Mean People Suck!

There's too many people with a lack of commitment who expect a lot of change and results to just happen. We need to self-address the "C" word and seriously take charge of ourselves in a manner of responsibility deemed real. A lack of results is a lack of commitment. It's not up to anyone else, but you to make your difference.

Excuse #1… IT'S UNCOMFORTABLE: Sure it is uncomfortable to take action. But what is so great about comfort? Are you committed to comfort or to accomplishment? A cow grazing in a pasture is comfortable. You are capable of much more. You have possibilities to be explored, and to explore them you'll need to get your hands dirty. But a little discomfort right now is much less painful than the regret you'll eventually feel if you don't ever take action. Discomfort can eventually be overcome, but regret will never go away. Get up out of your comfort zone and start making a difference.

Let’s go back to the title of this post: “Mean People Suck”. That’s true… they do… definitely do.

My above photo analogy is that mean and inconsiderate people say and do things like that. Unfortunately that’s what happens. For me, it was me always being too small. I got picked on because of that. That wasn’t fair as much as when people get picked on for being over weight or for any other reason.

My ultimate point is that no matter what or how mean people inflict their ignorance and wills upon us, it should never ever be an excuse to not do something. In fact that should be the very fuel which ignites fire within us to be greater.

There are absolutely no REASONS why anyone can't succeed in being strong and healthy, only EXCUSES stand in your way. The next time one of your friends, co-workers, or family members hassle you about your goals and tell you why you can't succeed, tell them that you're committed to success and why you can.