Synergy Kettlebell Pushup Challenge

baby pushupSYNERGY KETTLEBELL PUSHUP CHALLENGE Over the next 14 days we're going to challenge ourselves to complete pushups (different variations) every day to really develop our chest, shoulders, and arms to the next level. We are allowing modifications for all levels of fitness.

We'll be holding a raffle at the end of the 14 days for prizes and prizes for the top male & female, at each location, who performs THE MOST pushups during the 14 days.

If you are going for the TOP PUSHUP PRIZE you may certainly perform pushup reps above and beyond the daily minimum.

woman pushup

WEEK 1 50 per day for the first 7 days

WEEK 2 100 per day for the second 7 days

The pushups can be divided over the course of the day or performed all at once in one set. They may be performed in and out of Synergy Kettlebell Training gyms.

kneeling pushup

MODIFICATIONS Level 1: Wall Pushups Level 2: Kneeling Puhups Level 3: Military Pushups (no knees, elbows tucked to sides tightly, go down so elbows reach a 90 degree angle) Level 4: Spartan Pushups (Demonstration Here:

IMPORTANT NOTE Submit your results to your instructor each time you come in the gym and we will record your results for our Pushup Challenge Raffle. You receive 1 raffle entry for every successful day you complete. The more days you complete the more opportunity you have to win.

PRIZES AT EACH SYNERGY KETTLEBELL TRAINING LOCATION: 1. FOR TOP MALES & FEMALES = $25 Gas Card & a limited edition Synergy Kettlebell camo shirt!! 2. Raffle Winners = $25 Gas Card

mens pushup

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