Correcting Our Bodies & Making Them Better

Pictured are my 4 tools that go hand in hand to provide me with ongoing Kettlebell Sport skinny strong fun. My 2 in the background, clock n bells, are just as important as the 2 in the foreground, Risto Sports lifting shoes & foam roll. Most people think exercise alone is all that needs to be done. They're so set on getting in and getting out of the gym that they forget one of the most important aspects of overall big picture fitness well-being.

We want our bodies to work well for our entire lives. Some want their bodies to work at very high levels. No matter your goal it is imperative to do such things as mobility drills, static postures as in yoga & stretching, and finally regular massage and/or foam rolling, regular application of magnesium oil and/or Epsom salt baths.

Focusing on mobility drills and static postures while warming up and cooling down are extremely significant elements in Synergy Kettlebell Training programming. But what is usually pushed aside, because it's rather painful and tedious, is the foam rolling. This one action is something that removes a lot of toxins from the muscles as well as aids in bringing specific inflammation at bay within trigger points and achy areas. Compare it to mini-massages whenever you want them.

I remember when I first began rolling my illial tabial or IT Band along the side of my legs stretching from the hip down to the knees. WOW was that painful for a few weeks, and still is in a couple places, but I continued on to the point where my back problems have actually cleared up and never have any knee pain whatsoever. I rarely have to go to my chiropractor too. If anything springs up- which is usually an isolated case- I get right on the roller and 10-15 minutes on it typically resolves my issues. Chronic cases of neglect can often times take weeks and months of daily foam roll practice to finally resolve. Then once you get your body there simply maintain it with brief daily rolls and at the very least before and after your workouts. The IT Band is the first thing I look at when someone complains that their knees or back is hurting them. Correcting the IT Band often times corrects the other issues as well.

So what I recommend for you is to begin slowly and do it for only a 3-4 minutes before and after every one of your workouts. Then on your "off" days do it for about 5 minutes. Take breaks when you need to and build yourself up to about 10-15 minutes of post workout rolling as well as about 10 minutes a day for maintenance. Do it while right after every one of your workouts and at night before you go to bed while you're watching tv.

If you make mobility drills, static postures, and foam rolling part of your weekly, and maybe you have a necessity for daily, practice you will definitely notice the difference pretty quickly. Knock on wood I have been injury free for a long time and I have those 3 variables as direct reasons to acknowledge.

Back To Kettlebell Sport Competition Prep

After last weekend's hard work and great results, in the Great Lakes Kettlebell Lifting Competition at the Turtle CreekCasino in Traverse City, Michigan, we took a few days off to recoup and relax a bit.  Lisa and I went for a massage, chiropractor adjustment, foam rolling, yoga, mobility drills, icing over the week off and during that time our diet was, I can use and say the "P" word: PERFECT for recovery and increased strength.  Despite all our self care, the past week actually made me feel a little achier in my back, but after my first workout back, this past Friday, I've been feeling great. We had a couple good Long Cycle sets that I caught on video and then accidentally deleted it, but I did manage to keep our Jerk finisher set. At least it's something. LOL

During our workout, and the part that I accidentally deleted, Lisa did a 4 min One Arm Long Cycle set with the 20kg @ 6rpm. This was her first set of Long Cycle training with this bell. Then she did another 4 minute set of One Arm Long Cycle with the 16kg @ 10rpm. My sets were 3 min 2x24kg @ 6rpm. The first two minutes were 6rpm and the 3rd was 5. This is the longest I've gone with these bells and the strongest my back has belt since I re-injured it back in December. I'm VERY glad it's letting me progress --- FINALLY!

No my numbers aren't record breaking, but my goal is for rank. I'll get there. It is my life motto to never ever give up until I achieve what I set out to do.  After a few days to relax we got back in the swing of things so that we can be on track for our next Kettlebell Sport competition on May 22nd. It's the Mid-Michigan Kettlebell Championships meet and Team Synergy is SUPER excited!  Lisa's focus is on Candidate Master of Sport inside a few months and mine is IKFF Rank I (which for my body weight I need 72 reps inside of 10 minutes with two 24kg bells). The Mid Michigan meet will be  a good motivating test for us to keep on track. Here's a quick video of how fun it was last year.

I'll keep updating our progress from time to time. For now, here's a quick 2 minute set of One Arm Kettlebell Jerks that we used to finish our Girevoy Sport practice with on Sunday and end with on a strong note lifting heavy bells. Lisa used the 24kg(53lb) kettlebell and I used the 32kg(70lb) kettlebell.

My Kettlebell Sport Long Cycle Pre-Competition Practice

I just wanted to share part of my journey with you as I prepare for the Great Lakes Kettlebell Lifting Competition in Traverse City, Michigan on April 17th I thought I'd share one of my finisher sets with you. I've been fighting a protruding disc in the L4/L5 section of my spine for a few years.  I have an awesome chiropractor, Dr. Ken Olson of Olson Chiropractic in Aurora, IL, and he's been taking VERY good care of me enough where I can train again at a higher level.

I've been working with the 20kg bells in the Long Cycle event. It's been a longer road than I've liked, but alas I seem to be on an ongoing one of progress. Ultimately that's all that matters.

Currently I've been about 155 for a while and desire to make Rank in this upcomingmeet. If I stay at my current weight class I'll need 49 reps for Rank with the 20kg kettlebells. If I drop down to 149lb. then I'll only need 44 reps.  I'm trying to decide in my mind if doing 5 fewer reps is worth dropping the weight.  I probably will, but if not I'm still good with doing 49 no problem.

The other day I did a good couple sets and then felt great. So I decided to do just a quick 2 minutes of Long Cycle with two 24kg bells. Outside of my second to last rep, everything went well, felt strong, and looks like I'll be improving better than even expected.  Check out my Finisher Set below...