Synergy Yoga 30 Day Challenge

lock the kneeEvery day, every week we are making our Kettlebell classes a priority and I want to encourage you to also prioritize your active recovery. Having an active and regular practice of postures focused on flexibility, strength, and muscle relaxation you will experience a greater overall physical and mental (mind & body connection) benefit to your body. My recommendation is to write into your schedule to come to Synergy 5-6 days a week with mixed Kettlebell and Yoga days tossed in there. Currently my personal schedule is like this: I perform 3 Kettlebell strength days a week, 2 running days, and 2-4 yoga days every week. Most of the time I perform my Yoga on my 2 recovery days off a week, which during my current training plan for Nov. & Dec. are Wednesday & Sunday, but also perform Yoga on other days I may feel tight or stiff. It really, really helps!

Partner with me on this and challenge yourself for 30 days in this way! Take my 30 day challenge!

“Sometimes the way to open something up is to create more strain. So it’s not just “letting go” but sometimes it’s the sense of being more energetic. It is a balance between strength, flexibility, endurance, and relaxation. It is more than three things– it’s also mindfulness, the way the breath is flowing, and so forth.” -Rodney Yee, yoga guru

Our classes are designed for all levels (beginner, intermediate, & advanced), but Synergy Yoga certainly isn’t your weak-sauce yoga that’s for sure! You WILL break a sweat and experience physical changes in every class. Join us to increase your fitness on the mat!