Synergy Kettlebell Training- Sledgehammer Effects

Today I performed a great 10 minute set with the 16 pounder and it felt great. I maintained between 32-35 reps per minute at a bodyweight of 68kg. The only thing to really get hard taxed was my forearms. I did find a good way to relax them in mid swing that seemed to do the trick.

My wife Lisa actually was behind the vid cam doing the exact same thing with the 8 pound sledge and said when it was all over that she could have gone for 20 min. So that's exactly what we'll do in a few days when it's sledge day again. :)

This is a great full body conditioning and core drill if you get into it.  My left (non-dominate) swing needs some work, but that will come.
Video Here if display will not work:

In case you want to know our full workout it was as follows:

Warmup: no rest between sets

2 Min. Swings, I used a 20kg and she used a 12kg
1 Min. Pushups
2 Min. Lunges (first min. was forward and second was reverse)

10 Min. Sledgehammer Swings

45 Min. Yoga Practice

Give it a shot if you can.