Amount Of Time

Does How Hard You Workout REALLY Matter?

No matter what your background or how in shape or out of shape you are, regular exercise is for you too! Coming from a Fitness Coaching perspective no matter if you've exercised yesterday or 10 years ago, all workouts are scalable to your individual fitness level and abilities. Even if you have an injury or particular limitation all exercises/movements can be modified so that you CAN benefit from any program.

Getting Exercise Results Are All About Intensity

What if I can't do that many? Honestly, it doesn't matter how much weight you use, how many reps you perfrom, or how fast you go compared to the 20-something across from you. All you need to keep in mind is your own personal intensity. You'll improve with every workout as long as you make sure to keep yourself challenged.

What if I'm not very physically fit? That's okay! That exactly what our program is for. Our group has all ages and conditioning levels and we focus on everything according to our own fitness abilities. Everything we do is scalable for all fitness levels and I instruct everyone to go at their own pace, but believe me I will definitely push that pace.

From a workout perspective... The reason people lose so much fat with kettlebells & high intensity bodyweight movements, and lean up so quick, is because you get more work done in a shorter amount of time with INTENSITY.

Remember it's all about scaling your intensity to YOU. Do that every time you exercise and you'll be fine in all your progressions.

More Red Lines

A couple weeks ago I blogged about the special reminder card and refrigerator magnet I made for my clients that I call "168 Lines". Here's the post: Remember there are 168 hours in a week, the red lines on the card symbolize the average amount of time people spend exercising and black lines symbolize all other hours. Most weeks the black lines overwhelm the chart. Here's to more red lines!

Time to dial in your eating habits to a lifestyle, the rest of your life, a lifestyle that you are healthy NO MATTER WHAT OR WHO OR WHEN. No more excuses of being tired, weather, injured, this or that or the other.  There is always something you CAN do to push you further toward that goal- your goal.

More Red Lines.

There are so many distractions out there... so many things to keep us busy. We are bombarded with information and distractions in our lives. I have an Android phone and I love having a smart phone and my computer, but there's so much on these things and in our lives to overwhelm us... so much to become obstacles.

Let's focus back our BIG picture goals. Let's redirect back what really makes us tick and tock. What is it? What drives you? On the flipside what's your prison cell? What is it that keeps you from really pushing forward. What's holding you from being set free? What distracts and binds you to complacency?

Inside all of us is a shell. That's our prison cell. Break out NOW!


Remember What This Is...

I gave out a card this week to my Kettlebell Kampers that was printed on biz card stock. So it was that size. On it were 168 black lines and 3 red ones in the middle of the bunch. 168 represents the number of hours in a week. 3 red lines represents the average amount of time someone spends with me at the gym getting their Skinny Strong Kettlebell fat blasting on. The purpose was to keep perspective and provide a tool for doing so ongoing. The perspective is two-fold.

First is that you can't expect 3 hours a week of fitness focus to give you the body of your dreams without complimenting it with the other 165 hours so that everything, in and out of the gym or fitness environment, is dialed into a healthy lifestyle of habits. What are you doing to make sure those three hours of progress aren't virtually overwhelmed and erased by what you might be doing in that other 165?

Secondly the card represents a reminder to us that we've got 165 hours that are up to us to do everything we possibly can to create those habits ongoing.

I highly encourage keeping your card with you at all times in a place that will remind you of the perspective needed to practice good habits. Tossing it in your wallet, purse, pocket, etc might allow you to forget about it for a while, but when it resurfaces you instantly remember what it symbolizes. You can also take it to another level and keep it very close by and keep remembering its unique perspective every day.

I placed a larger version of it above the water cooler in the gym so every time we get water we see it. It's something great that we can all do together to make our Synergy Kettlebell Kamp family stronger and healthier. We're all a team and the team is only strong IF we work together. If you want one for yourself click and save the image above. You'll be VERY happy you did in times when days or moments get tough.


STOP Your Cardio & Get BETTER Results

I thought about summer time being so close that it would be a very good thing to tell you to STOP doing your typical cardio and start actually getting the results you want alongside having more time in your day. So I put together a 12 Week Cardio Success Program for both beginners and advanced. Check it out:


Choose your exercise whether it be the outdoor hills, a treadmill, stairmaster, street running, etc.

