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This is Brayden's VERY first set of Kettlebell Jerks after I taught him today. He's 3 weeks out from his 6th birthday where he'll be performing at the IKFF Nationals Kettlebell Competition that weekend. I think he did awesome for his first time and way better than my own first time. LOL

Food Fight OR Chemical Warfare?

Originally this post started off on Facebook as a simply mention, then rant, then migrated over here to my blog because I felt more people should be reached and that I hope you will be so motivated for a diet cleaning.

This is VERY interesting. Here's our discussion:

Me: They gave out Jello Pudding Cups to all the kids at church today and Brayden didn't accept it. He went around telling all the kids it was sugars, chemicals, and that it would make them sick. I'm a proud Papa. :) _____________

Then a couple friends mentioned that he'll have some explaining to do when the other kids get served processed crap for lunch in school and he brings real food with him.

I said: Good! And I'm sure they'll want some of his when he's eating sushi, zucchini/ squash spaghetti and grass fed meat balls, grain-free pizza, vegetable casserole, and lots and lots more with so many colors a rainbow would be jealous. :) _____________

Then a Facebook Friend actually asked, probably joking of course due to the nature of our discussion, if he could have the pudding cup that was intended to go to Brayden.

I said: NO you can't have the one they were going to give him. I don't poison my friends. In fact my 5 year old niece was there and had one in her hand when she came out. I swiped it out of her hands, passed it off to Brayden and he went and tossed it in the trash. We then told her that we don't eat things like that unless you don't care about getting sick, gaining fat on our tummies, and dying sooner than we should.

She, like most everyone else who consumes such food-like substances, was so fixated on "but I like it and it's yummy" that she was upset. TOO BAD!!! I see myself as a hero for her today because that's one less bit of crap that will be going into her body.

Brooke YOU ARE WELCOME! _____________

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Michael Pollan

Some of my Facebook Friends then commented on how Brayden's lunch sounds soooo good and that they wish that more schools would serve healthier choices to the kids. Well here's the bottom line: Processed food-like substances is super cheap. Plain and simply why they do it... and frankly it's too bad that it has to be like that. Every day, every meal, every bit is poisoning whoever consumes it, but all they care about is filling bellies as inexpensively as they could. _____________

In case you are wondering just why I am so fanatical about what goes into my son's, my own, and my wife's body; here are the ingredients for that particular product:

Skim[pasteurized] Milk, Water, Sugar, Modified Food Starch, Cocoa Processed with Alkali, contains Less than 1% of Cornstarch, Salt, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (for Smooth Texture)Sodium Alginate, Calcium Phosphate, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D.

Let me as you, anything in there jump out at you and MAKE you want to eat that "yummy" LOOKING Jello pudding cup? Hmmm... really? ______________

Nothing will happen unless people become educated on exactly what we are putting in our bodies.

There's a quick and easy litmus test that I like to use: If you cannot go out and hunt it, gather it, pick it, and with minimal processing consume it then don't eat it.

The ONLY way this will work to tell them that we don't want this poison is that we must fight the corn and soy lobbyists in Washington. YES it does go that direction whether you want to believe it or not. Will it ever end?

Another one of my Facebook friends posted this the other day and it really is scary to see the direction big food industry is and is continuing to go.

30 Day Challenge: Don't Do My 30 Day Challenges!!

That might sound foolish coming from me, but my video tells you why... and I'm totally for real and true about it too. Anyway, watch and I'll tell you exactly why I don't want you doing my 30 Day Challenges that accompany our Synergy Kettlebell Training workouts. Oh and please excuse my little bit of choppy filming here. LOL  Brayden and I were at the Fox River hanging out and all I had was my phone to capture my video when the thoughts popped into my head and I got inspired. Not too bad for a phone huh?