did this for about 25 minutes until the heat got to me. It was in the mid-90's when I was doing this so that added to the physical stress of it.

After that I took a 15 min. driving break to go to another Gilbert park called Freestone Park. This park has a lot more hills and trees- both are key.
As soon as I got there I performed a quick 4 min set of swings with my 24kg bell.
2 Hands
Hand 2 Hand

Then I went to the steepest hill. There's a great tree right at the top of it where I preformed 10 strick close hand pullups on one of the branches. Then I ran down the hill. At the bottom is a soccer field with the goal right at the bottom of where I ran down. There are 2 bars that stick out the back of it. One is at my chest height and one is at about 8 feet up. So I had a spur of the moment thought and decided to peform 10 muscle ups (pullup and immediate dip) right there before sprinting back up the hill.
I repeated this exciting circuit 4 times.

This entire workout goes to show you that you don't need to waste your time with gym style workouts at all. I got an amazing workout at both parks inside of about an hour while enjoying the beautiful nature. I had one peice of equipment, my kettlebell, and the rest was available to me just by going outside, looking, and imagining what I can use and do. It was very fun to both come up with this sort of workout as well as perform it too. Even if you cannnot perform strick pullups, muscle ups, etc. there still is a lot that anyone can do.

The first part of this workout is very easy to perform and spike the intensity based upon your own levels of conditioning. Everything is scalable and modifiable. A couple workouts like this a week and you'll see the fat blast off and your fitness skyrocket. Have fun with it. If you don't know how to do these sort of movments, don't have the creativity to program design like this, or just want to have someone else coach you on exactly what to do then come on and Fat Blast with us at Synergy Kettlebell Kamp.

If you're not in Arizona then go enjoy the weather outside and practice Free Form Style Moving at least 3 times a week, every week. It's fun and super effective. Just keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to being healthy and being fit. You must work hard at both, but will reap a lifetime of amazing benefits. It's never, ever too late to start a new journey. Let's do it together!