Synergy Kettlebell Success Story: Jenni Schrader

Watch and listen to Jenni Schrader's story in our latest Synergy Success Story interview video with her. She is down 81lbs down shares with us exactly how and why she did it.Jenni Schrader Before & After

Some Take-Away Thoughts From Jenni

If there's something I've learned on my journey so far it's to always have a positive mental attitude. I've learned this from my volleyball coach in high school. She always spoke highly of a positive mental attitude and she was a strong influence in my younger years. I often think of her words today. If you have a positive mind your body tends to follow.member-spotlight

Taking the first step may be the hardest step you will ever take. Give it time and you'll never regret that first step or the second. Don't give into defeat, this may be the hardest journey you've taken and results will show off your hard work and dedication. They say slow progress is better than no progress and I'll take that any day.

Making good choices may always be a struggle in your life so choose goals that are attainable. Make short term goals and work toward them until they have been achieved. We tend to often look so far into the future that we lose sight of what we are ultimately trying to accomplish.