Synergy Kettlebell Theme: Fired Up!

fired-up This week we launch a brand new Synergy Kettlebell workout theme we're calling "Fired Up!" and here's what it's about:

2014-04-07 22.28.32Taking ourselves to the next level is a matter of mindset. Whether we are challenging our bodies or not is not what gets us there. What gets us beyond our limits and makes lasting changes will always be our mind. How mentally strong we are, and allow ourselves to become, is all that truly matters. We must be enthusiastic and we must get FIRED UP!!


OH AND... The first workout of the week, on both Mondays during the theme, has a very special twist to them that will DEFINITELY get you fired up... or even drive you... "MAD"...!

Have a marvelous week and always bring your best every day to all that you do! Never allow yourself to be lazy or settle for anything less than your best. You and others you encounter every day deserve just that. :)

Committed to your best! -Bob Garon