Synergy Kettlebell Boot Camp Quick Highlight Workout: Rain or Shine

We always find ways to get an awesome workout at Synergy Kettlebell Boot Camp. Come rain, shine, sleet, dust storm monsoons, you name it and we train in it. The body doesn't know the difference and sure enough we gain more courage while losing lots of fat. That's what refines a true Fitness Warrior and Warrior Goddess.

All my Campers are amazing people experiences awesome fat loss results every single day and I love being around every one of them. Thanks guys & gals for the opportunity to be your coach and see all your body and life changing goals actually happen. You all are ROCKSTARS!!!

"Fat Blasting" is our theme and kettlebells is how we have our fun! Synergy Kettlebell Boot Camp doesn't really have any mystical powers that melt fat and sculpt bodies even though it might seem like it does and I'd really like to think it does. Here's a cool vid I put together from one of our really cool workouts last week during the start of a monsoon. It clearly showcases how tough these peeps are.


R. Garon

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