Synergy Training's New Blog Poster- Scott Helsley

I am VERY proud to introduce Scott Helsley as a new poster for my blog. His knowledge contributions are invaluable to our community. Recently Scott achieved and was awarded the title of "Master of Sport". This is not simply just a title as it is a great milestone in Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport. What it takes to achieve this great honor is A LOT of hard work and dedication. He is one of few Americans to have achieved this.

Master of Sport is achieved in 2 different ways.
The first is: Relative to one's body weight the sum of the total number of reps between 2 different kettlebell lifts, the Jerk (using 2 bells) and the Snatch (using 1 bell), are calculated. This needs to be performed either in competition or in the presence of a designated and offical WKC or AKC Coach. Both events are 10 minutes each.

The second, and how Scott achieved it, is: by the Long Cycle. Relative to one's weight the girevik (or kettlebell practicioner) must perform a specific number of reps in the kettlebell clean and jerk with two 32kg (70lbs. each) kettlebells in a 10 minute set. Now keep in mind if his goal number of reps- in his case 54- is achieved prior to the 10 min. mark he must still last the full 10 min. to make it count. It's all about lasting.

You can visit Scott regularly on his own blog here:

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