Darlene Davis

Darlene Davis 10 Min. 8kg One Arm Long Cycle

Team Synergy keeps growing and working very hard to improve ourselves at every kettlebell competition we can make. Darlene Davis, my sister-in-law, did a super great job at her first Kettlebell competition at the Mid Michigan Kettlebell Invitational in Livonia, MI. She performed 123 reps and achieved IKFF Rank IV at her debut event. On top of that we received some excellent feedback that's gonna help our team by me being a better coach and them better athletes.

Awesome job Darlene and CONGRATS! Stay focused and let's keep working hard. I can't wait to see what more you can do in the future.

And here's Darlene's quick 3 min. 12kg One Arm Long Cycle sprint set that was just for fun and also for charity to raise money for the Michigan Soldiers fund.

AGAIN - Awesome job Darlene!! :)