Synergy Kettlebell Training presents: Susan Lausier

It was about a year ago when I first met Susan and I have a certain warm place in my heart for her because she was my very first Kettlebell client after launching my Synergy Kettlebell Training business in Aurora, Illinois. There was a lot of newness between the two of us because I had just moved back from Arizona and she was brand spankin new to Kettlebell Training. We met each other at the perfect time in our lives for the both of us and our partnership ignited right away. Susan, on the surface didn't waste any time and almost showed no nervousness at all when I asked her to lift this big ball of steel over her head. She dove right in- no questions asked. She just did it and at first I wasn't sure what she thought of our Kettlebell Kamp workouts cause she never really said much about them, butttttt she kept showing up so that said something right there. She was consistent every day and she was set on accomplishing her goals. There were times when I even had to tell Susan to take a day off and rest. She would show up pretty much every day we had Kettlebell Kamp classes. Now knowing Susan a lot better it was very clear that she didn't want to allow any reason or excuse to stand in her way of reaching her goals and now, more than ever, her goals still exist; but more have been added alongside simple aesthetical health.

Over the past year Susan has worked very hard to become about 80lbs lighter and much, much stronger. There are 2 main components to her success, the first, but not the most prevalent, is her devotion to being Kettlebell Skinny Strong and changing her body to be healthfully balanced. I still remember the day I asked her to use the shiny pink 8kg Kettlebell and she looked like she was gonna freak cause of the size factor. There's this infomercial sense that women shouldn't lift more than a 5lb anything- be it dumbbells or Kettlebells. You see there is waaaaaay too much crap information out there making you believe that women are too weak to lift heavy weights and if you lift heavy you're gonna be bulking up. That's just not true... not at all. Susan defies this every day.

Not too long after I began my Kettlebell biz here in Aurora, IL I wanted to form a solid Kettlebell lifting team tocompete throughout the year whenever there were Kettlebell Sport competitions. Susan was the first to join on and took to the Sport style of training extremely well. The first competition we decided to prepare for was a pretty big one too. It was the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH. This was like the Super bowl for Kettlebells. She decided to register for Women's Long Cycle and so the comp prep began. As with any competition program it's very intense and shares a consistent schedule of putting your body through the rigors of skill practice in your chosen event. There were a couple physical road blocks in our way training, but Susan overcame them all to victoriously get up on stage and show her body who's boss. Susan did not compete to beat other women of her same weight class. No that didn't matter to her. Susan got on the platform to prove to herself that she CAN do this and this was something she was going to do well.

Kettlebell Sport, in my opinion, is the greatest sport I personally have ever taken part in and Susan seems to share the same love for it. I always have enjoy having people in my classes watch Susan practice her sets because she is so graceful and fluid in her movements. She regularly works with the 16kg (35lb) and 20kg (44lb) Kettlebells in her training. It appears as though, despite the dripping sweat from her brow alongside the red face, she is working effortlessly. And she will be the FIRST to tell you that Kettlebell training is NOT easy, but it DOES provide amazing results IF you apply yourself. That is what it's all about and one way how Susan amazes me.

I mentioned that there are 2 components to Susan's success and the second one gets tied in here. This is the one that is her most important and key component. It is her mental amplitude and mental perseverance. Susan is a woman who will not allow certain obstacles to overtake her once she makes up her mind to decide she will win. I have seen her mentally grow stronger every day and together she has helped me grow in mine due to her self-discipline. In order to accomplish anything great there is always some mental and physical pain involved. Susan embraces that fact and strives to leave mediocrity by the wayside to be the best she can be. Susan thank you for your inspiration.

In June 2010 Susan turned her passion for Kettlebell Training into an official documented experience when she was professionally certified as a Kettlebell Teacher with the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation under Ken Blackburn and Steve Cotter. That was an awesome experience for her and glad I was there to witness it when we hosted the IKFF right at our Synergy Kettlebell Training gym. After she became certified I slid her right into teaching a couple of my classes a week. Susan has been a pillar for me to lean upon for solid instruction with newbies and role model for veterans alike.

From what I can tell, Kettlebells have been a contagious addiction in Susan and she seems to have caught the Kettlebell bug from me. There is no help for us. I believe we're too far gone for any way out. We need constant reps practice and dark chocolate to satisfy the addiction. Wait... did I just say that? Ok, YUP! We're also choco-holics. LOL Now if they can make a Kettlebell out of chocolate we'd be 2 REALLY happy people. Maybe it's the chocolate that makes Susan so cool... Sorry Susan- I told your secret!

Thank YOU Susan for your hard work, great support of my business, partnership in delivering the best Kettlebell Training environment we can for our Synergy members, and your continued efforts on Synergy Kettlebell Sport Competition Team.