Your Nutritional Questions Answered & Fat Loss Secrets Revealed

I get asked questions by a lot of people like: 1) "So you don't eat any meat? What about protein for muscle?" 2) "You ONLY eat vegetables? Where does your energy come from?" 3) "Why shouldn't I eat grains? I thought whole grains were healthy?" 4) "So where do you get your protein from on a plant based diet? Soy?" 5) ...and the one I love the most: "Can you wash my shirt on your stomach?".

Well not sure about the last one, but I'll try. The others though I do have the answers.

1) "So you don't eat any meat for muscle? What about protein?" Yes and no... That is correct for the most part. I'm not one to ever say "never", but I will say 99% of the time I am predominately plant based. Most people are used to hearing the media claim meat is healthy and go eat some for protein. Most people do this. They are used to it. You've probably eaten it your entire life and it's just something that seems or feels natural to you. Eating meat is difficult to digest and is not really the best source for getting your protein contrary to popular belief. Most people over eat meat. If you are going to eat it, eat what you need which is about as much as is the size of your fist- at most. That is far less than you probably currently eat, but your body will digest more efficiently and absorb more nutrients from the plants you will be eating alongside.


2) "You ONLY eat vegetables?" Eating to ensure you consume a complete diet is how I focus rather than trying to get individual nutrients. If you eat living foods, foods of color, you will have a complete diet. If you are eating a diet with dark green leafy veggies such as kale, spinach, chard, arugula as well as beets, sweet potatoes, squashes avocados, coconut, olives (olive oil), cabbage, carrots, celery, and you have most of your needed nutrients. Then for protein be sure you eat raw walnuts, almonds, pecans, macademia nuts, sunflower & pumpkin seeds & mangos, cherries as well as any berries and you will have your nutrition complete is the best you can do for your one and only body.


3) "Why shouldn't I eat grains? I thought whole grains were healthy? Logically: If eating low fat and grains was healthy or worked then no one would be fat, unhealthy, and sick(fluctuating seasonally chronic or acute). Much of the information to consume grains comes from the grain and food industry itself. Eating a diet high in healthy fat is actually the best way since eating fat is going to immediately be used as fuel or be eliminated from your body. Too many people think they'll get fat if they eat fat, but in reality just the contrary is true. If you want to be lean and energized then eat fat. If you want to store fat and feel sluggish then eat sugars and grains regularly.

YES I'm human too so I do eat grains, whole & organic when I do, and enjoy my bowl of icecream. In the BIG PICTURE, however, infrequent grains is the best you can do for yourself and family.

Different people do in fact react differently to varying fuel sources; however the majority of people do much, much better eating a higher healthy fat diet ongoing.

One way to test yourself is in how your body responds hormonally, physically, and mentally. There are other tests, but that is the basic one. Most people don't know the difference because they eat a cornucopia of foods every day. I recommend going low carb and high fat for 14 days and then have a higher carb day with more grains and fruits. You will know from there.

If you are having cravings that is a direct sign that your body is not getting what nutrients it requires. If you are craving carbs such as breads then it is clear you are not eating enough fuel. When eliminating breads, pastas, and consuming minimal grains you need another fuel source. Enter: FAT.

Fat is the best form of fuel as it is either used or removed. When you eat it your body will use it right away and allow you to get energized quite well. Any fat that is not used is shuttled out of your body. Your body will not store fat from consuming fat. We store fat mainly when we consume sugars and grains in excess.

So I recommend eating 1-2 handfuls of almonds, pecans, or walnuts and 1-2 avocados every day.


4) "So where do you get your protein from on a plant based diet? Soy?" Most of the dark green veggies that I consume such as spinach, kale, chard, and arugula all contain proteins, but I also eat A LOT of nuts and seeds as I mentioned above. Eating nuts/seeds for protein also doubles as consumption of healthy fat. So essentially you're killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

As for soy, I don't ever touch the stuff. Soy is one of the worst things you can ever eat. It's not even fit to feed a pig!

What are your questions? What are you wondering about regarding nutrition for strength, weight loss, toning, overall healthy living? Let me know and I'll answer them for you.

30 Day Challenge: I Wanna Be A Veg Head!

30 Day Challenge


Through the month of April, in honor of the spring season, we are going to celebrate VEGETABLES!  Your challenge for the next thirty days is to eat a variety of vegetables, including trying new veggies that you have not eaten before.  Each week turn in the attached sheet (or you can e-mail it to Lisa Garon) to share what new veggies you have tried, the variety of veggies you have eaten and your favorite way to prepare them.


  • You must eat 4 different vegetables a day.
    • Example: A salad with lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers and a side of steamed broccoli.
    • You must eat a variety of 8 different vegetables for the week.
      • Example: A salad consisting of 3 vegetables, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, raw carrots and celery, and a baked yam.
      • You must eat 1 new vegetable a week (This could be a vegetable you may never have eaten or one you have not eaten in a very long time).
        • Example: Kale or Turnips
        • Tiers & Rewards...

          • Tier 1: there must be a variety of 12 vegetables for the month.
          • Tier 2: there must be a variety of 16 vegetables for the month.
          • Tier 3: there must be a variety of 20 vegetables for the month.
          • Vegetables may not be bought canned or frozen.  They must be purchased in the fresh state. Organic is best.
          • By May 1st, all your sheets must be turned in.
          • All participants will receive prizes…
            • Tier 1 participants will receive a copy of Food Rules by Michael Pollan
            • Tier 2 participants will receive a copy of Food Rules by Michael Pollan and a Kettlebell Necklace.
            • Tier 3 participants will receive a copy of Food Rules by Michael Pollan, a Kettlebell Necklace, and a Synergy Kettlebell Training T-shirt.

Below is a list of just some veggies you can choose from, but of course there's many more:

Artichoke               Eggplant                Onions

Arugula                 Endive                        Parsley

Asparagus               Fennel                        Peppers

Bok Choy               Frisee                   Radicchio

Broccoli                 Kale                    Rhubarb

Brussel Sprouts         Kohlrabi                Root Vegetables

Cabbage                 Lemon grass                  Radish

Cauliflower              Lettuce                 Spinach

Celery                  Mushrooms             Squashes

Chard                   Mustard Greens         Tomato

Collard Greens          Okra                    Tubers

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