30 day pull up challenge

Synergy Kettlebell Pull-up Challenge

Pullups SYNERGY KETTLEBELL PULL-UP CHALLENGE The whole month of January we're going to challenge ourselves to complete pull-ups (modify as needed by performing jumping, with stretch bands, inverted row*, etc.) every day to really develop our back, shoulders, arms, and core to the next level. See below for modifications for your personal fitness level.

HERE'S OUR CHALLENGE PROTOCOL Jan 1 we do 1 pullup, Jan 2 we do 2, Jan 3 we do 3, And so on... Jan 31st we will perform 31 Pullups

REMEMBER THIS: The pull-ups can be divided over the course of the day or performed all at once in one set. They may also be performed in and out of Synergy Kettlebell Training gyms. If you miss a day then the next day add the number from the day you missed to your total and get em done!

SHARE YOUR PROGRESS Take pics or videos of you doing your pullups and share it right here on our Facebook group or page! Tag #synergypullupchallenge

Join in with our challenge and get a friend to do it too!

MODIFICATIONS Level 1: Jumping Pull-ups Level 2: Pull-ups with stretch bands Level 3: Inverted Row (at home or work) with chairs & a broomstick *See pic below for demo.

pull up bands

REMEMBER THIS TOO Start and end every Pull-up with your arms fully straight, focus on very solid control on the decent (the "negative"), and your chin MUST rise above the bar or hands in order your reps to count. Only count the good ones!

Inverted row 1