Synergy Dynamics Warmup Sequence Overview

As the owner and head Kettlebell Coach of Synergy Kettlebell Training in St. Charles, Dixon, and Rochelle, IL it is VERY important for me to make sure my Synergy Kettlebell Training members and Kettlebell Sport clients remain injury free. So I specifically designed a warmup that is customized especially for Kettlebell Training that directly focuses on the main movements that we regularly practice be it the Kettlebell Snatch, Jerk, Clean, Press, Push Press, or whatever.

This is the warmup mobility sequence that we practice before every Synergy Kettlebell Training workout and Kettlebell Sport practice. By performing this sequence, or a variation of it every workout day, your body and mind will soon subconsciously recognize that you will be preparing to exercise. This exactly warmup sequence has been proven to compliment your overall effort that is going to bring you closer to your overall goals every time.

Here is the video of what we do for our Synergy Dynamics cooldown sequence. Our focus is to open up our hips and increase spine mobility here: