Synergy Kettlebell Wall Sit Challenge


Here’s our 2 Week Synergy Wall Sit Challenge at our Synergy Kettlebell Training gyms.

Prizes will be given out winners of each category AND EVERYONE has a chance to win in our overall raffle. ===> Gotta participate in order to have a chance to win. :)

CATEGORY #1: Total Wall Sit time (in & out of the gym at home, work, church, outdoors somewhere, etc)

1 min = 1 raffle entry For every minute you perform your Wall Sit, without standing up or dropping down past 90 degrees at your knees, you will receive a raffle entry.


CATEGORY #2: Longest Wall Sit time in gym under one of your Synergy Coach's supervision.

BONUS CAT #2: Challenge yourself and your peers by having a Kettlebell on your lap. You will get 1 point per kilogram that your Kettlebell weighs or each minute that you perform. Ex. You perform a 5 minute Wall Sit with the Dark Blue (12kg) Kettlebell on your lap the whole time. That would award you 5 minutes and 60 points. So you can beat someone who has 5 minute Wall Sit with zero or less points. Pink = 8kg, Light Blue = 10kg, Dark Blue = 12kg, Brown = 14kg, Yellow = 16kg, Purple = 20kg, Green = 22 or 24kg (check side of bell), Black = 26kg, Orange = 28kg, Red = 32kg, White = 40kg, Gold = 48kg

CATEGORY #3: Craziest, most inventive, funniest, most interesting location- picture submitted & your Synergy Coaches will vote who the winner will be. Post your photos on our Synergy Facebook group here:

To keep this fair in this category your form MUST BE PERFECT. That means your back is completely flat against the wall, knees are at 90 degrees, hands cannot ever touch your body or the wall at any time.

Use your imagination and have fun!!! :)

Welcome to a stronger body everyone!