Synergy Stellar Snatch Challenge

Synergy Stellar Snatch Challenge

This is my favorite challenge that we have ever had to date! There are 2 categories to win to make it fair. Everyone and anyone can win a prize!! We are going to run this challenge from Monday, February 4th through Thursday, February 28th.

To download the entire challenge as an easy to read PDF file so that you can review it and keep it with you for motivation click here: Synergy Stellar Snatch Challenge PDF

1) RAFFLE ENTRY CATEGORY & QUALIFICATIONS Men and Women: every lift = 1 point = 1 raffle entry. The total number of points is determined by the amount of lifts performed by each hand. Ex. Right performs 50 reps and Left performs 50 reps = 100 reps total. That would then equal 100 raffle points.

Any bell weight can be used to perform Snatches for raffle entries unless you are attempting to achieve in the Kettlebell Sport Category.

NOTE: Snatches performed during a class do not count towards the raffle entries. Stellar Snatch reps must be performed above and beyond the regular workout set criteria. Stellar Snatchers may perform their reps before or after class as well as at home if they have access to a Kettlebell.

2) KETTLEBELL SPORT CATEGORY & QUALIFICATIONS Any reps performed within this category also count toward the Raffle Entry Category.

There will be a 10 minute time limit; however you may finish sooner than that depending on how many reps you are trying to achieve.

To qualify, look at the charts below and find your personal weight category, desired bell weight category to use, and then ranking category.  Next you use the chart to tell you what your rep goal will be. Perform your set and achieve your rep goal. Each time you do it attempt to climb up the ranks. There are 3-4 ranks within each Kettlebell category.

Chart Key: CMS = Candidate Master of Sport MS = Master of Sport MSIC = Master of Sport International Class

Body Weight Categories at the top = what your bodyweight is. It is in kilograms so that is 2.2 divided your bodyweight in pounds = your bodyweight in kilos. Or you can take 2.2 multiplied by your weight in kilograms to get your weight in pounds.

Bell Weight Categories is noted by kilos and color on the chart. Please note that the color blue on the chart is not the 10kg light blue Kettlebell, but in fact the, as the chart indicates, it is the 12kg darker blue that we will be using for this challenge.



Yes absolutely!


Entries will be given, as described above, to all participants for every Snatch rep performed during the challenge. There will be 1 Men’s & 1 Women’s Raffle Category prize winner for Aurora & St. Charles which will be awarded at the close of the challenge.


1) Men’s Overall AURORA 2) Men’s Overall STC 3) Women’s Overall AURORA 4) Women’s Overall STC

The Overall Best Lifter Award winners will receive the Synergy Kettlebell Camo Shirts, a Visa gift card prize, and a certificate to go on the new Synergy Wall of Fame.

Note: the Overall Best Lifter title is the highest score for any weight-class in the above divisions with regard to the relative weight of the lifters. Winners are determined via an algorithm which takes into account the competitor’s bodyweight. Thus, this can be thought of as a “pound for pound” title. So in reality, a smaller lifter might win over a larger more muscular lifter.



The following rules are set to ensure safety and consistency of all participants as well fairness among all lifters no matter their skill level, bodyweight, bell weight, or number of reps performed.

a. You must perform the Snatch with good technique, fully lockout, and fixate before the next rep. Fixation Occurs when the lifter’s bell and body come to a complete stop. If you have a medical restriction that prevents you from fully locking out your elbow you must notify your set judge prior. Poor flexibility does NOT qualify as a medical restriction.

b. The bell must never touch the chest or shoulder.

c. On each rep, the judge will announce the repetition number or "no count." A no count is given if fixation does not occur or if elbow lockout does not occur.

d. The free hand may not touch the bell or your body during your set.

e. You are allowed to make only 1 hand switch during your set. The sum of both arms is your scored. Ex. If you need 52 reps to achieve your goal rank for that day then you may perform 26 reps per hand, 20 with the right & 36 with the left, and so on. Remember there is a 10 minute time limit for the set so you can switch any time, but of course just once. You must switch during the set. You cannot perform all the reps on one side.

f. During the set the bell is not allowed to touch the ground ever. If the bell touches the ground the set is stopped. Any reps that you performed up until that point will be your score. If the number of reps you performed were above the minimum then they count towards your overall score for that set.

g. Extra Swings: You are only allowed to perform 1 swing to get the bell Snatched into lockout. If you perform more than one back swing (aka extra swing) your next subsequent rep(s) will be no counts for as many back swings as you peformed. Ex. If you swing the bell 3 times to get it up over head into lockout, your next 2 reps will not be counted. This is because you would have performed 2 extra swings.

h. Chalk, belts & wrist guards are allowed. Gloves or other attire is not allowed.


Here is a video demonstration from IKSFA President, Honored Master of Sport of Kettlebell Sport, Honored Trainer of Russia, Sergey Rudnev (Сергей Руднев) of Snatch with 32kg (70lb) Kettlebell. Coach Rudnev weights about 64kg (140lbs). He demonstrates proper lifting mechanics, proper fixation, and proper breathing pattern. The video progresses to show front, both sides, and rear positions.

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