Synergy Kettlebell Kamp

I am working on a project right now that will hopefully bring a huge kettlebell awareness to the state of Arizona.  This may take some time, but when I fully launch I am very confident it will be exactly what this great state needs.  I will reveal more about this as I go along, but for now here's the shell website:

As for my workouts I have been truckin' along.  My knee joint muscles have been a bit inflammed lately so I laid off the running just a little bit and have been foam roling them to expedite recovery.  I believe the root of the problem is my calves.  They seem to be tight and have a bunch of trigger points needing to be ironed out.  That's about as fun as taking a Polar Bear Swim in Antartica in February.  But hey nothin's as bad as a 10 Minute Long Cycle set. 

When I was at the AKC cert that's what they used to say about everything.  You gotta go jogging for 30 minutes- well it's not as bad as a 10 Min. Long Cycle set.  You're doing lots and lots of lunges and pullups- well you could be doing a 10 Min. Long Cycle set.  You got a big ugly accounting class that you have to take because for some reason that's part of the master cirriculum and you absolutely despise the vial stink of anything math- BUT HEY you could be doing a 10 Min. Long Cycle set!!! 
Ok, ok here's one:  You gotta call Dish Network's outsourced customer care line to talk about your bill--- ***head bow and shake***--- yeah well...... you probably would LOVE to be doing a 10 Min. set of Long Cycle because anything has gotta better than having to call them!

Alrighty then with that said here's what I have been doing:

Practice 011909:
10 Min. Long Cycle Set @ 20kg and 5rpm
This is an improvement from the past couple week's stead 4 reps per minute.  I pushed it a bit for my prior 10 Min. set so I knew I could this.  It won't be long before I'm at 6rpm strong on my 10 min. sets.  I'm thinking no more than 2 weeks from now.

4 Min. Double Cleans @ 24kg and 6rpm

20 Min. Run
Synergy Stretch

Practice 012009:
6 Min. Long Cycle @ 20kg and 6rpm
This is getting easier for me to do and I'm feeling really strong so I think I will be increasing the time, but keeping the reps per minute at 6 for now.

4 Min. Double Cleans @ 24kg and 8rpm

Synergy Stretch

Dat Tis It!  Stay tuned for more on the Arizona Kettlebell Club and details how to join.