The Kettlebell Beast Challenge Continues...

The Kettlebell Beast weighs 48kg, that's a whoppin 106lbs, of pure steel compacted into a cannonball shapped weight with a handle on it and painted a beautiful gold. All gold things are beautiful aren't they? Ok well maybe not the pic below. LOL

ANYWAY... Kettlebell Swings tie in every muscle in the body to work together as one. When coming up we squeeze our glutes (butt muscles) so tight we can crack a walnut between our cheeks. True Story! :)

Check out a couple Kettlebell Training warriors who took on the Synergy Kettlebell Training Beast Challenge. The challenge is Women need 50 or more Two Arm Swings and Men need 100 or more to qualify. Below you will see one Beast Tamer get it and one come so close.

Jim gave it everything he could today to tame the Beast and when he was done said he had a few more in him. Soooo next time he WILL live up to his full potential for sure!! :) Awesome job Jim!

48kg (106lbs) Kettlebell Swings are noooooo joke! Damien is a war machine!!!

Beast Tamer Challenge: Stella Weatherly With 40 Reps

It seems that the Beast (48kg Kettlebell) has taken on a challenge of its own among the ladies of Synergy Kettlebell Training. So far 4 ladies have taken the challenge. First was Katie Femiano, which I posted her initial video in the blog post before this one, and 2 since her 20 reps have topped that. Right now the reigning Skinny Strong Beast Tamer is Stella Weatherly with her 40 reps. She just kept going and going and going.

This is VERY impressive and I think that bell weighs more than she does... watch her video. Who's next?!

Beast Tamer Challenge: Katie Femiano Swings 20 Reps

Katie soooooo impressed me with her desire to tame the Beast (106lb kettlebell). She definitely is getting Skinny Stronger literally EVERY day. A week ago she could barely budge this, but her commitment is flawless... and today it was at the tail end of her kettlebell workout too! Niiiiiiice!