Capoeira Lunges

"Whirlwind Of Pain" Ultimate Kettlebell High Intensity Workout

Ok so tonight's Synergy Kettlebell Kamp was an awesome one. In fact I was told that it was THE TOUGHEST workout that I have ever given. I'm not sure that I'd say it's "THE" toughest, but definitely pretty darn close.

But I want you to be the judge. Do this one and let me know exactly what you think. If you like it, I'm gonna create more just like this one.
Here is the "Whirlwind Of Pain".  And to get the full experience here's the exact Fat Blaster white board from this very workout. Enjoy! :)
"Whirlwind Of Pain"

Warmup: R4, S35 (4 rounds, 35 seconds each)
Burpees (You should know exactly what these are and they ARE ALWAYS fun.)
Capoeira Lunges (reverse lunges with your stance starting with your feet wide like you're sitting on a horse and when you lunge your right leg back your right arm goes up and across your body. Do the same for your left side. For a quick video of this click on the exercise name. In the video you will see the demonstrator not bring his back lunging knee to the ground, as we do in all lunge forms. This is because he is not performing the lunge version, but instead the Ginga technique. What we're doing is the ginga mixed with a lunge. So that being said, you will bend your back knee as close to the ground as you can get and then return to the horse stance position. After that fluidly perform the next side so that your movement looks like his.)
Pump (This is essentially peforming an downward & then upward facing dog, as in Yoga. Once you get to the up dog position shout out: "What's Up Dog?!"... just kidding!  ANYWAY, once you get to that up dog position you will very subtly rotate your hips and head to the right, then left, and then return back to down dog. Rinse, Wash, Repeat.)
Sling Shots (Stand with your feet together and hips & shoulders square to the wall in front of you. Keep them that way while passing the Kettlebell around your waist.)

Core Dominator:
100x Situps (Yup... 100 situps. Ready?! Go!!!)

Your Fat Blaster: 40/30/20/10 reps

Perform the number of reps of each movement for each round. First round is 40 of everything, second is 30 of everything, and so on. For the thrusters and cleans do 20 right and 20 left of each and then 15 & 15, 10 & 10, and 5 & 5. If you use 2 bells simply complete the total reps equally for both arms.

Kettlebell Thrusters- R&L; (Begin with the Kettlebell in the rack position on the right side and then squat down. As you go up do so as quickly as you possibly can while pressing the Kettlebell overhead into a lockout position. Be sure to move your legs super fast. The faster you do the easier it will be to get your
Kettlebell overhead. Also each time you lockout your arm make sure your bicep touches your ear.
Darcy Swings (These are hand to hand Kettlebell swings. You swing as normal and switch at the top.)
Pushups (Regular old military style pushups. Push your heels into or toward the floor, knees locked, thighs & abs super tight, and then exhale as you push away from the floor. Ladies or weak girly men you may spread your feet wide to better support your hips and make it easier for you.)
Cleans- R&L; (Kettlebell cleans)


Synergy Yoga
Guidelines To Follow:
1. Keep in mind that if you cannot perform each movement straight through without stopping to get your number of reps don't worry. Take that 5-10 second recovery break and get back to it.
2. If you throw up don't worry about that either. You are simply "resting". Finish your rest and get back to it.
3. If you need a drink. Drink fast and get back to it.
4. Use a heavier bell for this workout. Step up at least one size higher than you normally use. Guys feel free to double up and use 2 bells (of your normally practiced weight) and only use one (heavier one) for the Darcy Swings.
5. Time your workout. The Warmup and Core Dominator doesn't need to be timed. I only want to know about the Fat Blaster portion. That's the 40/30/20/10 part.
6. Tell me exactly how you felt, what you thought, and what your time was for the Fat Blaster portion.
Good luck and have fun! :)