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One of my regular Synergy Kettlebell Training blog readers/subscribers emailed me, in regards to MY RECENT POST HERE, with a question that I have been getting lately and thought it appropriate to post both the question as well as my comments.

Where do you get the Greek God's yogurt?  That dessert seems to be pretty high carb for a high fat day, I guess I'm surprised that you would eat carbs like that on a high fat day.  This gives me hope : )  Also, that is clearly a high carb day.  Do you have the smoothie on high fat days as well, or do you cut that out?  I may have been cutting out too many carbs on high fat days.  If you could, please post a typical high fat day as well .... I'd like to see how your's differ.
Thanks A LOT and keep the info coming!


I get it at Sprout's or Whole Foods.
I eat the yogurt pretty much every day. I don't worry about those carbs- only grains and starches on a "high carb day".
The smoothie is something that I do to get some extra veggies and fruit in, but sometimes I just toss them in a bowl and eat them. Either way I still have them.

Here is a typical "High Fat" day for me. Most of my eating days are considered high fat(healthy fats) where I still have carbs, but not starches or grains. Those are what make the difference in your body composition.

1. Big Salad- Watch the below video and see the super yummy contents of one of my regular salads that I have EVERY night. Since I intermediate fast during the day, drinking only water, the greens and other veggies bring out vital digestive enzymes that have been storing up in the liver all day long. That way when I begin eating more aggressive foods, such as proteins and fats, later in the evening they all get digested and absorbed much more efficiently.


2. Wild Caught Scallops, sliced zuccini, onions, mushrooms, spices.  I had about as much of this as I did my salad.

3.  Half of a Beet(of course organic) and 4 oz of organic raw mild cheddar cheese.
4. 24oz of Greek God's and Mountain High organic yogurt with 1 diced organic apple, 4 organic strawberries, and a handful of organic flame raisins mixed in.

The Rules of Healthy Eating To Be Healthy are actually very, very simple. You have one balanced main meal a day. That is an evening staggered meal. You don't just need to eat a meal and be done inside a typical 30 minutes as most folks do because you have a 2-4 hour eating window where you stagger your eating over that time. When you eat focus on consuming more whole, organic, and natural food. That's what you're body really craves. Advocate an Intermediate Daily Water Fast alongside the evening balanced and staggered meal protocol for optimal health and full-body leanness.  If you are low on energy that will instantly change once you begin this regimen.  It's no easier than this.

Keep in mind that food is only used for two things, fat or fuel. If you are not regularly being very active, then the food that you consume will be stored mostly as fat.

A really big misconception is that animal protein should be the main source of protein in our diet. This is not necessarily true. Plant based foods offers an ample amount as long as you properly combine them. 

Being someone who does not advocate practicing the inflexible and very unpractical "6 meal a day" protocol; essentially you need to eat according to your daily activities. If you are sitting on your behind for half the day, at work, at home, or in the car, then you really need to be mindful of how much and when you eat.

Why this works is that you are utilizing the 2 main fat burning and fat storage hormones in your favor. That would be Insulin and Glucagon. When your insulin is spiked, let's say after a meal (keep in mind that even protein meals spike it almost as much as carb meals do and for the same length of time), then you are potentially storing fat. When you are not eating(fasting and/or exercising) glucagon rises and you will be in the burning environment.

Bottom line is that it works! Intermediate fasting works and is none the simpler to practice every day for the rest of your life.  You will live longer, feel more energized and stronger as well as be much more alert and hormonally balanced. Anyone who says it doesn't work simply does not do it right or have tried it. If anyone says “this” or says “that” is the reason are simply providing excuses why or why not they have personally failed and were to mentally weak to continue it ongoing. That is truly the bottom line.

Anyone who begins a new diet, lifestyle change, exercise regimen are always Gung-ho about it.  You might be Gung-ho now, but it fades. Trust me. I have done this for a long time. I see it every day--- UNFORTUNATELY. People are too lazy. As you can read I don't hold anything back. I'm honest and tell it like it is. I won't sugar coat anything for anyone and my posts and life prove that. I am extreme and people need extreme. Being nice and gentle apparently is not working for them so the opposite must be true.  Be true too and stop lying to yourself as to why you are the way you are.  You are either healthy because you decide every day to work very hard at the eating part and the activity part OR you are unhealthy because you decide to be lazy every day.  There is NO middle ground.  Wake up and decide one, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop the lying and self-betrayal.  You CAN do this. No one else, but you can decide so.  If you need help I will help. Just let me know and it will be done.

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!