Synergy Kettlebell Kamp Presents: "Traveler Workout"

This was an awesome kettlebell workout that everyone LOVED cause it both pushed and challenged them to their max. I loved seeing them work so hard and get so much stronger too.  Here's exactly what we did.

"Traveler Workout"

Warmup: 1 minute of each movement after the dynamic mobility drills
Synergy Dynamics (about 5 min. mobility drills)
Slingshots- R&L
Reverse Lunges

Your Fat Blaster: 5 Rounds, 1 minute each, 1 minute break between rounds
Kettlebell Swings- Heavy (ladies used at least 16kg and guys used 32kg)
Suitcase Dead Lifts (use 2 bells)
'Late For Your Flight Run' (
for distance)

Awesome job Kettlebell Kampers!  I'm sooooo proud of you all. :)