Big Picture

Deuces Wild & Summer Lent

"Deuces Wild" is standing for each Kettlebell Fat Blaster during the month of June we'll be having 2's or pairs of something in some way or another. I love training in a simplistic manner and this is going to be an awesome month leading into summer!

Here's our new 30 Day Challenge called "Summer Lent". Essentially, just like Lent, they will be challenged to give up one thing- be it a sweet, a salty food, meat, dairy, all grains, etc- for the entire month of June Lent is a great, great concept and I've always liked it. Give up something that's holding you back during our 30 Day Challenge.

REMEMBER: Whatever you give up, it's gotta sting!! That's a challenge and it's in that hurt that you'll find your results!!

More Red Lines

A couple weeks ago I blogged about the special reminder card and refrigerator magnet I made for my clients that I call "168 Lines". Here's the post: Remember there are 168 hours in a week, the red lines on the card symbolize the average amount of time people spend exercising and black lines symbolize all other hours. Most weeks the black lines overwhelm the chart. Here's to more red lines!

Time to dial in your eating habits to a lifestyle, the rest of your life, a lifestyle that you are healthy NO MATTER WHAT OR WHO OR WHEN. No more excuses of being tired, weather, injured, this or that or the other.  There is always something you CAN do to push you further toward that goal- your goal.

More Red Lines.

There are so many distractions out there... so many things to keep us busy. We are bombarded with information and distractions in our lives. I have an Android phone and I love having a smart phone and my computer, but there's so much on these things and in our lives to overwhelm us... so much to become obstacles.

Let's focus back our BIG picture goals. Let's redirect back what really makes us tick and tock. What is it? What drives you? On the flipside what's your prison cell? What is it that keeps you from really pushing forward. What's holding you from being set free? What distracts and binds you to complacency?

Inside all of us is a shell. That's our prison cell. Break out NOW!


Correcting Our Bodies & Making Them Better

Pictured are my 4 tools that go hand in hand to provide me with ongoing Kettlebell Sport skinny strong fun. My 2 in the background, clock n bells, are just as important as the 2 in the foreground, Risto Sports lifting shoes & foam roll. Most people think exercise alone is all that needs to be done. They're so set on getting in and getting out of the gym that they forget one of the most important aspects of overall big picture fitness well-being.

We want our bodies to work well for our entire lives. Some want their bodies to work at very high levels. No matter your goal it is imperative to do such things as mobility drills, static postures as in yoga & stretching, and finally regular massage and/or foam rolling, regular application of magnesium oil and/or Epsom salt baths.

Focusing on mobility drills and static postures while warming up and cooling down are extremely significant elements in Synergy Kettlebell Training programming. But what is usually pushed aside, because it's rather painful and tedious, is the foam rolling. This one action is something that removes a lot of toxins from the muscles as well as aids in bringing specific inflammation at bay within trigger points and achy areas. Compare it to mini-massages whenever you want them.

I remember when I first began rolling my illial tabial or IT Band along the side of my legs stretching from the hip down to the knees. WOW was that painful for a few weeks, and still is in a couple places, but I continued on to the point where my back problems have actually cleared up and never have any knee pain whatsoever. I rarely have to go to my chiropractor too. If anything springs up- which is usually an isolated case- I get right on the roller and 10-15 minutes on it typically resolves my issues. Chronic cases of neglect can often times take weeks and months of daily foam roll practice to finally resolve. Then once you get your body there simply maintain it with brief daily rolls and at the very least before and after your workouts. The IT Band is the first thing I look at when someone complains that their knees or back is hurting them. Correcting the IT Band often times corrects the other issues as well.

So what I recommend for you is to begin slowly and do it for only a 3-4 minutes before and after every one of your workouts. Then on your "off" days do it for about 5 minutes. Take breaks when you need to and build yourself up to about 10-15 minutes of post workout rolling as well as about 10 minutes a day for maintenance. Do it while right after every one of your workouts and at night before you go to bed while you're watching tv.

If you make mobility drills, static postures, and foam rolling part of your weekly, and maybe you have a necessity for daily, practice you will definitely notice the difference pretty quickly. Knock on wood I have been injury free for a long time and I have those 3 variables as direct reasons to acknowledge.

Reaching For The Red Pill

Everyone wants to give a minimum effort to achieve maximum results. How does that work? No really... Please tell me how that works. I always thought that if I want to achieve something great I have to put forth a great effort. Am I missing something?

It's difficult for me to understand the logic in cutting corners and expecting the same results as if all lines remained straight to the goal. Usually when shortcuts are taken full experiences as well as optimality is something of a miss. What I'm seeing these days is more and more people expecting results for efforts they have not put in. I'll be relating more about efforts to being healthy and fit here.

Personally I really look forward to "ME" time. When I workout it's all about me. I'm there for my body and no one else's. I don't have to think about anything else except what's best for me at that moment. Does that sound selfish? Well sure it does, but honestly it's not. When I keep fit I prolong my life and my well-being. So that prolongs and ensure healthy relationships with my loved ones alongside feeling great about myself at the same time. For me it's more about how much I improve in each workout, from day to day, and watching my incremental improvements than it is actually reaching the big picture goals. Why sure that's the culmination of everything worked for, but ultimately the journey is just as great as the destination.

