Beautiful Music

Singing In The Rain

Health is ultimately the culmination of the naturally balanced body, internally and externally, while harmoniously working together as one. Your body is a song. When exercising, stop training individual body parts, but instead do so as an orchestra in a symphony of full body wholeness. Do that and you'll make beautiful music.

When exercising "more" is NOT necessarily better by any means. WHAT you do, and how consistently you're doing it even if you don't want to one day or feel a little lousy, is of the utmost. That's how mental and physical results come.

Keep in mind that getting in shape is not easy. If it was more people would already be there and no one will ever actually arrive. We must always keep practicing fitness for the rest of our life. What you put into it is what you will receive as results. There are no corners to cut.

You might feel sick one day, not sleep well the night before, feel sore, family or office party, but despite that and anything else that might possess an excuse builder you continue on. You only have one body. Pay now or pay later. Live well.

The main reason why people fail at most anything is because they give up. That's it. Persist and you will have it. You will get there. Persist until the only thing that will happen is you succeed.