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At Synergy Kettlebell Training we always want to offer the best of the best kettlebell fitness training that we can as well as grow the sport of kettlebell lifting. That being said, we now offer a Sport specific class that lays the foundation for you as the Russians exclusively practice. You are now privy to learn their Kettlebell strength & fitness secrets of Girevoy Sport. WHAT Is Synergy Kettlebell Sport Club For? Synergy Kettlebell Sport Club will be for the regular practice of the 3 competition lifts(Snatch, Jerk, Long Cycle) and their assistance exercises in order to increase both volume of rep numbers as well as increase the bell weight of the lifters.

WHO Is Synergy Kettlebell Sport Club For? Kettlebell Sport Club is for folks who want to ramp up their current training protocol with something higher volume and higher intensity. Club is for those folks who want to compete in Kettlebell Sport. Club is for the hybrid person as well. If you want a good mixture of Kettlebell Kamp classes and toss in Club here and there that works too.

Do I Have To Want To Compete To Attend Kettlebell Sport Club? Absolutely not! In fact, the program design of Kettlebell Sport Club will be traditionally how Kettlebells are trained and from experience I can tell you provide an amazing well-rounded fitness workout too.

Ok- I Think I Want To Compete. How Do I Go About Doing That? If your desire is to compete you simply need to choose your competition that you want to perform at, learn the competition lifts, and then attend regular Kettlebell Sport Club to train for your event. It's that simple.

HOW Do I Join The Club? Great question! In order to become part of Kettlebell Sport Club you must want to exclusively work with the competition lifts, whether you will be competing or not, and either have had prior kettlebell experience individually or with Synergy Kettlebell Training (either private training or Kettlebell Kamp fitness classes). If you know the competition lifts(Snatch, Jerk, Long Cycle), then you are already qualified to come to Club. Club will test your conditioning, technique, and moreover your work ethic as well.

What If I Don't Know The Competition Lifts? Another great question! There are 2 ways you can learn these movements.

1. First is to come to regular Kettlebell Kamp classes for a couple months in order to acclimate yourself to kettlebell training by learning the basic movements and fine tune your techniques as you go. Once you know the movements, and are ready to come to Kettlebell Sport Club, we will be working assistance drills that will make you a MUCH more efficient lifter. That's what Kettlebell training is all about: efficiency and that will be our primary goal.

2. Second is set up a private session according to your schedule. In that session I guarantee that you will learn the necessary movements or your money back. Pretty cool huh? :)

What's Next? Come to Club and experience Kettlebells the way Russia does it. Here's the days and times: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15pm as well as Saturdays at 10am we'll be holding Synergy Kettlebell Sport Club.

What If I Can't Make Those Times And Still Want To Be Part Of The Club? Not a problem... simply inform me of your desire to be part of Club and I will tell you how that will work for you.

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