You do NOT exceed 20 minutes-which is considered a perfect amount of time for intervals because the intensity will be very high. When you stretch out the time your intensity must be lowered. So we're lowering the time and spiking up the intensity to the max, but then you'll be achieving max results too. Speaking of max be sure to keep your high intensity interval training to 3-5 times a week max! That's it! That's all you need to do and you'll do this above and beyond your normal activities or part of your workout for improved performance.

KEEP IN MIND ===> Your goal is NOT to burn a specific amount of calories because more than double what the

machine's or your heart rate monitor read-out will say would have been used.

KEEP IN MIND ===> Your goal IS to keep your intensity as high as possible.

This will bring your cardiovascular conditioning to levels you never thought possible as well as peak your metabolic rate- essentially expending a greater number of calories while at rest (which is what you do most of the time). Short blasts of high intensity cardio snaps the trainee out of the adaptive "steady state" the body wisely seeks to conserve energy (calories) when practicing the same pace, low intensity, long duration protocol of ordinary aerobics.  Cardiovascular conditioning is achieved much sooner according to studying physicians.

When it comes to the heart rate question— whether to stay lower or higher — this is your answer. At a lower % of max heart rate (65%), a larger percentage of calories burned come from fat than at a higher heart rate (75-85%). HOWEVER, despite the percentages, you will burn more total calories and therefore more total fat calories at a higher heart rate.

The key to developing the cardiovascular system without an unacceptable loss of strength, speed, and power is interval training. Interval training mixes bouts of work and rest in timed intervals.



Frequency: 3-5x per week for 4-12 weeks

Length of training session: 10-12 min.

Style of training: Intervals

Protocol: Consistent speed and changing incline.

Every 3 min. raise incline to 10-15%.

For example: The first 2 min. will be at a 0% incline and speed of at least 3.0- 3.8mph. The 3rd minute will have the incline raised to 10-15% for the entire minute.  The 4th and 5th minute will have the incline at 0% and speed stays consistent.  Continue this protocol for the remainder of the 20-30 minutes training session.

Another example: Beginning walking outdoors and then every minute on the minute(or two minutes depending on your recovery) sprint all out, as fast as you can, for 10-30 seconds. Resume walking and repeat for a total of 10-12 minutes.



Workout 1: Interval Sprints (sprint is simply a relative term to having a high heart rate)

Time Involved: 15 minutes total effort (20 seconds working/ 10 seconds resting)
Machine or Method: On treadmill, stairs or outdoor streets

The working period is a all-out/non-stop sprint followed by the rest period which is a non-working rest. The rest is you actually standing in place, not moving and catching your breath for the quick 10 seconds. 10 seconds goes by very quickly and it's only to get you through the next set of 20 seconds of the all out sprint pace.

Minutes 1-4:
Warm-up @ 50% of perceived maximum sprint effort followed by:

Minutes 5-11: A total of 10 20/10 sprints
Sprinting for 20 seconds
Rest for 10 seconds
Sprinting for 20 seconds
Rest for 10 seconds

Note: If using a treadmill simply jump off to the side while still keeping the belt going. Be very careful getting on and off.

Minutes 12-15:
Cool-down @ 50% of perceived maximum sprint effort (same as warm-up)


Workout 2: Hill or Incline Intervals

Frequency: 3-5x per week

Length of training session: 20-30 min.

Style of training: Intervals

Protocol: Consistent speed and changing incline or hills.

Every 3 min. raise incline to 10-15%.

For example: The first 2 min. will be at a 0% incline and speed of at least 3.0- 10mph.

The 3rd minute will have the incline raised to 10-15% for the entire minute.  The 4th and 5thminute will have the incline at 0% and speed stays consistent.  Continue this protocol for the remainder of the 20-30 minutes training session.

Another example: Sprinting hills outdoors... I love this! Sprint up and jog down, zig zag sprinting up and down hills so that your patters resembles a “W” on the hill.


Final Thoughts:

If you have any questions in the meantime just let me know.

REMEMBER: Safety is first. Never do anything that makes you feel unsafe.


Lastly, pick one of those to practice 3 times a week, work to your absolute capacity and have fun blasting fat and getting aerobically stronger. You will experience amazing results.

Have an awesome day!