Maybe it's just that people have higher expectations for themselves or their fitness program than that of what's actually realistic. So instead of creating SMART goals they continue to believe their unrealistic ones and grow frustrated with themselves. Better yet they blame the entire situation or other people for their own distracted and unmotivated behavior. It's always someone else's fault. It can't be theirs. That just doesn't happen. If you're not seeing results in your exercise program or with your fitness coach chances are it's not the fault of the program or coach. Give me someone willing to work and follow a nutritional plan and I'll show you someone who achieves GREAT results.

You might feel tired from long work days, feel sick one day, not sleep well the night before, feel sore from prior workouts, have a family or office party, kid's commitments, but despite that and anything else that might possess an excuse builder you need to continue on if you are going to create habits that produce desired results. You only have one body. You either will pay now in good clean food and time practicing fitness or you will pay later with a lack of quality of life in hospital bills, disappointed loved ones because you can't move well enough to play with them, uncomfortable health adversities, or even experience an early death due to choices you are making right now. Will you be destroyed by all your decisions? Only one can change your life. You decide.

Instead of miracle and magic red or blue pills, what people need to do is simply stop making excuses and reasons for their processed food eating habits and eat clean, teach their children to do the exact same, and make exercise a LIFELONG habit at least 3 times a week. That's the answer. Eat clean & move... doesn't get more simpler than that. There are no 'other' ways. There isn't a corner you can cut that will bring you closer to your goals without taking you further away somewhere else. When exercising "more" is NOT necessarily better by any means. WHAT you do, and how consistently you're doing it even if you don't want to one day or feel a little lousy, is of the utmost. That's how mental and physical results come.

The system of Consistent Hard Work over Time = Results. PERIOD.

My Kettlebell Sport Training Is...

Kettlebell Sport training to me is not merely about lifting kettlebells... naaa it's actually more about practicing the same movements in such a raw basic manner so much so that your body simply improves as a reaction to your consistentcy. Getting on the platform then is the test whether or not your training has been successful. Too many people don't realize how powerful Kettlebell Sport training is for strength and conditioning. I personally don't do anything else besides some regular GPP(general physical preparedness) that keeps me a fitness jack of all trades, so to speak, while I'm working on becoming a master at the specific movements in my big picture goal. I alsoregularly go on bike rides or sprint interval training on the treadmill here and there. I think too many people have attention issues and can't maintain what they need to in order to do basic things day in and day out. But if you are consistent in it you can clearly see how it just works. PERIOD.

Don't buy into the malarky that you need to change up your workout routines frequently so your body doesn't have time to adapt and you're "tricking" it to continue to change. Really that's a bit of bologna. If you want to get good at something you have to practice whatever that "something" is.

1. If you want to get better at skiing you've gotta hit the slopes day after day.

2. If you want to get better at bowling you've gotta toss that ball down the lanes as often as you can.

3. If you want to get good at writing you've gotta write.

4. If you wanna get good at biking get out there and peddle.

5. If you wanna get good at running you've gotta hit the pavement.

6. If you wanna get good at swimming you've gotta get wet and swim some laps.

7. If you wanna get good at cooking you've gotta get rid of your microwave and learn to make real food.

8. If you wanna get good at fitness you've gotta practice your weaknesses and whatever you need to do in order to condition your body.

In all those instances mentioned above you need to practice the goal event over and over and over until your body recognizes that it needs to adapt to the protocol of practice. Once it adapts, which is VERY good, you simply increase the challenge so it continues to adapt.

That being said, if you wanna get good at Kettlebell lifting you've gotta lift Kettlebells. It will not get easier, but in fact only more difficult as you climb through the ranks, but when you look back from where you came you clearly see a path of progress every step of the way. Don't allow yourself to get bored. Most of the time when people are getting bored their right on the verge of something great- a breakthrough of strength if they just keep pushing through. The key to getting the Skinny Strong body that is efficiently conditioned is consistency and if you have that, you will be successful.

Be relentless!

Everyone is seeking and wants the answer to have a healthy body. The answer is disciplined hard work and consistency in that HABIT every day.

Applied Potential - Interference = Successful Performance

Synergy Dynamics Cool Down Sequence Overview

The worst thing you can do after a workout of any kind, but of course a good intense Kettlebell Training workout is go sit in a car and drive home without cooling down. What happens is your body begins to tighten up and pool your blood in your lower limbs rather than circulate it through to expedite recovery. When that happens flexibility diminishes and you will never get as strong as you can as when you are very flexible. Additionally injuries greatly decrease when you practice a regular cool down sequence.

This is our cooldown mobility sequence that we practice after every one of our Synergy Kettlebell group workouts and our Team Synergy Kettlebell Sport practices. This cooldown sequence is great for opening up the hips, legs, and increasing spine mobility after a good intense kettlebell workout.

As a Kettlebell Coach I highly recommend including a cool down as well as a warmup as part the entire big picture of your workout every day. You can even practice both the Synergy Dynamics warmup and cool down sequences on your "off" training days as a good mobility dynamic yoga workout all in itself.